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Haze nightclub las vegas

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Haze Nightclub Las Vegas

Haze Nightclub Las Vegas has opened at City Center's Aria Hotel and casino, a 10 billion dollar project. The expectations are great for the Haze nightclub in order to compete with Top clubs such as XS, Pure or TAO.

Club Haze

Club Haze conceptualized the success of existing Light Group venues including the Bank, Haze Nightclub is a cutting-edge space in which clubbers will be challenged to separate the sense of perception and reality.

Haze Las Vegas is designed by interior firm ICRAVE, Haze nightclub will feature large hanging props over the entryway that will draw guests to a grand staircase transporting them to the mezzanine level where they will enjoy a bird's-eye view of the action below.

The main dance floor of Haze peers up at a wall of interactive projection screens stretching one 100 feet across on a performance structure where impromptu acts by world-renowned artists are being featured.

Haze Las Vegas
dance floor

Suede walls and plush surfaces help define the weaving interior, including a unique two-story wall of lights incorporating the latest in technology coupled with a one-of-a-kind sound system designed by John Lyons Systems.

Haze Las Vegas no doubt is a tough competitor to XS and Tryst at Wynn Properties, at least they would bring the price down by the competition so that the clubbers would take a little break paying thousands of dollars for VIP tables.

Haze Nightclub Preview

Our Rating

rating 3

Dress Code

Exteremly Strict


Main Stream Hip-Hop, Progressive House


City Center Aria Las Vegas


Thu, Fri & Sat: 10:30pm - 4am

Line Wait

2 Hours

Local Night

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Haze Nightclub Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 9 reviews
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  • Leigh D.

    Haze is pretty cool

    Haze is pretty cool. The dj and sound system is amazing and there are some cool performers in there. My only gripe with Haze is the way the floor is laid out, that depending on where your table is, it can be a little congested

  • James P.

    Bottle service is a must

    I would definetely get a bottle service there, Haze is the most expensive club in Vegas right now, I have to admit that is very impressive club, lots of good looking women and great sound system, the location is very convenient too. If you go to City Center, stop by at Eve as well.

  • Mike H.

    Best experience in a Vegas

    Best experience in a Vegas club to date. The sound system blows any other Vegas clubs away. A+ crowd and amazing service. Sensory overload with everything going on from Le Cirque style performers, gogo dancers led light robots that hover and top performers such as Snoop Dogg Katie Perry, David Guetta, Tiesto and Usher. Over the top all the way. I'll be back next visit for sure.

  • Becky H.

    Pricey to get in (even for girls) but worth it!

    We got to Haze pretty late (probably 1am?) and had to pay $40 per girl and $60 per guy just to pass the line and get up to PAY COVER! ($20 each) Once we got in we were totally impressed, though - never more than a wait of 1 or 2 people for the bar - dancing EVERYWHERE. Easy to keep your group in site with the huge dance floor but enough corners to duck into (ha) We loved it! Tyson from AAR was there - random but fun.

  • Kat R.

    never again

    Honestly this is one of the worst clubs I have EVER been to, i went the other night with 7 of my girlfriends., we showed up around 1:30am.. and were all locals, and we all work in the industry. they tried to charge us $20 a girl. I know what that means, they were going to pocket it. anyways after raising hell we all walked in, it was so ghetto, the DJ was playing music from 2 years ago, you cant stand in one place more then 5 seconds without security on your ass telling you to move, and the club promoters are total tools. Walking up to tables and getting wasted off of other peoples drinks, to say the least it was a shit place. never again. go to the palms or other hotels.

  • Angela S.

    Club Haze Amazing

    Was at Club Haze on March 18th 2011 for Spike Lee's Birthday... Haven't been treated so good in V.I.P - Not sure if it was because I was w/ Spike Lee or because the service was amazing, but we will find out when I go back this coming Saturday... All in all the atmosphere was out of this world... The hostess was a gem, the dancers were sexy and the bouncers that were in our area were the best, they even escorted me to the ladies room unlike some nightclubs that I won't name... All in all they get 5 star plus 1

  • Kali G.

    The worst experience EVER!

    I heard about Haze because a good friend of mine (NBA player) was there last month and had a great time. We arrived at Haze this year Halloween night. We were on a guest list so initially the lines were moving pretty fast. However once we went downstairs there was several other lines. Although we were in the front of the line, promoters etc kept bringing groups ahead of us. We witnessed the bouncers taking $50-$100 to allow groups to skip the line. After being in front of the line for over an hour we left. We were told they were at capacity. We wasted so much time. There were even rude promoters in line with us trying to get to the front. They were SO RUDE! They thought because they "worked" there we should move and allow them to get to the front. Everything from pushing to RUDE comments....and this was from the "promoters" who had their groups of people they were trying to get in. We were treated so much better at the other clubs in Vegas. It was the worst experience at a Vegas club EVER!

  • Ernest T.

    HAZE doesn't treat you right

    Worst experience EVER at a night club. They treat you like crap. I had a group of people with me that pre-purchased tickets for Memorial Day weekend. The party started at 10:30 and we got there at 10:15. They lied and said that they were at capacity and later told us (after 1 1/2 hours of waiting in line) that you had to buy a table and bottle service to get in even if you already purchased a ticket. A gentleman then told that I could not get a refund and call my credit card company and just deal with it. I know that HAZE does not care, but they nor Aria will EVER get another dime of my money.

  • Patrick V.


    I was in this club for 2.5 hours and didnt want to leave, but I had to make it over to Pure. Great music, foam, and money dropping was what sold me as a top 5 for night clubs in Vegas!