Wynn Encore Las Vegas Goes Green

Wynn is making a commitment to being "green" and reducing our Resort's environmental footprint. It's not only important to us, it's a factor our guests consider when they're looking for accommodations in Las Vegas. They might not realize just how much our Company does to be earth-friendly, but you can let them know about Wynn | Encore's "green" initiatives. Read about some of our property's programs below.

Back-of-House Recycling Bins

  • In front of Wynn Le Staff Cafe
  • By the WLV employee entrance
  • At the Wynn Guest Garage employee entrance (near the Aqua Theater employee access)
  • In the Encore Rotunda (near Encore Le Staff Cafe)
  • In the back-of-house WLV Esplanade hallway

This program is just the beginning, says Laura Jamison, Hotel Division Workforce Development Manager, who is leading the charge on this initiative. "The recycling bin initiative is only one step," she says. "We hope to get people excited about it and expand it even more."

Laura Cherry, Director of Safety and head of our Company's Green Committee, adds, "This initiative is a way that each employee can make a difference," explaining that you can now directly contribute to how much material our properties have the potential to recycle. So do your part, and be sure to look for the new bins when you're finished with your soda, water, or sports drink.

Guest Linen Reuse Program

The Wynn and Encore Housekeeping departments currently participate in a number of "green" practices, and they have even more programs in the works. One important initiative is the Guest Linen Reuse Program.

With this program, Wynn Resort room bed linens are not replaced daily unless specifically requested by our guests. Guest Room Attendants leave a small card on the bedside table of each guest room, which informs our guests that if they'd like to participate in our Guest Linen Reuse Program, they need only leave the card on the bedside table. Guests may also elect to reuse their bath towels in a similar fashion. Joel Moore, Director of Housekeeping at Encore, reports a 95% participation rate in this program!

Working with the Environment

Horticulture employees work with our environment every day, so it's natural that they would be leading the effort to protect it. One important initiative they follow is the Water Conservation Program. To start, our Resort's exterior features approximately five acres of artificial turf (called "Wynn Lawn" because it was custom created for our property). By using artificial grass everywhere but on the Golf Course, our property conserves over 15 million gallons of water annually!

Furthermore, water for our Resort's live plants, trees, and flowers is carefully controlled by a computerized drip irrigation system. The system monitors weather conditions and adjusts the drip on a daily basis, as needed, which means water is never wasted. Considering our Resort has over 22,000 indoor plants, this is an important step in conserving this precious resource.

Plants are also one important way we maintain our Resort's interior environment for guests. As natural "air purifiers," plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and convert it to oxygen, which improves indoor air quality for guests and employees alike. And when plants are "retired" from service, they do not go to waste. Instead, they are donated to local charities, schools, and garden clubs.

Recycling Guest Room Linens, Amenities & Supplies

Guest room amenities and supplies aren't wasted, either. Room linens, bedding, and towels are saved from the garbage by being recycled and repurposed as cleaning rags. Guest room rugs are also spared from disposal by being donated to local animal shelters, offering our four-legged friends a little luxury from Wynn | Encore. Additionally, the robes that are provided in guest rooms as amenities are recycled after use and used as cleaning cloths for polishing glassware. The soft robes are an inexpensive alternative to costly microfiber cloths.

Housekeeping is also preparing to launch a toilet paper roll recycling program. As part of our 5-Star standards, all guest rooms are supplied with a new roll of toilet paper, even if the existing roll is usable. Now, rather than being thrown away, guest room toilet paper rolls that are still mostly full will be collected for use in our back-of-house employee restrooms. The program will not only be green, it may even eliminate the need to purchase additional paper products for the back-of-house, saving money for our Company.

Clean the World Program

Earlier this year, Wynn announced partnership with Clean the World, an organization that reclaims used guest soaps and other bath products from hotel rooms. Rather than being discarded in local landfills, the used soaps are sanitized, recycled, and distributed among those in need all over the world. The donated soaps help protect impoverished populations from life-threatening infectious diseases

The impact of the program is twofold. Of course, the value of saving the lives of thousands upon thousands of children and families around the world is beyond measure. But on top of that, collecting the used soaps before they have been sent to local landfills protects our fragile environment.

So far the soap recycling initiative has been a huge success! As of August 2011, Wynn Housekeeping employees have collected and returned an astonishing 70,601 bars of soap to Clean the World! Encore Housekeeping's contribution is also impressive. They have a year-to date total (through August 2011) of 63,387 bars of soap! The combined efforts of the Encore and Wynn Housekeeping teams amounts to almost 134,000 bars of soap collected and returned to Clean the World!

Cleaning with Water

Embracing technology as a means of being "green," PAD is currently testing a state-of-the-art device that uses ordinary tap water, salt, and electricity to create a supercharged cleaning solution. This chemical-free cleaning system is not only gentle on our environment; it means big savings for our Company, since it would eliminate PAD's need to purchase additional cleaning products. David Downie, Executive Director of Resort Appearance Standards, reports that the savings to our Company could be thousands of dollars per month! The cleaning solution could be used on floors, carpets, glass, and more. Proving that our Resort is once again ahead of the game, Wynn | Encore is the first Strip property to test the system for everyday use. Keep checking the WIRE for updates on this innovative program.

Trash Sorting & Recycling Program

A few months back, Wynn announced the story about our property's Trash Sorting & Recycling Program. David Downie leads the effort, partnered with Combs Brothers LLC, our Company's recycling vendor. The program has two goals: to remove recyclable materials from the garbage (including cardboard, plastic, aluminum, paper, glass, and cooking oil), and to recover accidentally discarded Company assets (such as flatware, linens, glassware, and even dinnerware). The recovered materials are sanitized and returned for use, saving the enormous cost of replacing the items.

The program continues to be a success, with thousands of pounds of recyclable materials and Company assets being rescued from disposal each month. Check out these stats:

In September of 2011 alone, 110 tons of materials were gathered for recycling (1 ton = 2,000 pounds) from Wynn alone! Another 54 tons of materials were collected from Encore. The 2011 year-to-date total for our whole Resort is 1,449 tons of recycled materials that were not sent to our city's landfills! That's almost 2.9 million pounds!

The numbers from our asset recovery program are equally impressive. In September of 2011, more than 20,200 pieces of linen were found and removed from the garbage of Wynn and Encore combined! Additionally, almost 350 pieces of dinnerware were recovered (plates, bowls, etc.), and over 6,000 pieces of glassware! With the addition of miscellaneous items such as flatware, the total number of assets recovered and returned for use in September alone amounted to more than 30,000 items! With numbers like that, it's not difficult to imagine the needless waste that would be created if this program were not in place.

Additional Efforts

Stewarding has introduced even more green initiatives to our back-of-house. For example, all back-of-house paper towel dispensers now feature natural brown paper towels, which are more earth-friendly and less expensive than the bleached white version. Additionally, Jorge Bacallao, Executive Steward of Wynn | Encore, reports that about 80% of the cleaning chemicals used by Stewarding are "green" products.