Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas. Sin City. When you look at this desert city from the outside, typically you consider it a capital of adults-only entertainment. With the bounty of casinos, nightclubs, and strip clubs strewn about, that's not surprising; but there's a whole side of Vegas that you're not considering. Las Vegas really can be a family friendly town, a city perfect for someone wishing to sightsee and enjoy some adventurous, and maybe far less-so, attractions. There is an abundance of exploration to be done in Las Vegas. All it takes is to know what you're looking for.

Hotels may be know for their casinos, but some have separate attractions built in. Take a look, for example, at the Flamingo. This classic Vegas establishment is home to the flamingo gardens, an outdoor excursion nestled right in the middle of the resort that plays host to exotic birds, rushing waters, and a soothing, relaxing environment. You can escape the hustle of Las Vegas without leaving the Strip in a place like this, or even at the Bellagio Botanical Gardens, which get a makeover for every season. More information-driven alternatives would be Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef aquarium, Tropicana's Mob Museum, or the Haunted Vegas Tour. Come face to face with real sharks, sting rays, jelly fish, and even komodo dragons and learn about their habitats and eating habits at Shark Reef or learn about Vegas' sordid history at the Mob Museum and Haunted Vegas Tour.

More adventurous travelers will want to take part in Shark Reef's shark feed or take a fast-paced ride on New York New York's rollercoaster. Adventurers can look to the sky, to the top of the Stratosphere, for some real thrills. At the tip of this well-known resort, a mini thrill park resides. Hang over the Strip in a spinning carousel, bungee jump passed the elegant Top of the World restaurant, dangle over an edge of the massive tower, or feel the effects of gravity in a plummeting thrill. For an equally scenic view of Vegas without the stomach wrenching, the Rio added a rooftop zip line that will take you from the roof of the VooDoo lounge to Rio's second tower.

There's also the High Roller, the world's tallest ferris wheel, that can be found at the Linq. Families looking for some adventure will find themselves drawn to Circus Circus' Adventuredome, Sin City's only indoor thrill park. Rollercoasters and many other thrill rides await in this large expanse. Of course, the extreme adventure in Vegas would be one of the many helicopter tours. See every angle and inch of the Strip from the comfort of a private helicopter.

Some attractions on Vegas are staples, like the Fountains of Bellagio, the Volcano outside of the Mirage, the gondola rides through the Venetian's underground canals, or the animatronic statues of Caesar's Forum Shops. These are clever tourist attractions that show that Vegas can be more about showmanship and less about the gambling and partying aspects.

A lot of what Vegas has to offer actually happens to reside off of the Strip. Trips down memory lane can be had at the Pinball Hall of Fame while a look at Nevada's part in the history of the atomic bomb can be learned at the Atomic History Museum. Families can learn about Nevada's history and natural habitat at the massive Springs Preserve, which is home to many traveling attractions, a botanical gardens, a greenhouse, a hiking trail, and the Nevada State Museum. Children will love the Discovery Children's Museum, which shares walls with the theatrical Smith Center. At this museum, children will learn the wonders of discovery.

To say Las Vegas is nothing but gambling and partying is not knowing Las Vegas. Like any city, it has its history, and though it's not as long as many other city's, it's definitely worth learning about. Adventure and learning resides around every corner, especially when you leave the Strip and take a look at what's in the Las Vegas Valley.

Las Vegas Kids Guide

When it comes to bringing the entire family on a vacation to Las Vegas you might be a little weary to do so. For the average onlooker, it may seem that Las Vegas is not a very child-friendly city, and in some ways that is true. In most cases you are not going to see the welcome mat waiting at a casino for the kids to run over and through. However, it does not mean it is impossible to have a good family vacation in Las Vegas. It only means that if you are bringing younger children you need to do a little extra planning to find all the best family spots in the city.

There are numerous hotels that give kids the chance to stay free with their parents. Generally the rule will be two kids or less in the parent's room for free. The hotels that do this include New York New York, Circus Circus, Luxor, Flamingo, Hilton, Paris, and many others.


When it comes to attractions for kids, one of the best family-friendly options in Las Vegas is at Circus Circus casino. The Adventuredome is a five acre indoor theme park. Admission is relatively inexpensive for the full day of fun that you are able to enjoy. Of course, this is just one of the things the kids will want to see while they are in Las Vegas. Many children will also be interested in the Star Trek Experience, the Lion Habitat, and the Coney Island Emporium.

Dining in Las Vegas is a piece of cake when it comes to families. One of the most popular dining options is buffet style. This is great for kids because no matter how picky they are you will be sure to find a well balanced meal out of several options that they might like. They will have a chance to pick out the food they want and they will be able to see it, which will help the children that are not sure what foods they are interested in trying.

Las Vegas may not be marketed for families, but it is entirely possible to create a fun and enjoyable vacation for the whole family. Parents can take their children out all day to see the sites and enjoy the area. Then, at night they can arrange for child care through the hotel so they can enjoy some adult entertainment all on their own.

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