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Las Vegas Male Revues

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Whether it's a bachelorette party or your best friend's birthday or just because Las Vegas is a popular destination for a lot of ladies looking to have some fun in the desert. Spice up your next trip with a bit of naughty fun by planning to visit one of Vegas' many male revues!

From the notoriously raunchy shows from the men of Thunder From Down Under and Chippendales to the largest adult playground (including the most requested off-strip) Male's Strip Club in the world, and everything in between, you're going to want to know your options for visiting Vegas' world-class male revue venues before your big trip.

Here's some things you might want to know when booking your men's show plans!

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Male Revue VS. Male Strip Club (Details to know)

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As far as what you're looking for – not really, but there is a big distinction when referencing them in Las Vegas. The definition of the word "revue" pertains to a series of short skits or dances that comprise a larger overall show – think of the many bits the guys in the movie " Magic Mike" end up doing.

However, when referring to "male revue" in Las Vegas, you're most likely referring to one of the many on-Strip productions like Magic Mike Live and Aussie Heat – shows with high degrees of production and ones that have a fixed timeframe (typically 90 minutes).

They are more of a "show" than an actual strip club experience, and the prices for their tickets are more expensive than what you find at the alternative, off-strip venues.

You can expect a pretty commercialized approach to the experience – you can buy a photo shoot with the dancers after the show, there is typically merchandise to purchase, and you don't normally get a lot of 1-on-1 time with the dancers in general.

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Now, when speaking about "male strip clubs" in Vegas, you're most likely referring to the Kings of Hustler, and the off-strip men's shows that take place at actual strip clubs.

At a male strip club, on top of the stage performances, you can take your favorite stripper to a private room for a more intimate session, stay as long as you like without a time limit, and there are usually a lot more perks built into the ticket price!

Male Strip Clubs

Vegas Male Revue Tickets

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If you want to make a reservation for Chippendales, Magic Mike Live, Black Magic or any of the Vegas male revue shows, you need pre-purchased tickets to attend; just like any other show. You can purchase tickets with us or purchase them with our packages if you want to bundle and add to your overall experience.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that tickets are all subject to availability. Since there are a set number of tickets available for each show's timeslot, buying ahead is a good idea, especially if you plan on coming on a busy weekend!

As for the actual male strip club shows – reservations can be made with us the day of, although typically, we prefer at least a few hours’ notice (as these shows do fill up on busy weekends) to set everything up and arrange a time for your limo or party bus to pick you up from the hotel. We have a special offer for Magic Mike Tickets; if you buy online via our link, you get your 1st drink on us! 🍹

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Travel to Las Vegas Shows

When booking a men's show on the Strip, you have to arrange your own travel to make it to these shows; it is a straight entry ticket purchase. However, if you would like to arrange limo transportation or a tour before your show, we can definitely bundle your ticket purchase with one of our limo packages!

Alternatively, all of our men's show packages include VIP transportation to pick you up from the hotel of your choice and VIP entry at the strip club on arrival, and in some cases, complimentary drinks or champagne!

Las Vegas Strippers

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The Vegas strippers you see are some of the best in their craft and the entire business: hundreds of men audition for these roles. Their management is careful to select only the best of the best to grace their stages and the fantasies of their customers. Especially in the case of the more prestigious shows like Thunder From Down Under, Magic Mike Live, & Chippendales, they have a solid reputation to uphold and will only cast the absolute hottest guys to ensure that you get the best show possible.

PRO TIP: You do not need to "make it rain" when attending one of these male revue shows, as all the performers are paid by the show directly and are built into the ticket price! To be clear, there is no tipping at these shows.

PLEASE NOTE: the guys performing at these venues are exotic dancers, not strippers; while they are on stage taking off their clothes for your viewing pleasure, there are no private dances available unless you get selected to be the lucky lady they ask to take up to the stage as a demonstration. If you want an actual strip club experience, please visit our male strip clubs section.



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Magic Mike Live is more than your typical sausage fest. Don't get me wrong, it's jam-packed with 13 half-naked, fine-looking men who will make squirm and scream, but this revue is a professional production with an actual plot – it's all about women empowerment and making them feel valued and respected. These highly-skilled, sculpted entertainers perform daring, and one-of-kind choreographed dance routines on and off the stage and all around the entire 360 degrees, 2-story theatre that was specially designed just for them. There is singing, acrobatics, live music, a hilarious MC that banters back and forth with the audience, and an exhilarating, sensual showstopping dance routine performed in the "rain." Magic Mike Live is produced in part by Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum and was inspired by the blockbuster movies (Magic Mike and the sequel Magic Mike XXL) for a truly dynamic show that will leave you breathless.

