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LAX nightclub las vegas

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LAX Nightclub Las Vegas

Located in the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, LAX Nightclub is all about celebrity sightings and wild nights. A creation of the PURE Management Group, LAX is one of the newest and most successful of all the nightclubs in Las Vegas. Other Pure clubs include Pure, Pussycat Dolls Lounge, Aura, Tangerine, and Coyote Ugly. With such success in other clubs, you can bet the management team knew just how to make this club stand out from the rest.

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You enter the club through gothic gates that lead you to a dark stairwell with blue lights lining the stairs. The club itself is nothing short of swanky. The club offers two levels of dark red, beautiful architecture. The whole area gives you the feeling of a dark, sexy castle that is filled with sex appeal. A huge staircase connects the main and upper levels. The first floor level has plenty of VIP seating and the second floor also offers plenty of VIP spots ranging from tables and lofts to entire rooms for VIP parties with all of your friends.

In the 26,000 square foot nightclub there are at least four bars where you can order one of many signature drinks or plenty of old favorites. Whatever your poison is, LAX is sure to have what you're looking for. There are so many reasons to visit LAX we cannot possibly list them all.

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LAX is funded by several celebrity investors including Christina Aguilera and DJ AM. As you can guess, this means it’s filled with celebrities every night. Britney Spears hosted the opening night events at the LAX nightclub. Nicky Hilton celebrated her birthday there and musicians like Christina and DJ AM are known to do impromptu performances for the huge crowds. Other stars that hang out at LAX include Paris Hilton, Criss Angel, Tommy Lee, Diddy, Too Short, Akon, and the Real World cast.

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Dress Code

Exteremly strict.


Main Stream Hip-Hop.


Luxor Hotel Las Vegas


Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Line Wait

Up to 3 hours without VIP access.

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LAX Nightclub Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 12 reviews
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  • Liz G.

    full of wananbe

    This Place is full of wananbe. Those people who think they are someone. They come to Vegas pretending to be a big shot…….if you have to pay for a VIP YOUR ARE NOT A VIP. All the guys are looking to hook up and most women are will to please them. Music is good but if you like to dance good luck and watch out for wondering hands. This place really does suck. There are better Clubs in Vegas.

  • Gino G.

    7.75 out of 10

    LAX Las Vegas Well 1st...We went when Busta Rhymes was performing (pretty packed night from what I seen). Now Lets start with the drinks... I stuck to my bartender and he served good drinks. Now onto the wack a** bouncers that stand right at the beginning of the stairs...they be clearing a path but with hate way & hating on guys trying to pick up girls in the area I Talked to other bouncers by bathroom and other bottle service areas that were hella cool...but those two at the bottom of the enterance to the stairways, their attitudes REALLY need to change!!!... Now With me been a dj Im a Little more critic with this...the djs were "OK"...but honestly dont deserve to be mixing in a VEGAS club (specially a bigger club)...They were mixing as though it was the old vinyl days(nothign wrong) but...hey boys use your technology...cues...loops..the stuff these programs can do.... PLUS YOU TRAIN WRECKED..big no no..that lost points with me and I left due to this. overrall I give this club a 7.75 out of 10(been highest).. Till today PURE is still my #1(and remind you we had issues @ both times with bottle service but was resolved)

  • Mallory J.

    not much room on the dance floor

    The worst part about LAX is the line. There really isn't one! You could get there hours early and still be let in after groups of people. Once you get in, there is typically not much room on the dance floor. Body to body people and somewhat uncomfortable of an are to be in.

  • Ariel D.

    boring, and gets old quick

    There are much better clubs in Las Vegas than LAX. The club layout is very simple, boring, and gets old quick. This place is full of narrow walkways and there's really no space for anything. Bouncers bounce you around the place since you can barely stop anywhere to take in the environment. I also tried the VIP service there and they were very unprofessional. I argued with a bouncer for half an hour about how I could go in to the VIP area with my group but only the women were allowed to drink. He then said he doesn't really have to let me in to begin with. After much long, drawn out drama he said to have fun and do whatever we want. Everything put together just easily killed the mood. Both of my visits there were terrible. If you want a good club to go to I highly recommend Tao. Don't even bother with LAX nightclub!.

  • R. P.

