Super Bowl Weekend in Las Vegas: An Insider's Guide

So you weren't lucky enough to score tickets to the Super Bowl in Tampa. So what. Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas is a million times better! The city is off the hook all weekend long, with tourists pouring in from all over to take part in the fun and festivities. The sports books live for this particular weekend as it is the biggest betting weekend of the year. If you can dream up the bet, chances are the sports book of your choice will take it. Not just the over/under and spread but which team will score first, who will miss a field goal, etc. With the festive atmosphere every sports book in town has on Super Sunday, a good time is guaranteed.

From Caesar's Palace to the Mirage to Mandalay Bay and Red Rock Resort, sports books are where it is at. Get there early as most will have seats reserved for their VIPs and the rest of the seats are on a first come – first served basis. With huge screens and video walls and a raucous atmosphere, you'll feel like you are actually AT the Super Bowl when partying the day away in a Las Vegas Sports Book on Super Sunday. (Except Vegas is better. No wait for women, liquor or bathrooms!) With hundreds, even thousands of football fans cramming every sports book in town, it is a vibe that just cannot be replicated outside of Las Vegas.

But what to do with the rest of your Vegas weekend? After all, the Super Bowl is Sunday afternoon. Friday and Saturday provide a wealth of options. It may be a cliché, but it is true: whatever you want is literally a phone call away in Las Vegas. They don't call it Sin City for nothin'. Throngs of party goers pack every club in Vegas. From lounges, to strip clubs to bars—all are banging out a serious beat and packed with the world's most beautiful and scantily clad women.

The ladies know that Super Bowl weekend means a ton of men making their way to Vegas and they want in on the action just as badly as the men do. Anything goes at any time in Las Vegas. During Super Bowl weekend, the stakes are even higher and the games are well worth playing.

The strip clubs in Las Vegas are already known for the hottest shows around. Add a whole lot of football fans and watch the dancers kick it all up a few hundred notches for your enjoyment…and tips, don't forget to tip the ladies! Once you've gotten your fill of the gorgeous strippers Las Vegas has to offer, you'll want to head out to one of the packed clubs for some bottle service with a room full of hotties.

On Saturday, once you've slept off the hangover, head on out to one of the many world class golf courses the Las Vegas Valley has to offer. The festivities will follow you wherever you go Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas; even amongst the locals as we sort of consider the Arizona Cardinals our home team! The entire city will be rocking the weekend of January 30th to February 1st. This is a party you absolutely do not want to miss.

Saturday night in Las Vegas…oh, sorry, my mind wandered there for a moment. You have as many opportunities for a good time as, well, as your imagination can drum up. Maybe you want to start (or end) the night with another of Vegas' famous strip clubs. Or you could hit up one of the smokin' clubs the Strip has to offer. From Tao, to Prive to Tryst, XS at Encore and beyond, we've got your hookup. Perhaps you want to spend a few hours trying your luck on the tables. Vegas has so much to offer, that you can literally fill every moment in your weekend with fun and still not get to all the bars and clubs and women you had planned to!

The key to a fantastic Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas is in the pacing. It is soooo tempting to hit the ground running once you arrive after working all week. But if you blow the whole load – and I'm not just talking about money people—on Friday night, you'll be positively zombie like by game time on Sunday. Remember, any Las Vegas weekend is a marathon that requires juggling, but Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas is like Vegas on steroids.

Everywhere you go, everywhere you turn you'll find football fans celebrating and making NFL Fantasy Football Picks. And where there are football fans, there are women. Hot women. Sexy women who want to play as badly as you do. So what are you waiting for?! Contact us today to set up your Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas package.

By Amy L.