Omnia Nightclub

Omnia Nightclub

Location: Caesars Palace
Hours of Operation: Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday | 10:30 pm – late
Primary Music: EDM Main Room, Hip Hop Heart Room, and Deep House out the Outside Terrace
Vibe Check: Gigantic mega-club with multiple areas and amazing visuals, paired with all-world performing talent.
Rating: 5.0 stars
Notable Headliners: Alesso, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Illenium, Kaskade, and Nghtmre

Omnia Main Room

General View

General View
2nd Tier

2nd Tier

3rd Tier

3rd Tier

Dance Floor

Dance Floor

Omnia Terrace

General View

General View
Strip View Tables

Strip View Tables

Terrace Cabanas

Terrace Cabanas

Second Tier

Second Tier


Every city has its favorite picks for the biggest and best nightclub, and Omnia, hands down, is Las Vegas' hottest nightlife destinations. From the overall vibe and unparalleled Strip views from the breathtaking Terrace to its opulent design and décor, this ultra-club stands as the most extravagant entry into the Las Vegas Nightclub scene. Located at the iconic Caesars Palace, in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, OMNIA Nightclub – formerly known as Pure Nightclub – underwent a $100 million-dollar renovation in 2014 from the world-renowned Rockwell Group and by 2015, it had evolved into one of the world's best clubs.


Omnia is an impressive 75,000 square foot mega-club highlighted by its crown jewel – a one-of-a-kind gigantic 22,000-pound kinetic chandelier that hangs over the main dance floor. When the main DJ starts performing, this eight-ring towering sculpture moves like a UFO, rising and falling to the beat drop while twisting and turning to the bass line. This magnificent, layered centerpiece creation is a modern marvel you need to see to believe.

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Who is Brian Pfeiffer with Exploring Las Vegas?

marquee nightclub

Before I dive in, my name is Brian Pfeiffer, owner of the parent company, Surreal LLC, the holding company of this site. I have worked in Vegas nightlife since 2012 and was the top promoter in Chicago since 2002! I am a licensed independent host by the Nevada Gaming Commission and as a Clark County Professional Promoter. We book 100's of groups each month and have 1000's of 5-star reviews over five large authority websites. Our passion is making your Sin City trip unforgettable, and with our package deals and years of experience, you can count on us to make excellence happen.

Where is Omnia Club located?


OMNIA is located next to the Strip entrance to Caesars Palace. Visible from the street, it is a short walk from the front valet to the club, next to the sportsbook/poker room.

PRO TIP: If you are getting dropped off at Caesars, you can get off at the first entrance instead of getting dropped at the valet (shorter walk).

What days is Omnia open?

Tuesday Doors open at 10:30 pm.
Thursday Doors open at 10:30 pm. (Heart Winters or Terrace Summers Only)
Friday Doors open at 10:30 pm.
Saturday Doors open at 10:30 pm.
Sunday Doors open at 10:30 pm. (Heart Winters or Terrace Summers Only)

Omnia Las Vegas has multiple floors

Omnia is a tri-level luxury venue spanning 75,000 square feet – the Main Club, the Heart of Omnia – the club within the club – and an outdoor terrace that provides unparalleled views of the city and Strip below.

Level One – Main Room and Heart of Omnia
Level Two – Omnia Balcony Level and Terrace Outside


If you and your group want to be pampered with your own real estate inside the club and a dedicated team waiting on you hand-and-foot, book a VIP Table for the ultimate status symbol and the envy of others. Having a reserved table provides you a place to store your belongings, and regroup, chat, and relax between dancing.

Steve Aoki at Omnia and More


You can always expect high-energy courtesy of the spectacular production and incomparable DJ sets. Check out what events are happening on the link below by entering your dates of arrival. Some of the popular residents that call HK home are Nicky Romero, Black Coffee, Illenium, Loud Luxury, Fisher, Party Favor, Tyga, and NGHRMRE, and Kaskade. Tuesdays are the legendary Industry Night, with this venue being the only game in town, it’s lit 🔥. Come to party and enjoy the music. Check out all of the Omnia events!

