Memorial Day: Summertime and the living is easy…

Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer for many people. What better way to kick off this most celebratory of seasons than a deluxe trip to Las Vegas with entry to night clubs guaranteed and Las Vegas bottle service something you’ve taken care of before you ever leave your office in…whatever city you live in? Las Vegas is the perfect destination to head to and celebrate the first long weekend of the hot weather season. From the topless pools to the topless clubs, Las Vegas is where you want to be and Vegas VIP can get you the access you want and deserve.

Memorial Day in las vegas

Frank Sinatra knew what he was talking about when he penned such classics as Luck Be a Lady tonight. Elvis could not go wrong when singing Viva Las Vegas. And then there’s Wayne Newton and Danke Shane… Don’t you want to prowl the very grounds these legendary men did? Leave it to Vegas VIP to plan the three day (or more!) weekend of your wildest fantasies. Whatever you can dream up, they can deliver (assuming it is all legal of course… nudge nudge wink wink).

From packed pool parties with or without your clothing, to clubs that will rock your socks off until long after the sun rises, Las Vegas is the perfect destination for your Memorial Day weekend party. Exploring Las Vegas has the connections to make sure you have VIP access all weekend long. Over the past several years, the pools at the Las Vegas resorts have become daytime clubs and that rival the nightclubs for fun and decadence. From The Hard Rock's Rehab to the MGM’s Wet Republic and every other pool on and off the famous Las Vegas Strip, ExploringLasVegas has the hook up. A cabana is the perfect spot from which to view the action and slam back some drinks before making your move on the pool or that hottie in the bikini you’ve been eyeing.

las vegas Memorial Day

Once you’ve had your fill of sun and hot chicks in tiny bathing suits (or without bathing suit if you opt for one of the many topless pools on the Las Vegas Strip) you’ll want to head out to a dinner fit for a King. Our VIP Services has your back here my friends, as they can get you into any restaurant on the strip. From the hottest sushi joint to the best steakhouse, all you have to decide is what you feel like eating. While at dinner you can look forward to some world class cuisine from famous chefs. This ain’t your grandmother’s 1970s Las Vegas All You Can Eat Buffet. Oh no, this is fine dining and swanky atmospheres to make you and your friends feel like CEOs with endless expense accounts.

After dinner you’ll be ready to hit the clubs. Whether you want a posh lounge, a red hot celeb scene or a dance club to continue your party, we can make it happen. Car service to and from some of the world’s finest strip clubs is a popular choice for many groups of Memorial Day revelers. Visit our website to peruse your options for nighttime entertainment and then drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll put together an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend package for your group.

Make sure you act fast, as this summer kick off weekend fills up all the hotels quickly every single year. The clubs are packed, the casinos are in high gear and the pools are, well let’s face it, with all those hard bodies parading around nearly naked, the pools of Las Vegas are heavenly.

Memorial Day weekend 2010