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Drai's nightclub las vegas

Drai's Nightclub

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Drai's Nightclub Las Vegas

During the daytime, Drai's is a full-service, award winning French Restaurant. However, when the lights go down, Drai's after hours heats up the night up until dawn. This hot spot offers people plenty of reason to party until the sun comes up. DJ Hollywood is in charge of the music. You can expect to hear some loud, progressive music here at the club. House beats and trance music are common. A dress code is enforced so men will want to steer clear of baggy pants and tank tops. Tennis shoes are not allowed by either gender.

Club Drai's

The actual nightclub appears as a dimly lit lounge. Along the walls you will find books and abstract art that offers a sophisticated feel to the nightclub. You will be able to enjoy a drink while you relax on oversized sofas or you join your friends at a table or booth. If you want some action you should check out the large dance floor as that is definitely the place to be when the party is going. Celebrities often frequent this spot so you never know who you might see. All in all, Drais continues to be one of the more popular after hour hang outs.

Drai's Las Vegas

Drai's is one of the best alternative those who haven't got enough !, after all the clubs closes at 4am, Drais after hours is one of the best alternative your have.

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Dress Code

Somewhat strict.


Progressive House.


Bill's Gambling Hall Las Vegas


Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Line Wait

Up to 1 hours without VIP access.

Local Night

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