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Las Vegas Deals

Las Vegas Deals

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Deals Overview

Las Vegas deals are the key to a successful, easy on the wallet trip out to the desert. There are several keys to getting a good deal and having fun. The first is that you don’t necessarily have to stay at the Wynn or the Bellagio to have a good time. All of the hotels on the Strip will have suites and comfortable rooms, and their amenities will be top notch as well.

Las Vegas Deals
Las Vegas Deals

The second key is to mind the time of year. Las Vegas is warm pretty much year round, so going in the wintertime is not a bad option. If you search for rooms just one month ahead of time, you can find 4-star rooms for $70 or $80. By contrast, 5-star hotels come in at over $200. Going with the 4-star hotel is an example of a classic Las Vegas coupon deals. On the other hand, there are often last-minute deals as hotels seek to fill unsold rooms. Another key is to look for hotel promotions. Promotions can get you cheaper rates or free upgrades.

Another way to score a Las Vegas deal is to book airfare and hotel stays together. For example, if two people in Washington DC booked their flight and hotel stay together just two months in advance, they could spend an entire week in a four star hotel for $1,500.

This Las Vegas deal gets even better as you throw more variables in the mix. If you plan on visiting nearby regional attractions, you’d do well to book your car, airfare, and hotel together. It's entirely possible to save some money here and there without sacrificing luxury if you plan out details. It’s all a matter of planning ahead, doing your homework and finding the free Vegas attractions or best price you can get.

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