Stratta, the sleek Italian trattoria inside Wynn Las Vegas known for its rustic-style cooking and friendly ambience, completes its transformation July 15th with the launch of it’s new name, STRATTA.

This latest signature restaurant by star chef Alessandro Stratta is perhaps best described by the chef himself….”the food is very soulful and very representative of what I consider to be the best of regional Italian cooking. We are applying the same spirit and the same cooking techniques that we use at restaurant Alex, but in a very approachable way that focuses on flavor and tradition. And many of the ingredients will be the same as the items we use at Alex – flavorful olive oils from Tuscany and Liguria, or the San Marzano tomatoes, the plum tomatoes that make the best sauce in the world.” While the dishes may evoke the sophistication one might expect at Alex, the Chef is quick to point out that the menu at Stratta is far more down to earth. “Alex is uptown and Stratta is downtown – it’s a bustling restaurant with a totally different vibe. I want Stratta to be simply about good food and fun.”

STRATTA is open for dinner nightly from 5:30 to 11:00pm.