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If you’re reading this guide, chances are you are planning your trip to Vegas and trying to get the lay of the land. You’ve gathered all your best travel buddies, made the flight and hotel arrangements, and are getting pumped up to attend some of the largest clubs in the world with some of the biggest musical performers to ever grace nightlife.

The question is, how do you go about getting into these clubs? It only makes sense to buy tickets for these concerts, right? After all, with some of these artists' stature, they might as well be full-blown concerts. The ins and outs of Vegas nightlife might seem daunting for first-time (and even veteran) partygoers.

In the guide below, we will be touching on how Las Vegas employs its very popular guest list system and how it differs from other cities. You can also sign up on the guestlist with us for any available event (that has a guest list) in the city on the link below.



Nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas use a specific type of promotion that they run to drive people to their doors early. This promotion allows people to sign up on a “guest list” that gives them certain perks – free or discounted entry, ladies open bar, etc. – by arriving and checking in at the club by a particular time.

This process is very different from how most clubs in other major cities employ their guest lists. For example, in a Los Angeles nightclub, being on the guestlist grants you basically “VIP” status instead of most other persons in line waiting to get in and pay cover (or looking to buy bottle service). It’s much easier to do this in these cities; clubs are much smaller, they don’t have as much capacity as Las Vegas clubs do, and they usually don’t have the level of performance talent that a lot of Vegas nightclubs now employ to stay competitive.

In Las Vegas, because of the size of these nightclubs (and the performers they bring in), guest lists are utilized primarily to drive mass amounts of people, rather than keeping the list exclusive and missing out on the massive foot traffic unique to the Vegas market.


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Depending on the event, it is usually a great deal (and the most often-used method) for the average club-goer. If you’re not looking to buy bottle service or don’t want to deal with trying to tip your way in, it’s a nice, straightforward proposition where you get free (or discounted, depending on the event) entry.

Guestlist check-in times are also structured to drive people to the club early, typically around when the club opens. Most headlining artists don’t come on until after 1:00 am, which most people are at the club to see, but having people come in via the guest list ensures that the club will be busy when their doors open as opposed to a huge rush of people trying to get in at 1:00 am right before someone like Tiëstö gets on the decks. Essentially, you’re trading your time (coming early) instead of paying a cover fee.

Disclaimer: While 90% of Vegas events will have a guest list, some events might not have one at all or will have one with extremely limited capacity. In these cases, it might be better to purchase pre-sale tickets, buy bottle service or talk to us about VIP Entry.

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So, should you purchase tickets in advance or try out Vegas’ guest list system for your club entry? In most cases, getting on the guest list is the more popular (and more economical) choice. However, as mentioned above, that’s not always available for the events with the most significant artists, or you may have your evenings (or days for the day parties) planned in a way that doesn’t allow you to come in time for the guest list check-in. In those cases, it might be better to purchase tickets in advance or seek other alternative venues with later guest lists.

Depending on the venue, there are certain limitations on who can sign up on the guest list. Traditionally, the guest list is geared toward Vegas girls and female-heavy groups, although most clubs will allow groups with a 1:1 ratio (equal girls to guys). Guy-heavy or all-male groups are usually not allowed on the list or are recommended to purchase bottle service/pre-sale tickets. As youra Las Vegas Promoter we are here to help.

Before you purchase tickets, please ask us first! We are always available to offer our insight and recommendations to best suit your needs.

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Using the guestlist in Las Vegas is a straightforward process once you understand it but listed below are a few things often misconstrued that could lead to confusion at the door.

  • First come, first served – as we touched on above, being on the guest list does not vault you to the front of the line, especially for guy groups. Plan on coming early!
  • While supplies last – all promotions are only available while supplies last; in the clubs if the venue starts to reach capacity, they may cut the list off early and start charging all the people who showed up late. Venue management reserves all rights to change pricing with regard to their business levels.

  • Girls, girls, girls – guest lists are mostly there to make sure girls and Vegas party girls get into the venue (because what’s a party without girls?). Most venues have systems in place where all-female groups may get let in first or have an extended period to check-in, although that’s not always the case.


Getting on and using the guest list is by far the most popular entry method with Las Vegas clubbers who don’t want to buy bottle service, as long as you understand what it’s there for. Especially for ladies, this is the best method of entry to see your favorite DJ at your favorite club without having to pay. For groups with guys, this is a cost-effective way of attending a popular club if you can come early.

Our recommendations?

  • Plan your evening correctly – it’s hard to stay organized in the middle of a party city but having a plan of attack before heading out is the best way of not getting stuck outside a Vegas nightclub. Check out our cheap bottle packages and all-inclusive VIP packages on how to fill out your night with dinner and pre-nightclub plans to get the best experience!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask – we have been working in Vegas nightlife for years and can anticipate what you can expect at a nightclub door. We can also assist VIP Entry for groups who want to pay a little extra to skip the guest list lines!

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in giving you a little bit of an insight into the world of Vegas nightlife! Ready to get your weekend started?

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