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Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan


Marquee Nightclub, from the owners of TAO Group Hospitality, is one of the oldest daylife and nightlife venues in Sin City. Marquee is not just any ordinary nightclub; it is an institution, a legend in its own right that has stood tall against the ever-changing landscape of the night of the Las Vegas Nightclubs scene. While many clubs have come and gone, this Vegas rooftop club has remained a force to be reckoned with, captivating party-goers with its unparalleled energy and unforgettable experiences. The lavish interior and stunning design decked out with sleek and modern design elements instantly set the stage for a night of pure indulgence and excitement. The Cosmopolitan hotel club spans an impressive 60,000 square feet, providing ample space for revelers to dance, mingle, and lose themselves in the pulsating beats of the music.


This Las Vegas nightlife entertainment complex was the first to introduce a "club within a club" concept – meaning different rooms with different vibes inside the same venue. At its grand opening on New Year's Eve 2010, Marquee Las Veges featured three differently-themed rooms, each with its own unique experience: The Boombox Room – a small, box-shaped room that played entirely Top 40 tunes and Hip Hop music; the Library – a smaller, somewhat muted room with a lounge/speakeasy type vibe decked out with beautiful furnishings, a pool table, and a working fireplace, and the main room, which, to this day, continues to be a large, high-energy space that spills out onto a beautiful pool deck overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.


Over the years, the artist roster has changed quite a bit from its early days; however, amidst these changes, a few well-known names have remained synonymous with this Cosmopolitan nightclub. These talented artists have played an integral role in shaping Marquee's identity. While the artist roster may have changed, one thing that hasn't changed is the club's commitment to providing an unparalleled nightlife experience. Marquee nightclub events continue to push boundaries and redefines what it means to party in Las Vegas. The club constantly evolves, never resting on its laurels. It embraces technology, incorporating cutting-edge elements like interactive projection mapping and immersive sound systems. MNC is at the forefront of the nightlife industry setting trends and raising the bar for what can be achieved.

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Marquee Nightclub Bottle Service Layout

MNC is one of the older clubs on the Las Vegas strip, so if you have a large group, keep in mind that the tables are a bit smaller than those of the newer clubs.


Main Room Dance Floor (10 – 12 Guests)


Nothing beats a great dance floor table. The dance floor tables are the best in the club. They have limited seating, but there is a lot of standing room. Compared to most clubs, at MNC, you are really close to the DJ and the center of attention in the main room.

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Main Room Upper Dance Floor (10 – 12 Guests)


The upper dance floor tables are elevated, which provides a fantastic view of the DJ and the club. They have plenty of traffic behind them from the circular walkway, but you have to split the table with another group. Since this EDM nightclub is not a gigantic club, you only get half an upper dance floor table. If you have a larger group, I recommend getting two tables and taking over the entire area. If you are facing the DJ, the tables on the right, as shown as 40 through 43 on the Map, are a bit longer and can accommodate a larger group. The rest of the 40s are a little short.

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Main Room 3rd and 4th Row (8 – 10 Guests)


If a prime table is not in your budget, the back wall tables in the main room are ideal because you still get the main room vibe, a great view of the DJ, and there is plenty of traffic in front along the circular walkway. If you have a larger group, the corner tables, like 80 and 26, are better. Since some of these tables are small, they can only accommodate 4-6 people.

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Salon (8 – 10 Guests)


The salon tables, 10 through 16 on the map, don't offer a good view of the main room. Even though they're elevated, you will pretty much be staring at the long bar. But these tables will work if you don't have the budget for the main room and you have a mixed group.

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Cloud Tables (4 - 6 Guests)


The cloud tables are 71 through 74 on the map. These small sections are a table in front of an extended bench. On busy nights, the area between the cloud bar and the cloud tables is typically crowded. The downfall is that if the outside pool deck is open, this area is empty.