Check Out The Omnia Events

How much is it to get into Omnia?


General Admission tickets vary from event to event, with bigger headliners like Illenium or Tyga commanding higher price points (anywhere from $20-$50 for female tickets and $30-$100 for male tickets). Keep in mind that prices online are typically not the same as the price at the door; club management will always have the final say on what to charge if you don't buy an Omnia ticket before doors open.


Males $40 - $100+
Females $20 - $50+


Males $30+
Females $20+

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of sorting out entry into the venue on your own, we offer a seamless process and fantastic packages, including hosted VIP entry into the club by one of our VIP Hosts or consider some of our cheap bottle service options.

See Our Cheap Bottle Packages

Omnia Guestlist vs. Presale Tickets: What's better?


Getting on the Guestlist is a FREE SERVICE to sign up for, but here's the catch: You have to get there early. In the case of a marquee headliner where online prices are sky-high, and guests are getting in for free on the Omnia guestlist, you can be sure that the lines to get in on the list will be out the door. In this case, it is always advisable to arrive early before doors open to secure your spot at the head of the line.

Here's what you can expect on the guest list:

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday:

Males – Free Entry before 1 am check-in
Females – Free Entry before 1 am check-in


Males – Free or Discounted Admission (depends on headliner – early arrival recommended)
Females – Free Entry (early arrival recommended)

*Early arrival is required for Saturday events, especially with big headliners. Guestlist details are subject to capacity – if the club hits near capacity with the lines outside still full of people, the club may decide to start charging people early.

Get on The Omnia Guestlist

Suppose you're planning on attending a big event and can't get there early. In that case, you might want to look into purchasing General Admission tickets in advance to avoid paying the inflated price at the door and to guarantee your entry. Pre-purchased tickets automatically guarantee access to the venue; the Guestlist does not!

Get Omnia Tickets

Pro Tip: Club guestlists are geared more toward female patrons. All-female groups typically have a little more leeway in terms of arrival time on big nights, while groups with males in their party might not have the same time luxury. Contact your Exploring Las Vegas host to find out what the best course of action is for your group.

Exploring Las Vegas Insider Tip: Did you know that some nightclubs offer an open bar for ladies? It's true! Check out our complete guide to Las Vegas Open Bar Deals.

What's an Omnia VIP Bar Card?


VIP Bar Cards are pre-loaded gift cards with $100 for you to use at the bar. They are only available online for $100-$125 (depending on the event). Suppose you were thinking of purchasing tickets online and are relatively confident you will spend $100 (or more) at the bar. In that case, you might want to consider purchasing a Bar Card instead. It gives you a free or heavily discounted ticket in exchange for buying $100 worth of beverages in advance. It also grants the Cardholder front-of-line privileges (before midnight) for regular admission.

Get an Omnia VIP Bar Card

Pro Tip: Already bought a Bar Card and want to reserve bottle service? You can use this card toward your beverage minimum as it operates like currency within the Club.

What Does Omnia Bottle Service Cost?


Omnia has several areas within the club that offer different pricing tiers for bottle service:

Main Room Lower Dance Floor/Stage Area - $$$$
Main Room 2nd and 3rd row - $$$
Main Room Mezzanine - $$
Heart of Omnia - $
Terrace - $

Each area has several tables that have varying minimum spends. On a non-peak night, a table in the Heart of Omnia or on the Terrace might start at a $750-$1000 minimum spend but could just as quickly go for $1500 on a busier night. Bottles start at $750 each nowadays!

Pro Tip: Not all locations are created equal. Be sure to view the guide below to see which table is right for you and your party or contact one of our Exploring Las Vegas VIP Hosts for additional recommendations.

Table Service Locations

We offer a table map with table numbers so you can see the different sections within the club.

