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What does it take to be a hero? Fighter Pilot 3D: Operation Red Flag explores this question through the eyes of John ("Otter") Stratton, an American fighter pilot who flies the F-15 Eagle. The F-15 Eagle is one of the most capable and successful fighter planes ever built, and Stratton is trying to use the plane to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, a decorated World War II flier, to become a hero.

At Red Flag, an international training exercise for the air forces of allied countries, is where the world’s most talented pilots receive the most challenging training of their careers. This training is a culminating experience: the final preparation for actual combat. Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag follows Stratton into this exciting, dangerous event, and grapples with the complex emotions the training creates.

Red Flag pushes Stratton to the limits with its challenges, but even more significant than the technical skills he is expanding is the mindset he develops. As he goes through the training he notices things that were not a part of his childhood envisioning of heroism: a network of support. In the midst of aerial combat exercises Stratton notices that many of the other pilots are not only out there to prove their own worth, but also to help their peers. More importantly, he notices that he is doing the same. Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag poignantly examines the concept of the hero.

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Location : Luxor hotel -- 3900 S. Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89109.
Show times vary, It starts at 10am and ends 11pm.

IMAX Fighter Pilot

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$12 per person.

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