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Thunder From Down Under is the #1 male revue on the Las Vegas Strip. It takes the top spot on our rankings as the most requested show in Las Vegas, and here's why. Thunder From Down Under is filled with an extraordinary group of breathtaking blokes who are full of personality, exude charm, and have accents that will make you melt. These talented artists perform a striptease, lap dances, and choreographed routines on stage, on the tables, in the audience – "it's raining men" everywhere. It's the ultimate foreplay. A few lucky ladies will get picked to join the lads on stage for some outrageous fun which is why it's the perfect night out for the bride-to-be or the birthday girl.

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The award-winning Chippendales is a professional dance troupe well-known for its striptease and sexually-charged performances, and its signature bow tie, collar, and shirt cuffs costume worn on beautiful bare, bronzed, and buff chests. Chippendales was established in 1979, and it was the first all-male revue to make a business performing for mostly female audiences. It also helped legitimize stripping as a form of popular entertainment. Chippendales Las Vegas performs in a 10 million dollar theater explicitly built for them inside the Rio All-Suite Hotel just minutes from The Strip. It is the most legendary male revue in Sin City, and for a good reason. It is a high-quality show and the perfect blend of buns and brawn.

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For those of you looking for a little "chocolate," be sure to check out Black Magic Live at Pegasus Theatre inside Alexis Park Hotel, the only all-black, all-male revue in Sin City. Vivica A. Fox brings you a 90-minute show filled with a band of beautiful black men with buff bodies performing seductive stripteases and sexy, synchronized dance moves that are worth drooling over. After the show, head to the "Chocolate Men Pamper Room" for a night of private pampering with R&B and Smooth Jazz playing in the background while the magic men entice you with champagne, fruit, and succulent chocolate candies. 

SIDE NOTE: Make sure to bring a stack of dollar bills as the guys at this show work off tips, unlike the other male revues!

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Last on this list, but certainly not least, are the eight blokes from Aussie Heat. The sexy, shirtless, fun, and flirty studs will turn up the heat when they hit the stage at the Mosaic Theatre on the Las Vegas Strip. These classically-trained dancers boast a "strip-hop" production that centers around a striptease combined with some of the best hip hop, breakdancing, and street dancing skills in the business. A new twist to the show, you can now guarantee a spot on stage for your friends, the birthday girl – or boy – the bride-to-be, or yourself for some hands-on interaction. So brace yourselves for a wild ride "Down Under."

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REMINDER: as noted before, the shows above all require ticket purchases and do not include VIP transportation. Looking to book a limo? We can book that separately or as part of a personalized package with your male revue purchase.

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Looking for a more personalized show with some of the hottest men in Sin City? Check out our picks for male strip clubs!

Kings of Hustler

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Every weekend, the notorious Kings of Hustler take over the catwalks of the Hustler Club, ready to wow their next audience. Turn up the heat on your next Vegas visit with these handsome hunks! In addition to its steamy shows, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is also home to one of Vegas' most vibrant after-hours parties, the Terrace Afterhours.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Male Strip Clubs

How does the men's show work?

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If you've ever seen the movie Magic Mike with Channing Tatum, you can envision something similar with these types of shows. The guys onstage perform dances, skits, and feats of athleticism that wow their audiences every night. Complete with props and costumes, you can enjoy the show from your seat or standing as the boys add a whole lot of spice to your Vegas trip!

Do I have to reserve a table?

Yes – If you want a guaranteed table at the strip club, no if you buy tickets to the male revue shows

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Do I need to tip the dancers?

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Yes! At Black Magic and Kings of Hustler, the boys get rowdy for dollars. 💸 The higher productions shows don't require tips.

Can guys come to see the show, too?

Absolutely! The fun has evolved over the years, and so has its audiences – everyone is welcome to book one of our packages.

Bachelorette Parties in Vegas

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A bachelorette weekend in Vegas just isn't complete without seeing some buff guys take their clothes off – those are the rules. I don't make them; I just enforce them. With that said, this show is a must for all bachelorette or girl birthday trips. Not only is it a great way to ramp up the evening towards attending one of Vegas' world-famous nightclubs, but it will definitely be a highlight of your trip. Don't forget we offer packages with pole dancing class, drag brunch, club crawls, helicopter tours, and much more! 🚁

Check out all the Bachelorette Party Packages

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How to Plan your Las Vegas Men's Show Night?

