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Perhaps nothing has captured the American imagination more than dinosaurs. Many films, from animated to computer generated, have been made about dinosaurs, but none have captivated us in the same way as Dinosaurs 3D. Even more than their size, it is their inexplicable disappearance that occupies our imaginations.

Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia will take viewers on a new journey into a favorite via the world of 3D film. The film will explore the world in which the largest dinosaurs lived and will investigate some of the greatest paleontological discoveries of our time. Recent discoveries of dinosaurs in Argentina's Patagonia region—specifically those of the plant-eating giant Argentinosaur and its nemesis the Gigantosaur—prompted producer Carl Samson to take a vivid cinematic trip to 80 million years in the past.

In making this educational film as accurate as possible, Samson even went so far as to enlist the help of Argentine paleontologist Pr Rodolfo Coria certify the correctness of the film's content. DINOSAURS 3D shows never-before-seen computer generated images and footage of the Gigantosaur and the Argentinosaur, among other dinosaur favorites. As thrilling as the dinosaur imagery is the landscape footage, which at times zooms out to show the shifting of Earth's tectonic plates.

With a surprise twist at the end of the film, Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia is sure to entertain viewers even after the film concludes.

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Location : Luxor Hotel : 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South Las Vegas, NV 89119.

IMAX Dinosaurs 3D

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Price per person is $12.

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