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Hyde nightclub las vegas

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Hyde Nightclub Las Vegas

If you think the street side view of the enchanting Fountains of Bellagio was the best place to witness the musical water show, the Bellagio is about to throw a wrench in your thought process. Imagine watching the well performed show in the comfort of plush seating with a most refreshing beverage in hand. This scenario is just the tip of the ice burg with Bellagio's brand new hotspot, Hyde Las Vegas, has to offer.

Club Hyde

Despite the name, Hyde Lounge Las Vegas has no connection to the 1886 publication Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, unless you take the venue's crisp, clean look as an iteration of Mr. Hyde before the transformation. Alas, though, the only transformation this Los Angeles-based club goes through is the change from offering as simple evening cocktail hour venue to breaking open into a sophisticated nightclub. While Hyde Lounge opens its doors at 5 p.m., the dayclub is limited to the Italian-designed Living Room which takes on the feel of a classical villa. For five hours guests can enjoy an exquisite view of the Bellagio's water fountain all the while mingling and enjoying the club's five star drink service.

Hyde Las Vegas
fountain view

At the ten o'clock hour, the rest of the club opens up as an invitation to Sin City's night crawlers. The Grand Salon and Tuscan Garden areas transport Hyde's guests into classical Italy with a mix of living topiary, light colors, and beautiful orchids. Much like with the pre-evening crowd, the nightclub guests will have a most wonderful view of the dancing water fountain, which seems to take on elements of a light show once the sun has gone down.

Once you finally get the willpower to pull yourself away from the gorgeous fountains, you'll finally be able to realize the first rate amenities that await you at Hyde. 40 VIP table setups ensure that guests have plenty of seating to make use of, especially when the club is at its busiest. Like most nightclubs, Hyde is home to a vast array of mixed and bottled beverages. Mixed beverages look more along the lines of concoctions once the expertly trained mixologists add that little touch of smoking-ice to the beverage. As with everything new and exciting, a night at Hyde is sure to drain your energy rather quickly. For a quick pick me up, head next door to Sirio Maccioni's Circo restaurant for a little taste of tapas cuisine.

The party at Hyde ay Bellagio Hotel is fueled by a mixed line-up of DJs and varying live performances. Though the venue takes on an air of sophistication, at its heart Hyde is still a nightclub and the party is what brings people in. At Hyde, though, the party plays off of the club's intimate setting rather than drowning it in flashing lights and pounding music.

Hyde has everything a premier Las Vegas nightclub should with the added benefit of gorgeous scenery and a fresh, crisp look. If there is one place you should be spending your nights partying, it's at the Bellagio's Hyde.

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Dress Code

Trendy nightlife attire is required.


Selection of DJs.


Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas


Sun-Thur: 5:00pm - 4:00am / Tue,Fri and Sat 10:00pm -4:00am.

Line Wait

Up to 1 hour without VIP access.

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  • Lionel D.


    Beautiful Club, The outside area that seems to set inside the fountain is great club feature.