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Pool Deck (8 – 10 Guests)


Back in Marquee Day Club’s glory days, the pool deck was almost always open during nightclub hours, which made it a nice escape from the crowded main room. But since they don't showcase a lot of big talent anymore, the pool deck is usually closed. If it is open on the night you want to go, you can get one of the couches in the middle for a reasonably low minimum. Another excellent option is one of the grand cabanas (pictured), which are elevated and spacious. Even though management does not allow its patrons to go into the private pool at night, you can still hear the music from the main room; you just can't see the DJ. The exception is the Sunday night drenched night swim party.

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Boom Box Room


Boom Box is rarely opened, but when it is, there's not a bad table. This room is a very cool spot with a nice vibe, and it overlooks the Strip. They typically use this room on Wednesday nights, and the DJ spins hip hop and some Latin Club music. Boom Box is ideal for corporate events for up to 100 people.

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The Library


The Library is another room that is rarely open to the public. This charming space is nestled away from the main room. It exudes an air of luxury and could easily be mistaken for someone's exquisite private residence. Management typically uses this room on Wednesday nights for tech house and EDM club music or for corporate events and big spenders looking for private space. I can get you a deal if you want to rent it out.

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Marquee Nightclub Bottle Service Menu for 2024


Every Las Vegas dayclub, nightclub, strip club, and ultra-lounge offers a bottle service menu to customers who desire a more elevated and personalized experience. Menus can vary from venue to venue, as each establishment aims to create a unique and memorable experience for its clientele. Marquee Nightclub's bottle service menu is a curated list of premium bottles of alcohol ranging from popular brands to more exclusive and limited-edition options. The menu is carefully crafted to cater to a broad range of tastes and preferences, ensuring there is something for everyone. It details the different types of spirits available, such as vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, and gin, specifying the various brands, bottle sizes, and pricing.


Bottle service also includes setups, mixers, and garnishes. One of the main advantages of this VIP service is the convenience and personalized experience it offers. Purchasing bottle service grants expedited VIP entry into the club, and instead of waiting in long lines struggling to order drinks at a crowded bar, customers have a dedicated server who prepares and pours drinks tableside. This allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable night out, with the added bonus of having a private space to socialize and unwind. A busser keeps your table clean and stocked, and security keeps your area secure. It is worth noting that bottle service is not solely reserved for the elite or affluent. While it may carry a higher price tag compared to traditional bar service, it is often a more cost-effective option for groups who wish to enjoy a premium clubbing experience without compromising on quality.

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Final Word on Marquee Nightclub from Brian Pfeiffer


We know Marquee is old and a bit outdated, but the party is still a major player in the Vegas club scene, and we continue to give them a ton of bookings because our customers love this place. When they have prominent talent, the place gets slammed; on other nights with mid or low-tier artists, they can struggle a bit and usually don't open all the rooms or the outside. The main room is a great setup, with amazing sound and lighting, and if you can swing an upper dance floor or lower dance floor table on a mid-level talent night, you will be sitting pretty fancy for half of what you would pay at some of the mega-clubs. This venue tries to compete with the big dogs like XS Nightclub, Zouk Nightclub, Drai's Nightclub , Hakkasan Nightclub , LIV Nightclub , Omnia Nightclub, Jewel Nightclub, or TAO Nightclub and does so on nights when they have an artist.


If a wild party and ridiculous bottle prices are not your thing check out the likes of On the Record, Hyde Lounge , Skyfall Lounge, Skybar, Ghostbar, Chandelier Bar, Chéri Rooftop, and Legacy Club. So far, the response from our customers has been positive about the vibe and the venue. We are happy to assist with your bookings or one of our bottle packages.

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Brian Surreal Pfeiffer has over 20 years of club ownership, event production, and VIP hosting experience in Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. He was the former promotions manager of Wet Republic Pool Party and Hakkasan nightclub. With 1000's of parties and adventures, you can count on him and Exploring Las Vegas to make your sin city vacation amazing and memorable.

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