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Las Vegas Flamingo Paradise Garden Buffet

Flamingo Paradise Garden Buffet

Flamingo Paradise Garden Buffet Overview

Flamingo Paradise Garden Buffet
Flamingo Paradise Garden Buffet

When you are visiting the Las Vegas Strip, one of the most popular buffets you can visit is the Paradise Garden Buffet at Flamingo Hotel. Located in the Flamingo Hotel, Paradise Gardens is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. One of the most popular things about Paradise Gardens is the atmosphere. You will be able to dine while you watch live penguins and flamingos in their own designed habitat. This is one of the most unique buffet atmospheres, which you will find in Las Vegas.

The food in Flaming buffet is another great reason to come here, though. Imagine feasting on a breakfast of waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, tropical fruit, and delicious pastries. It is hard to say no to a menu like this. Surprisingly enough, the meals get even more tantalizing as the day goes on. Dinner options include prime rib, duck, crab legs, grilled vegetables, salads, soups, and side dishes such as rice pilaf. This does not even include the wide array of deserts that you can choose from before or after your main meal!

Our Rating


rating 3



Hours of Operation

Open daily, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Contact Info

(702) 733-3333

Line Wait

10-25 minutes


Flamingo Hotel : Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas NV 89109

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Flamingo Paradise Garden Buffet Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 6 reviews
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  • Dave A.

    average at best

    Flamingo buffet, whether it be AM or PM is average at best. Anybody who eats at Bellagio, Mirage, or Mandalay Bay won't consider the Flamingo again.

  • John O.

    worst buffett in Vegas

    This has to be the worst buffett in Vegas. The food was poor qualtiy. No fresh fruit (assorted dried fruit). Fried chicken looked and tasted like 3 day old dried up KFC. The olives were good. Could not find anything edible on 4 plates that I took. I'm not picky. My size proves that.

  • Darla O.

    plastic sushi replica

    My passion is sushi. Theirs was like eating plastic sushi replica. Hard and it seemed frozen.

  • Sue O.

    Truly dreadful

    The food here was so boring and badly presented that it took my appetite away. Really small, poor choice & the tables & plastic chairs were sticky! We had to purchase drinks before we even entered the buffet & they arrived in horrible thick plastic beakers. We had to put up with the staff sweeping up spilt food around our table & spraying cleaner on to the sticky table tops & wiping with a rag - truly awful!

  • Jen C.


    Food was awful. No selection. The hostess (olivette) truly hates her job. She was the most miserable person we encountered on the whole trip. Our server Irma was awesome and she was trying so hard. Stay away, stay far far away

  • Danny W.


    I'm surprised about the bad reviews of the others. I ate there twice in 2010 and liked it. It is surely no high-end buffet, but it is no high-end hotel, so you can't expect a luxurious buffet! But still the food was good and there was nothing to complain about. Also the view to their beautiful garden was enjoyable!