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Marquee nightclub las vegas

Marquee Nightclub

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Marquee Nightclub Las Vegas

Upon its grand opening, the Cosmopolitan hotel and resort became the hottest spot for youthful tourists and locals alike. Its attractive crowd and frequent celebrity guests put it in the Las Vegas spot light, and despite the time thats passed since its doors first opened, it has remained just as popular ever since. While it's hard to pinpoint just one aspect of the hotel that attracts so many people, it is certainly plain to see that its flagship nightclub has had a huge impact.

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On a nightly basis, Marquee is greeted by a massive line of partiers that stretches well beyond just a few feet in front of its inviting entryway. Obviously, the real party happens just atop the elevator that greets the waiting crowd, but it's hard not to get mixed up in a little "meet and greet" with some of the other waiting patrons. The energy at Marquee is so heavy that it bleeds out of the nightclub and works its way through a line of people that, on many other occasions, would be less-then patient.

Once you get inside the popular establishment, though, you find that the little mingle you had in line was nothing compared to what the rest of the night has in store for you. The moment you exit the elevator and step foot into the welcoming exhibit of flailing bodies and catchy music, you'll find yourself facing a bar where you'll instinctively indulge in a rather refreshing fare of mixed alcohols and liquors.

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dance floor

The party at Marquee is far from straight forward. Where some nightclubs have you simply entering their club and streamlining you right to the dance floor, Marquee gives you choices. One choice will lead you to the club's main area where you'll be inundated with the need to hop onto the massive dance floor and dance at the DJs behest. An oversized LED screen flashes an attractive mix of colors and go-go dancers will occasionally catch your eye from an overhead catwalk. While these may seem like minuscule touches, you'll soon find that they only further fuel your need to party.

Your other choices will lead you to a much smaller area known as the Boom Box. You may not experience the same party here as you would in the main room, but this area's darker tones and fancier accents make it a spot worth spending a few moments in. Finally, hidden within the bowels of Marquee, is the nightclub. Since you'll have to travel up a set of stares hidden behind the flashy LED screen in the main room, you'll want to make sure you're not completely tired out. Staying true to its name, the Library is stocked with books; but while you may be a bookworm at home, you'll be too distracted by the billiard table and bar to even care to read.

As with any nightclub, Marquee Las Vegas houses an assortment of booths that flank the dance floor. While they may look like a comfortable place to sit, they aren't there for just anybody. To gain access to one of these luxurious spots, you'll have to spring for a little more then just the club's cover charge. The cost may be slightly higher then what you'd expect, but it is far worth it in the end.

Now that you've experienced a taste of the Las Vegas nightlife, you'll never be able to remove the flavor from your mouth. You'll have the need to keep coming back for more, which is fine since Marquee is just the tip of the Las Vegas nightlife. Head over to Vegas VIP for a taste of what's coming to Marquee.

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Our Rating

rating 4

Dress Code

Exteremly strict.


Hip hop, house.


Cosmopolitan Las Vegas


Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Line Wait

Up to 3 hours

Local Night

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Marquee Nightclub Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 12 reviews
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  • Leigh D.

    I can't wait

    I am a local party girl, TAO has been the best spot for me and my friends, all the hosts and managers that I know who has seen the inside Marquee Las Vegas told me that the venue is like-no-other. Great location, great brand, great club. I can't wait.

  • Rex B.

    Ripped of by host David Evans

    I reserved a table at Marquee with host David Evans and drove 10 hours to the Cosmopolitan from California. He guaranteed the reservation till 12 midnight. We arrived at 11 to find out that he would not honor our reservation as promised. He sold us out for more money. He is a total douche and rip-off artist. Cosmopolitan screwed me over!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

  • Loraine W.

    One of a kind

    I am big Marquee NYC fan, I was very excited about Marquee at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. We had a dance floor table and as you can imagine the party was wild.

  • Nita R.

