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Pure nightclub las vegas

Pure Nightclub Las Vegas

Club Pure is located inside Caesars Palace, Pure is a nightclub that is all about sophistication. Split into three separate environments, each section has its own DJ and sound system. DJ A.M. and DJ Hollywood can be found in two of the environments and a sound system fills the third area with music. There is plenty of seating options available although it is recommended that you make reservations to ensure you get the best spot in the house. VIP seating not only gets you to the front of the line it will give you the best seats and the finest service available.

Club Pure
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Pure is home to numerous celebrities that are often found in the VIP area. The VIP area is a raised area away from the other areas. Known as the Red Room, the VIP area is secluded from the main club. Many consider the VIP room to be a separate club with its own restrooms and a separate bar. Decorated in champagne and red this room is rich and seductive. Additionally, the style of booths in the VIP area adds even more privacy with their cocoon shape.

Pure Las Vegas
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If you want some air you can head up the staircase and to the Terrace. At 14,000 square feet there is plenty of room to move and enjoy the outdoor air. Out on the terrace you will see some of the most breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip. In addition to the most beautiful view in town, the terrace also offers an oval dance floor, a bar with some fantastic drinks, and private cabanas for special guests. Pure is all about partying with the hottest celebrities you might ever meet. This club is definitely not for the faint of heart. If you want to have a great time with loud music, good drinks, and interesting people than Pure is definitely the right place for you.

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Our Rating

rating 4

Dress Code

Exteremly strict.




Main Stream Hip-Hop, Progressive House.


Caesars Palace Las Vegas


Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Line Wait

Up to 3 hours without VIP entrance. Even VIP guests have to wait upto 20 minutes at the weekends.

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Pure Nightclub Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 10 reviews
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  • Leigh D.

    I don't really recommend Pure

    I don't really recommend Pure unless you are going on a Tuesday night, which is their industry night. There are just so many better options on a weekend.

  • Perry C.

    FABULOUS time

    I was just there Sunday with 7 other friends from Australia, Jamaica, Canada and myself a Latina from Mexico and raised in the beautiful U.S. of A. Most of us are not a size 6 but a sexy 10, and we sat at the VIP patio lounge and must say we had a "FABULOUS" time! I think that anyone who wants to go there must just be dressed sexy with class not trashy. We received excellent service by all and were treated like the sexy queens that we all are. If you like to party and have fun GO TO PURE. Be sure to be there early. Salud!

  • Rocio D.

    One must be pretty

    Calling ahead of time and ask to be put on the guest won't work for guys unless you show up with a 2/1 ratio and pass the door man a large bill, maybe. Do not try to get in if you are wearing anything from Target, Old Navy or shoes that were not killed first. If you are over a size 6, also don't bother. Visable tatoos, cheap hair cuts, fake tans, flat chests, or unibrows need not apply. One must be pretty. If you are a guy, you'll love it because there are women everywhere. As a women, be sure you are hotter than anyone else you see waiting in line if you want someone to buy your drinks all night. So, yeah, call if you're pretty enough and enjoy the haters as you breezy past the poor and ugly people and sail in like a rock star. Oh, and if you really want to dance? Don't bother, go to Rain at the Palms

  • Gino G.

    Both time had issues

    Been here twice..Both time had issues with bottle service but was resolved...1st time...the guy try to jipped use 50 bucks as a holding fee..... But was quickly resolved...next time.. called for bottle service and the guy was short and rude...So we got to helped out by the second to highest guy who runs the show...very nice guy. I wish I remember his name.....this club/music selection is great...just with they had more powerful air condition..but thats what the out door bottle service is for lol..thanks guys 10 out of 10.

  • Charles

    Been here 3 times

    Been here 3 times. first time without bottle service. it was fun. but the after getting bottle service in the pussycat dolls lounge and another time in the white room. most fun me and my 11 friends have ever had. the bill was near $3000 but very worth it. haha

  • Helen B.

    best place to celebrate

    PURE was the best place to celebrate my 40th birthday with my beautiful sisters. We reserved a table on the Terrace, which was SO worth it. We had a view of the strip, excellent security and wait staff. They catered to our every need. The only thing is that tables are over-booked so get there abit before 10:30 p.m. and look hott!!

  • Shante T.

    Okay music not seating

    Okay music not seating if ur not VIP only good thing is the line moved pretty quickly for a friday night

  • Mara G.

    I was for my firts time on saturday night 07/02 with some local friends i'm from ca, and i had too much fun the DJ play a great music was super cool...PURE is a great place to dance, have some cocktails...Salud!!!

  • M M.

    This place needs to be closed and rebuild

  • John M.

    Pure Poor

    How to describe pure night club, Angel Management Group and their partnership with Caesars casino Las Vegas.... False promises by booking staff, surley attitudes by bar and serving staff, aggressive security staff, poor and cheap decor, R.E fauxe crocodile skin white plastic sofas, covered in drink by anyone on the dance floor, cheap MDF walls and structures hiding behind chenille material, does not make a nightclub "designer" or "trendy" Thrown out by security staff for questioning their motives, dismissed by both operations and club management. When you try to reasonably complain about their actions. Inimidated by Caesars duty management and security personnel when you take your complaint to the front desk. Poor customer service, poor management skills, poor complaints procedure, poor nightclub venue, poor value for money ($500 + for a bottle of Vodka!! Come on, really) poor security staff... Should I continue? I'm sure I will but I would welcome a reasonable and un aggressive response from either Caesars or AMG. Although that may be my problem right there!? This may be interpreted as unreasonable or confrontational by either party, although all I am doing is giving an oppinion on an extremely unpleasant experience from start to finish. Avoid this club at all expense. Which will be undoubtably cheaper than payin the door entry fee to be abused ripped off then untimely expelled. Happy Thanksgiving to Caesars and AMG!