    IS NOT worth it

    LAX is .. I went on a Saturday when a semi- celebrity was there, and it was ridiculous. The club was so packed that there was no room to even walk, and after finding a place to chill- we were harrassed by sleezy guys who thought we werent dressed skanky enough and just taking up space in the club. All the girls looked like .... This place IS NOT worth it. Go somewhere classy, not this place.

  • Helga W.

    I swear everything is roped off for VIP

    Do not waste your money. If you want to google over celebrities, you will realize that you have no life as you watch everyone around you with their camera phone snapping and wishing to get under the rope and into Paris' arms... it's a pointless endeavor. Why not get your kicks on the slot machines as another folk said? The DJs are rockin, but no one dances because they want to watch celebs. Oh, and if you are a lady decked out and not-VIP, no chance to sit anywhere. I swear everything is roped off for VIP. Dancing, is non-existent and like the Pyramids, a new era will take over this hyped up club. So take a nap and get to Drai's around 2AM. Get your grove on and not be around wannabes!

  • Richard D.

    It really does suck!

    Here is the real low down on LAX. It really does suck! The bouncer doesn't even tell you where the line starts. He also is crooked by trying to get me to bribe him to be put on the VIP list. Once inside the club, drinks are at least $10 and served in a plastic cup. How cheap! There is no couches for non VIP listers. So ladies if your feet are hurting in high heels there are no places for you to sit. The dance area is so small you barely have enough room if your lucky to not get your drink spilt from people bumping into you. Do not pay the $30 cover charge. It is more worth it to sit down at a penny slot machine and get free drinks than go to LAX.

  • Luuann G.

    This club sucks

    This club sucks, I would never go back to this club. Bad bouncer. It's tot worth your money. Don't ever get a VIP table, it is the smallest VIP table ever. The club is not fun at all, and on the looks of the club sucks.

  • Alberto T.

    I am not going ever again

    Sucks, I am not going ever again. You loose mood at the door with bouncers. They all need brain.

  • Tom W.

    this club ruined it

    First trip to Vegas with the guys for a bachelor party this place was OK, except the bouncers wanted to get paid off to get into the bar when the hotel room key cards should have got us in at no charge. We just had to wait forever when people got to the front of the line to hand the bouncers cash. Second trip to Vegas with my GF, this club ruined it. Even though we were on a VIP list as it was my b-day, because I didn't pay off the bouncers $50 I was told that I'd never get in because there were hundreds of people willing to pay off the bouncers to get in. (once again we were staying at Luxor) There's better clubs in Vegas. I'll never spend another penny there and I recommend that you don't either. I probably not stay at Luxor again because of this.

  • T M.

    LAX Las Vegas RACIST!!

    My brother who is African American went to this club with his girlfriend who is Caucasian along with me and my husband! His girl had a few drinks and asked him to take her to the restroom because she had on some really high heels ! He waited for her outside the facility and three white bouncers surrounded my brother asking him who he was waiting for. He told them his girl and they said we will see about that. When she came out they all rushed her asking was she ok because someone told them she was throwing up. Mind you, we were all in VIP that night. She told the bouncer ( short bald headed white guy ) that she was fine. The guy over our section was named Steve and my brother told Steve to verify they were together and that punk azz turned his head!! OMG!! We will never go to this facility EVER!! My brothers date told them she wasnt sick and she didn't throw up . They wanted to take her outside to talk to her. I said hell no!! She ain't going no where!! We told his short azz that we are paying our bill and we are leaving !! If you are interracial, especially a black guy seeing a white woman, please don't go to club KKK!! They will try and lynch your azz!!

  • Nerinda R.

    The worst club ever

    My friend and I are African American females who went to this club for a good time. We were there to dance and let off steam, so yes we were getting wild and having fun. When I went to the bathroom my friend came in and said security was looking for me, and wanted to talk to me. I was very confused by this. I actually thought maybe we one a free VIP table or something. No, security walked me all the way through the club, out of the door, and accused me of being drunk. He siad I seem to be acting strange. I told him I had a few drinks like everyone else at the club, but i'm not drunk. By then I was too upset to ever want to go back. If this happens to anyone of African American decent. Please notify management ASAP. Don't let them get away with it. We have a right to party just like everyone else in Vegas.