Ethel M Chocolate Factory

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Location: Two Cactus Garden Drive Henderson, NV 89015
Hours: 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
Contact Info: (702) 433-2500

Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Gardens Overview

Ethel M Chocolate Factory

If you're looking for a unique combination of attractions, Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden is for you. The garden is close to the Strip on the way to Hoover Dam, making it an ideal stop for vacationers and roadtrippers. The 2.5 acres of botanical landscape include over 350 species, not only of cactuses, but also succulents and other desert plants. The gardens are open every day from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm. Admission is free and tours are self-guided, so you will have the opportunity to examine the landscape at your leisure. If your heart is set on a guided tour, however, they can be arranged for parties of 10 or more.

Ethel M Chocolate Factory botanical

The Ethel M Chocolate Factory and Botanical Cactus Garden deals in more than just deserts. They deal also in desserts—specifically chocolate. Jin Caldwell serves Ethel M® as pastry chef for their chocolate. Her culinary skills have served her well, and in 2003 she won the Grand Championship of The American Culinary Federation Culinary Challenge.