Pro Tip: While there really are no terrible tables in the venue, below is a list of insights into the different table areas and what to expect.

Dance Floor Tables (15-20 ppl)


As with every club in town, the Dance Floor Tables are prime real estate and can accommodate up to 15. These tables are located directly on the dance floor and provide a good view of the DJ. The minimum spend typically ranges between $6,000-$15,000 depending on the weekend and what's happening in town.

Upper Dance Floor Tables and Behind DJ Tables (15 ppl)


This area pertains to the two larger second-tier tables (24 and 25) located behind the Owner's Tables on the dance floor (Table 15). They can accommodate larger groups than most of the other second-tier tables, and they have the same view of the DJ booth and Chandelier/DJ booth view as the tables in front, which are across the dance floor from the DJ booth or directly behind the DJ.

Main Room 3rd Row Tables (10-12 ppl)


The 3rd-Row Tables are labeled 31-36 on the Map and are solid. Tables 31 and 36 are two of our favorite tables; they are spaced similar to the 2nd-Row Tables and positioned directly in front of the main walkway to enter and leave the table quickly. Table 36 also has one of the main lower-level restrooms behind it, which is very convenient in a Club where its crowded walkways are extremely difficult to maneuver.

Tables 32 through 35 have slightly less space and are positioned underneath the main balcony towards the back of the Main Room. The ceiling takes away from the visceral experience Omnia, and its Chandelier provides. These tables are also situated directly in front of the main bar and entry to the Club. This means that people will be walking by and sometimes standing around your table throughout the night. This lack of privacy is more apparent once the main DJ starts, and people squeeze in as close as possible to get a video recording for their Snapchat or Instagram stories. The have added ropes to behind this area to help contain the crowd.

Large Mezzanine Booths (15 ppl)


The Large Balcony Tables can hold up to 15 people and are located on the balcony in the Main Room. They have an open view of the dance floor, Chandelier, and DJ booth below. The minimum spend is between $3,000 and $5,000 on regular nights but will increase if it's a holiday weekend or a big event in town.

Small Mezzanine Booths (8 ppl)


The small balcony tables are the least expensive option if you want to be in the Main Room. These are a little removed from the action but provide a good view of the DJ and the dance floor. The min is between $2,000 and $4,000, depending on the weekend.

Skybox Tables (20-25 ppl)


There are two huge circular areas on either side of the Main Room's second level, overlooking the dance floor and the DJ booth below. The downside is that they are located somewhat behind the DJ booth area and past the line of sight for the Chandelier, so the view below isn't fantastic, but the upside is that these are an excellent option for large groups of up to 20 people.

Heart of Omnia Owner's Table (10 ppl)


Owner's Table – the Heart of Omnia has its own Owner's Table, just like the Main Room, located in the center of the dance floor. It's slightly larger than a regular dance floor table and is typically priced about $500 more than a regular dance floor table in the Heart.

Heart of Omnia Dance Floor Tables (10 ppl)


The Heart of Omnia is a club within a club, complete with its own headlining Hip Hop DJ and dance floor. The dance floor tables in this area are the best and highest-priced tables in this section and are ideal for groups who want to be in the action.

Heart of Omnia 2 Row Tables (10 ppl)


The 2nd tier tables in the Heart of Omnia Room are located behind the Dance Floor Tables. Because they are elevated, they have a good view of the DJ and action. You can typically get these tables for a $1,000-$2,000 minimum spend on non-holiday nights/weekends.

Terrace Cabanas (10 ppl)


The cabanas are beautiful, large, and provide plenty of space and seating and accommodate up to 10 people. They line the back wall of the Terrace's raised platform and have a good view of the Strip.

Terrace Center Tables (8-12 ppl)


There are large tables located in the center of the Terrace near the dance floor. A couple of the center sections are larger and can hold up to 12-15 ppl and usually command a podium time to secure.

