The cast and crew of LE REVE are proud to announce that they are fast approaching their 2,000th performance

la reve show

The spectacular aquatic show has undergone many changes over the years. Although Franco Dragone's original concept of "A Small Collection of Imperfect Dreams" remains the same, the technical alterations and small tweaks made since the first show are numerous, from changing the gender of the main character to the addition of a tango dance routine.

"The show has grown into a product that has something for everybody," says Steve McCauley, Head of Health Services. "It has become the perfect blend of water, athletics, dance, and music showcased in a one-of-a-kind theater."

In order to keep La Reve show fresh and exciting, the directors often watch audience reactions and eavesdrop on comments made during the performances. Once, a father was overheard telling his son that LE REVE was the most imaginative show he'd ever seen. It's these reactions that keep the cast and crew going.

"We continue to get better as the show evolves," says David Underwood, a member of the cast since the first show. "I am proud of the talent and endurance of my fellow performers. It's not easy doing ten shows a week."

It takes a lot of teamwork to meet the high expectations of Wynn Las Vegas guests, but with the artistry and know-how of the technical crew combined with the talent and athletic ability of the cast, it's made to look easy!

"It's amazing to see the cast and crew come together each night," says Brian Klippert, Assistant Director of Technical Operations. "We have such a great team of people."

Night after night, the international cast of over 90 athletes and entertainers transform themselves and transport the audience into an alternative reality for 75 minutes. Behind the scenes, everyone from scuba divers to wardrobe specialists move in a flurry of activity to make the performers look spectacular and to keep them safe during the course of the show.

Brian Burke, LE RVE's Artistic Director says, "I am so proud of how far everyone has come over the years. Everyone works together so well and no matter what, always keeps their sense of humor!"

The wonderful spirit and dedication of the cast and crew, along with their ability to reinvent themselves and consistently push the bar of creativity are the reasons why LE RVE continues to garner critical acclaim four years since it began. Here's to the next 2,000 performances and beyond!