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About Us

We are four ex-classmates from UNLV got together and decided to create a unique website with broad and up to date information about Las Vegas for the visitors. We didn't have to invest much, a digital camera and a video camera, we took the pictures and shoot the videos, and wrote the descriptions and that's it, we didn't set a goal at the beginning, we just wanted to create something together and see what happens !.

Immediately after we launched the site, we were asked so many questions about where to book, what company to use where to eat and tons of other stuff, then we have researched reputable companies especially the ones that offer unique services in Las Vegas and add them to our website to share their information with our visitors, for online bookings we integrate our website with travelocity's trusted database and booking system, we also list local company's information for free such as wedding chapels or children services etc..

You will NOT see on this website any cheesy advertisements, pop-ups, or any other unrelated content. We will strive to protect the quality of this website best we can.

This site is %100 percent kids friendly and we will continue to add kids information and tips on our website.

Thank you for visiting ExploringLasVegas.com