Terrace Strip View Tables (6 ppl)


Located against the edges of the Rooftop, the Strip View Tables fit 6 people max and are tables with a view of the Strip and serve as the club's entry-level table locations.  

What exactly is table/bottle service?


By definition, bottle service means that the customer purchases their alcohol by the bottle and not individual drinks at the bar. In Vegas, this equates to paying a premium price for bottles but includes a table inside the club, a personal server for your section, and VIP entry into the venue. Basic mixers are also complimentary with any table reservation – assorted juices and soda and garnishes like lemons and limes. Essentially you agree to spend a certain amount of dollars to rent the space for the night. Some sections might require a tip or podium “handshake” to get certain tables.

What is a "minimum"? Do I have to pay for a table separately from bottles?


Vegas nightclubs often operate on a minimum spend requirement (or "min," for short) system for their table reservations. The customer must either reach or exceed the amount set for their minimum spend. While the table is not charged separately, the better the location, the higher the minimum spend requirement. To reach this minimum requirement, the customer can order anything from the beverage menu (bottled alcohol, cases of beer, bottled water, Red Bulls, etc., all count toward your minimum requirement).

Group size could also be a factor in raising your minimum spend. The larger your group, the more accommodations the venue has to make to provide the same VIP experience to its customers. For example, a party of 15-20 people will require a larger space than the typical customer and require more staff service; thus, their minimum would be much higher than a customer coming in with five people.

Is bottle service worth it?


Absolutely and without a doubt! It is the ultimate clubbing experience. While venturing onto the dance floor and exploring the venue are memorable experiences on their own, nothing is quite like being able to return to your own area, away from the crowd, and enjoy the artists' stunning performances. If your budget allows for it, I highly suggest booking Bottle Service. If you are a group of guys trying to pull girls or vice versa, tables are the 🔑 to help that process.

How many bottles do you get with bottle service?


Truthfully, as many as you can fit into your minimum. Bottle prices start at $750 and vary in price depending on whether you want a specific type of alcohol or a larger bottle. For example, suppose you have a $2,000 minimum and don't want to go over the minimum. In that case, you could theoretically get about two bottles (assuming you order the $750 ones) and fill the remaining minimum with small orders of beer/bottled water/Red Bulls/etc. Let your host know in advance, and we will coordinate with your server depending on your preference!

What is the tip for bottle service?

What you actually want to know is, "How much does bottle service really cost after fees?" Assuming you have a $2500 minimum booked (and don't go over that total), here's how the final bill would break down:

$2500 (Min Spend)
$209.38 (Nevada sales tax is 8.375%)
$265.75 (10.63% venue tax)
$500 (20% tip to the server)
$0 (Podium Handshake for Specific Table)
Total: $3475.13

Connect with a VIP Host

How do I make a reservation, and can I choose my section?


We make reservations simple - fill out a form, and one of our VIP Hosts will be in touch shortly to go over your options. The club's management determines where to seat each confirmed table reservation. We call this " plotting the room ". Once again, the higher your minimum, the better the location. We can request and promise specific table locations based on customer requests and podium tips. We call podium tips “Handshakes” in Sin City. Here's a couple of things that can help us deliver on our promises:

  • Arrive on time! We can secure your preferred table, but we cannot ask the venue to hold it the entire night, waiting for you to show up.
  • Agree to the recommended minimum for your preferred location. If you want a dance floor table, we can make that happen, provided you agree to the required minimum spend it takes to book it.
  • Plan on tipping for a specific table

How do I get my guests in if they arrive late?


Ideally, you want to have the whole group together when you walk to your table. However, we understand that sometimes party life(or at least sin city party life) gets in the way. Suppose your table has already entered and is sitting; in that case, the person joining you can go up to the host standing at the table reservation line and give your table number plus the name the table is booked under (you can find out your table number by asking your server or security staff if you are unsure).

How do I order a bottle presentation?


