Plaza Buffet

Plaza Buffet

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Cuisine: Buffet
Hours of Operation: Breakfast :7:00am - 11:00am
Dinner : 4:00pm - 10:00pm
Contact Info: (702) 386-2110
Line Wait: 10-15 minutes
Location: S Main St Las Vegas NV 89136
plaza buffet las vegas

The Plaza has always been associated with pleasure and luxury of the highest caliber. If you are a fan of Chinese food, the Chop Chop buffet might be the place to take your money and fill you up. The price here is reasonable and you are bound to find some things that you enjoy. The Chop Chop buffet is located on the main floor of the Plaza Hotel and Casino. The atmosphere is informal, so there is no need to worried about whether or no t you will fit the dress code.

plaza buffet las vegas

This buffet specializes in both Chinese and American food options. If you are not a big Chinese fan and are looking for something special you might not find it here. The American options are very similar to standard buffet items. You are best off coming here for the Chinese. With good service, pleasing food, and a comfortable atmosphere, the Plaza's Chop Chop buffet draws in plenty of Las Vegas crowds each day.


Located in the Plaza you can enjoy a delicious breakfast for a reasonable price at the Express Breakfast Buffet. The Express Breakfast Buffet can be found on the main floor of the Plaza Hotel and Casino from 7AM until 11AM. As the name would imply, this buffet is only available for breakfast every morning. The dress code here at the Express Breakfast Buffet is casual and the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. The service is handled with a smile as the wait staff attempts to get you whatever you need to make your meal just right.

As with all breakfast buffets, you will have your choice of everything from cereals and breakfast pasties to other breakfast foods. You can choose from bacon, sausage, and eggs or you can order something sweeter. You might enjoy French toast or pancakes instead. There are numerous baked goods available though you can also pick from several fruits and lighter options. With a reasonable price and excellent dining options this is one of the best possible ways to start your day.