Rio Zip Line

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Location: 3700 W. Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103
Hours: Open from noon to midnight Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to midnight Friday through Sunday.
Price: $24.99 (plus fees) from noon to 5:30 p.m.; $37 (plus fees) from 5:30 p.m. to midnight.
Age restriction: No

Rio Zip Line In Las Vegas

Rio Zip Line

How many times have you look at the high rise resorts of Sin City and wondered how amazing it would be to zoom between the rooftops of two of them? If the thought has never crossed your mind, you really aren't considering the city for its fullest potential. Some mastermind knew that there was some thrill left to the city and decide that a 490 ft high zip line would be the next best thing to show it off.

Crossing between two of the Rio's towers, the VooDoo zip line is the penultimate thrill ride. The exhilarating rush of air as you and a partner zoom down from one tower to the next is simply indescribable. The trip down isn't even the most thrilling part. Unlike standard zip lines, your trip doesn't end when you reach the lower platform. Rather, your vehicle rides the line backwards, bringing you back to where you started.

Rio Zip Line

Unlike common zip lines, you're not just harnessed to a stretch of wire that brings you from one place to the next. You are encapsulated in a trolly-like device that moves at a speed of 35 mph from one tower to the next. When you reach your destination, the trolly reverses, allowing you to drink in more of the city's beauty on the way back to the starting tower.

With the VooDoo zip line, it's less about the thrill and more about the view. Just like with the Rio's VooDoo Nightclub, the zip line offers one of the best views of the Las Vegas Strip that you will ever get. Lights glimmer in the near distance as you zoom down at the moderate speed, allowing you enough time to drink in the area around you. The return trip back to the starting platform allows you to get a glimpse of the view you missed on the way down. During the day, you can get a great view of the Rio pool beneath you while at night you'll get a glance at the nightly party below.

Once you're done with your trip between the Rio towers, you can join the party at VooDoo Nightclub and really get a feel for how a Las Vegas night is supposed to go - excitement, fun, and entertainment all in one package.