You must have a significant reservation booked (usually around $2000 or more) and purchase a bottle of champagne to qualify for the presentation. Let your VIP Host know, and one of us will be happy to communicate this request to your server.

I've heard of a Girl Guy Host. What is that?


Let's say you are a group of guys who want to buy bottle service. A girl guy's (at Omnia, they are called VIP Liaisons) job is to approach your table and ask if you would like him to round up some girls to help fill out your table…for a tip (we call that "handshakes" in the industry). He then does the legwork of recruiting girls around the venue to introduce them to your table. The girls are happy they get to join a table, your group is happy that there are girls at your table, and the girl guy walks away happy with a handshake. Everybody wins!

But before you employ any venue's girl guy, be sure to ask your Exploring Las Vegas VIP Host (like me) first. We will have plenty of female guests in town on any given weekend and will most likely know a few at this particular venue that we can invite to your table. If your group and the girls don't mesh for whatever reason, we can always ask the girl guy to try their hand at it.

We also offer atmosphere models for a group of guys who just want some pretty Vegas party girls to hang out with at the table and keep them entertained. A good rule of thumb is a $100 an hour per girl for a 3-hour minimum.

How much are drinks at Omnia Las Vegas?


Beers are around $10-12 and mixed drinks are $15+ depending on your preference. If your group is likely to spend over $100 each on drinks at the bar, you should consider purchasing bottle service.

Vegas Bachelor Party Packages


So, you're getting married! Weddings are great, but everyone knows the real fun starts before the wedding at the bachelor party, and Las Vegas bachelor parties are legendary with a Package! There's nothing quite like showing out at a nightclub in Sin City with your boys for your final days of freedom. If you want the ultimate club experience, bottle service is the way to go. You will need your own space to invite girls back to hang out! Or better yet, hire some of our "atmosphere models.” We also have bundling opportunities to add to your celebration – dinner and open bar deals, limo services, or a visit to an infamous Las Vegas Stripclub.

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Whether you're planning your bachelorette party for a single day or evening, or an entire weekend of activities, we've got you covered. We can help you arrange an outing at a popular pool party or nightclub with bundling options that can include brunch or dinner deal options, open bar packages, a famous Vegas male strip club or a hunky male revue.

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Why should I book with Exploring Vegas?


We are a licensed Independent Host Company that works with all the top venues in the city, and we have a fantastic customer track record. The difference between hosts employed by the clubs and Independent Hosts is that we do not work for the clubs; we work for you; the customer. We offer ultra-reliable service, insider information, and always the best price. We can offer better deals and get better table locations than merely making a reservation online.


We work strictly with the management at all the venues in Las Vegas, and we are well-respected in town. We will give you exact instructions, host your entry, and are available for any questions 24/7 via our website, messenger, call, text, or email.


And lastly, we offer more than nightlife and pool party events, from helping you book your hotel room and bachelor and bachelorette parties/activities to booking limo services. Exploring Las Vegas gives our customers the full Vegas VIP experience. Check out some of our other guides below to get the most out of your Vegas trip!

Find Your Next Dinner Spot Vegas Show Guide Book Your Next Vegas Tour


What is the Omnia Dress Code?


The dress code is typical of most Vegas nightclubs – upscale, dress-to-impress. You don't necessarily have to wear a collared shirt or suit and tie but make sure you are not wearing anything too casual. Men cannot wear shorts, and athletic sneakers are typically denied at the door (Jordan's s/Nikes, Timberland boots, etc.). For more info about dress codes in Vegas, be sure to check out our comprehensive Dress Code Guide.

Vegas Dress Code Guide

Wet Republic and Other Tao Group Venues


Complete the MGM experience by booking with Omnia’s sister pool party venue, Wet Republic Ultra Pool. The newly-renovated pool party has been a staple to Las Vegas partygoers' schedules for years as one of the City's best dayclubs. The Tao Group has taken over half the Sin City clubs and now has Marquee Nightclub, Tao Nightclub, Jewel Nightclub, Hakkasan. For pools, they have Tao Beach, Liquid Pool Lounge, and Marquee Day Club as well.