    We couldn't get in

    We tried everything to get in, they insisted 5K table to get us in, if you have group of guys then forget about this club, you can't get in!

  • Tabatha S.

    Newest Hottest but lack of customer service

    I admit, the club is upscale, modern and everything you need from a top notch club. But they make you wait so long to show off how difficult to get in so that they can charge people fortune for the drinks.

  • James H.

    Too crowded

    If you are any guys, then they want you to PAY to wait in line if you get there early. Where does that money go? then its overpriced and too crowded. If you go eary lon line and no one inside. Puny minds beleive that the longer the line the better club. = Fail

  • Aigul A.

    Its A Must!

    Marquee is one of my favorite clubs in Vegas. Very different layout, very urban, big city style. It is kinda hard to get if you are not a pretty girl. Thanks God, I am))) Make sure to check out "library" lounge on a top floor!

  • D A.

    Don't waste ur time... Marquee is BAD club

    So I was in Las Vegas on Business for ASD show. Marquee has always top Dj's playing there so I assumed it's a great club. ALL WRONG. You can't access the dance floor... rude bouncers at every alley stopping you from going to the dance floor. Then THIS IS VERY BAD. I went to the bathroom to do what normal humans do... While i was in the bathroom I felt like someone jumped and looked over the bathroom wall (checking what i was doing) when i came out i have this Security guy (say his name is Mike (acting like a cop) telling me to follow him and warning not to touch my pockets... Took me to a small room (in between doors) and told me to empty my pockets... since i didnt have any drugs they insisted (they were like 5 of them) where is the drugs... I told them I don't do drugs... they didnt have much to say... so they made a copy of my ID and told me i was banned from the club... Now I heard same stories happened at JET inside Mirage and usually if they find drugs on you they will convince you to pay some money or they will call the cops and I know that what they wanted to do at MARQUEE This Club is the worst club ever... they treat you like cattle inside... and they want to play like no one do drugs in this place... Really... everyone who is awake past 3am do drugs... and without Drugs you will be out of business... Now to Jason Strauss, Noah Tapperberg (and Benny H.) I will make sure I have it all on Video soon. Anyone who had the same happened to him. Please mention it here and we will setup a lawsuit.

  • Dan W.

    I Love Marquee Las Vegas

    Honestly, yes this club is a bit difficult to get into if you don't have a table but go to a club in LA, it's just as hard. This is Vegas and the number one nightclub, what do you guys expect? My friends and I had an amazing time and had the most amazing waitress in Vegas. If you ever go to Vegas request Alicia, she has a full sleeve and is probably the most real and chillest girl ever! Amazing costumer service from her, and the other waitresses that came in to check up on us while she was checking on other table were pretty cool too. I love this club, always has great Dj's. I definitely recommend this club to everyone. If you get in and get to experience it, you will keep wanting to come back! I know I will be back!!! Keep doing you're thing Marquee!

  • Editor P.

    Great location

    Marquee opened in New Year's eve 2010 at new multi-billion dollar hotel Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. Successful nightlife partners TAO group built this nightclub from scratch. After TAO, LAVO nightclubs located at Venetian and Palazzo Marquee Las Vegas is located at the other side of the strip will be the last master piece of the chain.

  • Editor P.

    Top competitors are XS and TAO

    Marquee Las Vegas is the top competitor of XS nightclub, Wynn-Encore clubs were dominating the Las Vegas nightlife market last several years since they became the nightlife and daylife district of Las Vegas. TAO is teaming up with LAVO and Marque will compete against XS, Tryst, and Surrender

  • Editor P.

    24/7 Partying

    Marquee is the second dayclub and nightclub after Surrender which is open 24 hours, Marquee Nightclub is a very strong candidate the be the best club in town. Therefore, you can imagine the hours long lines to get in, you can imagine how high the Marquee bottle service prices will be. Keep in mind, our nightlife hosts are always ready to book your reservation at Club Marquee at Cosmopolitan.