4th of July in Las Vegas

As old Blue Eyes crooned: "Summertime and the living's easy…" and that is certainly true of summer in Las Vegas. The hot weather, the sunny days, the swimming pools – all provide an excellent day time venue for you to party. Come nighttime, the casinos, nightclubs, strip clubs and fellow tourists provide ample entertainment for your group. There is no better time to revel in all that Las Vegas has to offer than on the 4th of July holiday. After all, what's a better example of American excess than Las Vegas? The fourth of July is all about celebrating America and Las Vegas does it up right.

4th fourth of july las vegas

Each and every resort's pool will be going off on the 4th of July in Las Vegas. These are more than just your average swimming pool. Pools in Las Vegas are more like daytime clubs. The drinks, the music, the scantily clad women, all contribute to the air of fun and frolic. For a fee, there are even topless pools for adults to enjoy. And, seriously folks, what's not to enjoy about playing chicken in a pool with beautiful, topless women? Las Vegas is paradise, the ultimate adult playground and has got the packages to ensure you and your friends have an unforgettable weekend of frivolity.

The pools, golf courses, nightclubs, casinos and restaurants provide plenty of enterainment, but don't forget the shows! Some of the performers who will be headlining Vegas over the 4th of July include:

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Contact for packages that include one or more of these shows. From a round of golf in the early morning (before the heat sets in), to a poolside cabana during the day, to dinner reservations at one of Las Vegas' world class restaurants, to VIP entry to nightclubs and strip clubs, to tickets to the hottest shows – has your hookup. We are your connected friend in Las Vegas.

When it comes to fireworks, there will be more going off than just the sparkly, explosive kind that come out after dark. Las Vegas is known for fireworks of all kinds and you'll be setting off plenty on your carefree, gambling and party infused Las Vegas 4th of July getaway. For the best vantage point on all the fireworks being set off around the Las Vegas Valley, you'll want to head to clubs far above the Las Vegas strip. The Palms' Ghost Bar and The Rio's Voo Doo Lounge are two hot spots for seeing the lightshow that Las Vegas puts on for the fourth of July.

Hot summer days, even hotter summer nights and an air of celebration awaits you and your friends when you spend the 4th of July holidays in Las Vegas. The ultimate destination for adults, where else on earth can you satisfy every pleasure your heart (and other parts!) can dream up? Where else can you drink around the clock, never knowing what time it is, in the company of fellow revelers? Memories are made here, and as the saying goes, they stay here. It's time to pack your party pants and contact We'll put together a package for the 4th of July in Las Vegas that will blow your mind. This is one vacation that will put all other vacations to shame. So what are you waiting for?

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