Tao Group Security


Before entry, all guests are required to turn out their pockets (for ladies, they will look in your purse), submit to a metal detector test, and make sure everyone entering is not bringing in anything dangerous. It's equivalent to going through the TSA line at the airport. This applies to all guests, whether you are going in with a table or General Admission.

Pro Tip: If you purchased a table and some unwanted people wander in by accident, it is always best to have the security staff ask them to leave instead of doing it yourself to avoid potential altercations. If there is a confrontation between guests, both parties may likely be asked to leave. Security has the final say on such matters.

Las Vegas Security Guide

What can't I bring into the venue?

Here are some things that you will be either asked to throw away or go back to your room to deposit before coming back:

  • Vapes – while weed dispensaries are extremely popular and vaping is in vogue, most venues will not allow vapes inside their premises. They will ask you to leave it in your room or, at the very least, throw away the cartridge inside, even if it isn't a CBD cartridge.
  • Camera equipment – the only recording equipment you are allowed to bring in is the one on your phone. Digital cameras, selfie sticks, et al. are not allowed into the venue.
  • Outside Food/Beverages
  • Prescription medication (or anything resembling pills) – if you need a specific type of prescription medication while you are inside the venue, you will have to bring the prescription and explain what the medicine is for; otherwise, expect to get pulled to the side.
  • Packs of gum – this typically only applies to day clubs, which tend to be a lot stricter about checking everything that goes into the venue. Still, guests have been known to try and sneak drugs inside packs of gum to get them into the venue, so expect to have your gum taken away at the door.
  • Oversized bags – anything larger than a lady’s clutch will be denied into the venue. This applies to most backpacks, gym bags, totes, etc. While most hotels can hold onto your luggage at the bell desk

Let's look ahead. What's happening on New Year's Eve 2023?


You can count on one of the big hitters from the Tao Group to grace the decks at HK for NYE. Maybe Kaskade, Illenium, Steve Aoki? We are not 100% sure who it will be, but you can count on some over-inflated prices and a sell-out that is 💯percent.

Exploring Las Vegas Final Word


If you're looking for a city that is the epitome of fun, there is no better place on the planet than Las Vegas, especially when it comes to nightlife. Clubbing is an integral part of our culture; people go to clubs to dance, drink, relax, listen to music, and socialize. One of the best clubbing experiences in Sin City is Omnia. This one-of-a-kind luxurious nightclub was voted "Best Visual Extravaganza," which is no surprise when you see its high-tech interior, opulent décor, and a breathtaking view of the neon-lit Las Vegas Strip from the outdoor Terrace. It showcases an unprecedented line-up of world-renowned DJs, provides guests with first-class service, a massive dance floor, tons of space, and an innovative sound system. You can't ask for more than that from a Las Vegas nightclub.

We book this venue more than any other club in Sin City. The three unique rooms offer something for everyone, and the party never lets you down. Some other comparable venues are Zouk Nightclub and XS nightclub but nothing beats to this place!

Bundle Your Weekend and Let Us Do the Planning!

We're here for more than just booking your strip club experience; we're here to make your whole weekend.

Check out our awesome packages below to see what's right for you or reach out directly to contact one of our VIP hosts!


Are you still confused? No problem!

Navigating Vegas nightlife is often very confusing, whether you are an experienced partygoer or coming to Vegas for the first time. That's what we're here for – to help guide you through what should be some of the most memorable days and nights of your life.

Hope to see you soon!

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Brian Surreal Pfeiffer has over 20 years of club ownership, event production, and VIP hosting experience in Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. He was the former promotions manager of Wet Republic Pool Party and Hakkasan nightclub. With 1000's of parties and adventures, you can count on him and Exploring Las Vegas to make your sin city vacation amazing and memorable.

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