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Body English nightclub las vegas

Body English Nightclub

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Body English Nightclub Las Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel is known for their edgy entertainment. Body English, one of the clubs inside the Hard Rock also offers some edge, but the edge you may expect is actually blended with the perfect bit of elegance to create a unique experience. Body English Nightclub Las Vegas is just the place to make you feel like you are partying like a rock star or at least in a rock star pad.

Club Body English

Baccarat crystal chandeliers add a bit of class while the mirrored walls offer a vanity and style all their own. The club is done in dark, rich colors and shades of black and red along with metals, such as gold. Booths are made of the finest dark leather and the majority of the walls that are not covered in mirrors are black.

Body English Las Vegas
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Club goers interested in bottle service will be invited to the upper floor where they will enjoy some secluded leather booths, great liquor, and a prime view of the dance floor beneath them. The VIP area is located on this floor, as well. The VIP area of Body English Nightclub is tucked away in the back so that the VIP guests are allowed to enjoy their evening with the best service and company available. Of course, for the VIP visitors that wish to stand up and watch the party, the second floor bar offers a stellar view of the floor below and is the right spot to get all the best drinks in Body English Night Club.

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rating 5

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No T-shirt, hat or sport shoes.




Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas


Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Line Wait

Not too long but still hard to get in.

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  • Mario H.

    The club is cool

    Just like any Hard Rock club, this club isn't so easy to get in. Yes they have big bouncers that are picky of who they let in. The club is cool, it is underground and packed with a lot of good looking girls that dress well, nobody trashy is ever allowed into Body English. I have been to all the clubs in Vegas and the club to go to is Vanity when it comes to the Hard Rock but its not a bad idea to check out Body English if your into something more mellow and a great place to chill out with you and your friends and if a good place to go to if Vanity is packed.

  • Jamie T.

    Now this is a Club!

    Now this is a Club!! Best Club in Vegas. I've been there only on Sunday nights, and had a great time each time. The Bouncers, waitresses all make you feel like your a Celebrity, I started believing I was a Celebrity after an hour. Was a little hard to get in, thats why you gotta do Bottle Service especially if your a guy!! But hey its Vegas what do you expect. Lots of sexy ladies there. Me and my boys were inviting girls into our VIP booth to chill, and these girls even thought we were celebrities!! If your in Vegas on a Sunday you gotta check out the club!!!