Costa Rica is the New competitor of Vegas as a Bachelor Party Spot

It's time to take things off of the mainland and onto the gorgeous Pacific country of Costa Rica. With lush jungles to traverse, gorgeous beaches to lounge on, and a world of exotic wildlife to explore

Villa Rental

Costa Rica bachelor party mansion

Chances are you won't have a friend whose house you can crash at during your stay in this exotic land, so a place to call home during the party is a must. If you're going to go through the trouble of traveling down to Costa Rica, you might as well have a gorgeous villa awaiting your arrival. From 13 bedroom multiplexes to extravagant 9 bedroom mansions, you and your guests will need plenty of reason to leave these gorgeous and comfortable coastal villas. With private pools and plenty of entertainment space, you will be able to bring that nightclub atmosphere to you.

ATV and Zip Line Jungle Tour

Whether you live in an arid desert or a concrete city, there is little chance you'll be able to enjoy the lush greenery of a tropical forest without broadening your horizons. In Costa Rica, this activity can be a daily occurrence. On the back of an all terrain vehicle or attached to a safety harness suspended above ground, you and your guests can take in the sites of Costa Rica's lavish scenery and exotic wildlife. The ATV tour will take you through vast greenery before a final stop at a private waterfall. Your Zip Line tour will break at various platforms, giving you the opportunity for some quick site seeing. Be sure to bring your camera, as a tour like this is typically a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Where to Book?

There are two types of travel in Costa Rica, one for the sightseing family type of vacation, in this case you need to read this guide: Second, you are going there for girls, bachelor parties or nightlife then visit Dan Ross' nightlife website to find out fishing tours, meeting local ladies, bars and nightlife, you will also have piece of mind while you book with him.

Boat Rentals and Fishing Charters

Costa Rica bachelor party mansion

You're near the water, so you might as well make use of the water. Boat rentals can be found all over Costa Rica, and each one is bound to offer the perfect day at sea. Whether you decide to go the "party boat" route or want to have a more subdued fishing charter, you and your guests will enjoy soaking in the Costa Rica sun as the cold sprinkle of breaking waves cool your skin. Your charter can anchor in the midst of the Caribbean or dock at any of Costa Rica's white-sanded coastal beaches.

Avoid the increasingly dull typicals of a bachelor party and set sail from the mainland on an exotic trip to the gorgeous tropical lands of Costa Rica. No matter what you have planned, you're bound to get more of Costa Rica's nightlife then you would anywhere else.

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Weather in Costa Rica
Review by Where is Costa Rica on Apr 17
The pleasant weather of Costa Rica, combination of tropical climate with its mountainous system, is characterized by high temperatures and abundant rainfall during much of the year.