Nightclubs in Vegas

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Seeing a men's show and then hitting one of the world-famous nightclubs on the strip is a staple of Vegas' nightlife and entertainment industry! We offer a wide range of services, from Bottle Service to VIP Hosted Entry and Guest List signups to make your transition from the show to the club a seamless one!

Looking to take the guesswork out of your planning? Contact us(link to EV Form) directly to build your own custom package to make your Vegas trip a stress-free experience – from limo charters to make sure you and your group arrive right on time to all the events planned to VIP Entry options to the hottest clubs after the show – planning a Vegas trip has never been easier with our experts guiding your way!

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Las Vegas Pre-Game Party

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One of the most important things to consider before your big night out is the planning leading up to the actual event – where to eat, where to pre-game, getting your group there on time (not an easy task getting 11 girls ready in one shared bathroom!).

Our full-service packages take that out of your hands: we offer several venues with All-You-Can-Drink and Dining packages and coupled with limo/party bus charters that will pick you up and drop you off on time, you won't have to worry about that Uber coming late or the taxi line being insanely busy! View some of our packages– all available packages can be customized to your needs and tastes; we understand that every customer is different and will need to have an itinerary that best fits their needs.

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Pool Parties and Drag Brunch

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Interested in Vegas pool parties or Señor Frogs Drag Brunch? We get asked all the time; what should we do during the day? We have you covered; the drag brunch is wild and a great open bar option. Vegas has so many great pools. Our top six picks are Azilo Ultra Pool, Elia Beach Club, Tao Beach, Encore Beach, Wet Republic, and AYU Dayclub.

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Why should I book with Exploring Vegas?

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We are a licensed Independent Host Company that works with all the top venues in the city, and we have a fantastic customer track record. The difference between hosts employed by the clubs and Independent Hosts is that we do not work for the clubs; we work for you; the customer. We offer ultra-reliable service, insider information, and always the best price. We can offer better deals and get better table locations than merely making a reservation online.


We work strictly with the management at all the venues in Las Vegas, and we are well-respected in town. We will give you exact instructions, host your entry, and are available for any questions 24/7 via our website, messenger, call, text, or email.

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And lastly, we offer more than nightlife and daylife events, from helping you book your hotel rooms and bachelor and bachelorette parties and activities to booking limo services. Exploring Las Vegas gives our customers the competeVegas VIP experience. Check out some of our other guides below to get the most out of your Vegas Vacation!

Find Your Next Dinner Spot Vegas Show Guide Book Your Next Vegas Tour

Exploring Las Vegas Final Word

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There is a wide variety of male revue shows to pick from in Vegas – Magic Mike, Thunder From Down Under, Black Magic, Aussie Heat, or Chippendales are all impressive male revue shows in their own right each with its own design and themes. At the time of this writing, the Kings of Hustler is the only true male strip club in town. If you want up close and personal, then this is your party. 👰

While both kinds of shows are very similar, it's important to know the difference so you can correctly identify your options. With male strip clubs, you have a little more intimacy with the performers, you are not tied to a 90-minute time limit, and it will be much cheaper upfront than buying a ticket for a male revue.

Male revues have a much bigger budget for its production, will probably have more seats per showtime available, and most shows are located right on the Strip. Think of attending one like you're attending any other theatrical production. You can't go wrong picking one kind or another; they all get pretty rave reviews, but we like to show you all the things available to you so you can make an informed choice and plan your nights accordingly.

I hear management may bring back the Men of Sapphire, but nothing is set yet. I doubt the Men of Vegas at Spearmint Rhino will ever come back, but who knows. 🤷‍♂️ I did catch wind that the old Olympic Gardens is coming back, but not as the male and female strip club they were before. So, to sum it up, this men's show is the best game in town if you want some sexy hunks in a well-done production.

Bundle Your Weekend and Let Us Do the Planning!

We're here for more than just booking your strip club experience; we're here to make your whole weekend.

Check out our awesome packages below to see what's right for you or reach out directly to contact one of our VIP hosts!


Are you still confused? No problem!

Navigating Vegas nightlife is often very confusing, whether you are an experienced partygoer or coming to Vegas for the first time. That's what we're here for – to help guide you through what should be some of the most memorable days and nights of your life.

Hope to see you soon!

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