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The Deuce is Las Vegasí aptly named public transportation system on the Strip. It was launched in the fall of 2005, and is part of the Citizenís Area Transit (CAT) in Las Vegas. The Deuce is an economical way to get up and down the Strip, and each Deuce bus can accommodate 97 people. Itís even a good choice ecologically.
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It accomplishes this feat because The Deuce is a spacious double decker bus. Because its name has a touristy sound, it would be easy to think that only tourists use The Deuce, but not so. It runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week to transport both tourists and locals.

The Deuce uses an off-board collection system for tickets, which is a fantastic advantage of Deuce transportation over other forms of transit. Buying tickets and making the correct fare is hassle free when you use ticket vending machines. These machines are known as TVMs and are located at select stations. Some examples of these locations are Slots O Fun and the Coca-Cola Showcase. The Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as the Deuceís transit terminals, also has TVMs. You can get tickets for MAX, CAT, and Deuce systems.

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Need a bus lane bad in Vegas
Review by Betsy S. on Jun 10
Bought a daily pass a couple of times - wanted to buy 3 day but could not figure out where to do so - need more information as to exact locations (vending machines does not tell you sufficient info). Also tried to use on Monday night but walked from Venetian to Planet Holywood quicker than the bus made it - Need a bus lane bad in Vegas.
3.0 - ( Public Bus Transportation Las Vegas Review )

Review by Harold N Pilar H. on Jul 12
This service is outstanding, the best way to move around in Las Vegas, simple, cheap, comfortable, awesome staff we will recomend this service any time.
5.0 - ( Public Bus Transportation Las Vegas Review )

bus uses cloth seating which never gets washed
Review by Branden M. on Aug 21
Recentaly vacationed in vegas and I used the duece to get around a few times worst thing I noticed was the bus uses cloth seating which never gets washed everytime I rode on the bus I had to take a shower because I smelled bad afterwards also I found this to be a health hazard as for the amount of germs and other things like lice this seating could cause i will think twice before vacationing in vegas again or at least using the bus next time I decide on transportation.
0.0 - ( Public Bus Transportation Las Vegas Review )

Review by CHARLES M. on Oct 10
0.0 - ( Public Bus Transportation Las Vegas Review )

Reasonable & easy
Review by Lynna A. on Jan 13
We found them plenty adequate & they fit our budget - leave your phobias & limousine expectations @ home & enjoy for Heaven's sake! We're going back soon & will definately take advantage - just wish there was some kind of transport to the races - like Richmond, VA, has!
4.0 - ( Public Bus Transportation Las Vegas Review )

Bus Driiver
Review by Winnie M. on Nov 24
The 5 stars are for the bus drver we had who made the hole bus laugh from Mandalay Bay to Circus Circus. He gave us lots of information on the journey and he said thank you as we got off the bus in lots of different languages, he was a star (well 5*) Thank you to a lovely happy man clearly enjoying what he was doing.
5.0 - ( Public Bus Transportation Las Vegas Review )

no system
Review by rudie C. on Nov 6
Two buslines, both on the strip with different payment methods; one at the driver; one pay in advance; no time schedule; long waiting times; all tourist cionfused where to go!
2.0 - ( Public Bus Transportation Las Vegas Review )

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