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Tempo Ultra Lounge

Days Open: Thursday to Sunday 10 PM to 5 AM
Hours: Sign Up Ends at 8:15 PM the night of.

*Note: Guest List is a 100% FREE Service. We don't charge anything to put you on the guest list. There might be a cover charge to get into the nightclub, even if you are on the guest list. Our team will reach out with all the details.

**Early arrival by 9:30–10 PM – strongly recommended!

***Guest List typically closes at 1:00 AM. SHARP on most nights. The clubs reserve the right to cut it off early.

****We do not have control over LONG-LINES and EARLY LIST CUT OFFS. If you don't want to wait in a long guest list line and RISK NOT GETTING IN, then buy tickets, purchase our paid VIP entry service, or purchase bottle service.

****If you have more than 10 people in your group, you will have to make another submission. The maximum amount of people per name on the guest list is 10. For Example, Sara Reed +5 females and +5 males, if you have 12 people, you will have to add another entry for Sunny Maguire +1 female.

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How the Tempo Ultra Lounge Guest List Works

We at Exploring Las Vegaswant to thank you for checking out our Tempo Ultra Lounge Guest List Page. This is a hotspot for a girl's/guy's night out and birthday, bachelor, and bachelorette celebrations. We can help you make your time in Vegas unforgettable.

Expect to wait a bit for a guest list entry, especially on large artist nights. For busy holiday weekends and famous artists' parties, you might want to consider tickets or our VIP Entry Service. Both tickets and VIP entry will guarantee you access; the guest list does not!


Minutes from the Strip at 1000 E Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Hours of Operation

Sunday Midnight – 6 AM; Thursday Midnight – 4 AM; Friday and Saturday Midnight – 7 AM

Music at Tempo Ultra Lounge


Tempo Ultra Lounge plays some of the best techno and house music in Vegas

What are the Benefits of the Guest List?


The clubs use the guest list to fill the room. The incentive is no or reduced cover to get customers in early and get them drinking. For listed customers, for most nights, entry is usually free for both guys and ladies. Guys, you will have to pay a reduced cover charge on larger artist nights, but ladies are still complimentary. On nights when they allow guys on the guest list, you will need an even ratio of guys to ladies or more ladies than guys, but not the other way around.

Be aware that holiday weekends are almost always jam-packed, and they typically cut the guest list altogether. If they have a list, it might have some crazy rules like ladies only for an hour from 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM. The best bet on big weekends is tickets. Tickets will guarantee you entry. The guest list will not.

What is the Cost of the Tempo Ultra Lounge Guest List?

Gender Males Females
Cover Charge $20-$75+ $20-$50+
Guest List Some nights are free with an even ratio. The majority of the nights are free.

*Note: Submit your guest list entry, and we will get back to you with the details.

**Tempo Ultra Lounge requires an even ratio on the guest list on many nights, meaning the same number of ladies and men in a group, or more ladies than men, but not more men than ladies.

***On some nights, Tempo Ultra Lounge offersan open bar or drink ticket for ladies for a fixed amount of time. We will be happy to set you up with that.

When there is a popular artist on Fridays and Saturdays, they will usually have a hefty cover. For men, you can expect $30 to $75+ each, and ladies usually $20-$50+ each. Get on the guestlist for:

  • · Ladies comp admission.
  • · Men comp or reduced.
  • · We recommend early arrival before 10:30 PM as they tend to close the guest list early.
  • · Hard cut-off for list at 1 AM unless they close the list early.

What is the Tempo Ultra Lounge Dress Code?


While all Las Vegas nightclubs have a similar dress code, it is at the doorman's discretion to determine if you are appropriately dressed. To help know what to wear and what not to wear, we put together an Ultimate Guide. If you have any questions, ask your Exploring Las Vegas connection. A simple rule of thumb is to keep it classy! Note: If you wear "Air Jordans," they will likely not let you in, so it's best not to take a chance.

Tempo Ultra Lounge Security


Vegas is a new world these days. You get searched when you head into a nightclub. At McCarran airport, we have TSA security. Think like that, but only stricter! They will look in your purse and your pockets, do a complete pat-down and even wand everyone with a metal detector. We have a complete guide on Las Vegas Nightclub Security. If you have any questions, we suggest you check it out; there is nothing worse than waiting in a long list line and then getting denied at the door.


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