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Chateau nightclub las vegas

Chateau Nightclub

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Chateau Nightclub Las Vegas

If you've never been to Paris, you're missing out on a cultural experience that would be near impossible to match. Yeah, airfare across the Atlantic would be quite pricey, but we're not talking about the country. We're talking about the casino, easily located on the Las Vegas Strip in sunny Nevada. The Paris Hotel and Resort transports its guests to a classic French bistro before moving them along the cobblestone streets of the country's innermost cities. You can travel up to the Eiffel Tower to get a true test of Paris, or you can experience something a little closer to the ground - the Chateau Nightclub.

Chateau is one of the hottest nightlife spots on the Strip. Offering street side views of the Last Vegas Strip, accessible by escaping to the club's near-private balcony, Chateau is a gorgeous experience that could easily round off your time in Paris. Offering 45,000 square feet of nightclub space - far more than enough to house the nightly energetic crowd that it attracts - Chateau is the epitome of the Las Vegas nightlife.

Club Chateau
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The moment you step inside Chateau's doors, you're transported across the ocean to the exotic country of France. Impeccable decor catches your eyes and immediately sets the tone for the evening. Beyond the initial visual experience, your ears will start to pick up on the party that you came to Chateau for. Despite its classical experience, Chateau is a nightclub through and through, and resident musical talent DJ Casanova works night in and night out to guarantee the same next-level experience that you've heard about. Standing atop a 10-foot tall ornate fireplace, the house and guest DJs spin a mix of upbeat music to guarantee that the dance floor is all but empty.

Up an antiquated spiral staircase, and you'll be within the club's second story, a somewhat smaller space than its main floor, but still capable of providing plenty of entertainment. Intricate chandeliers take the focus off of the rest of the second story's gorgeous decor all the while providing the club its toned down lighting.

Chateau Las Vegas

When you're in need of some fresh air, you can escape up a glass elevator that leads to the club's best feature - the gardens and balcony. Providing its own dance floor and DJ, Chateau's balcony guarantees that you won't feel separated from the experience down below. An intricately designed garden allows guests to get the truest of french experience. As the plant life entices, the balcony overlooking the Strip beckons to be utilized. People watching is one of the best activities one can partake in in Las Vegas, and this elevated space makes for the perfect view to do so. Not too mention the near perfect view of the Fountain's of Bellagio that it offers.

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Exteremly Strict


Main Stream Hip-Hop, Progressive House.


Paris Hotel Las Vegas


Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun.

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Up to 2 hours without VIP access.

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