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Rain nightclub las vegas

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Rain Nightclub Las Vegas

Rain Nightclub Las Vegas is a special club located at Palms Hotel that is only open Friday and Saturday evening. This awesome hot spot is an after hours club so once you've been out partying somewhere else, you can head to Rain to finish off your evening in style. The club is open from 11 PM to the early morning hours so you can expect a great time in this busy nightclub. The resident DJ, R.O.B is available both nights to offer some of the hottest old school, dance, and house music you have ever heard.

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You should be aware that Rain Las Vegas does have a dress code that is adhered to and is strictly enforced. The code requires stylish clothing to be worn. This means baseball hats, tank tops, and cut-off anything is not allowed. Additionally, tennis shoes and baggy clothing are prohibited.

Rain Las Vegas
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Club Rain is all about the VIP lifestyle. While the club can accommodate 1,800 people it is highly recommended that you reserve your spot otherwise you might not get in. To make it easier on travelers, reservations are able to be booked a month in advance. If you are travelling VIP you can book a private party for up to 1,500 people or you could rent out a Skybox for a smaller more intimate gathering of up to 15 people. Water booths are another option that holds up to eight guests. Of course, you can also just reserve a table or a cabana if you prefer

Rain offers you a taste of the future with a design that is out of this world. The lighting system casts a rainbow of color down on the people in the club. This adds a unique feel to the dance floor and gives the people in the members only cabanas something to look at, as the cabanas have one-sided windows facing the dance floor so the people in the cabanas can look in, but the people on the dance floor are unable to see into the cabanas.

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rating 3

Dress Code

Somewhat strict.




Palms Hotel Las Vegas


Fri, Sat.

Line Wait

Up to 2 hours at weekends.

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  • Elizabeth .

    Did not disappoint

    I had been dying to come here for the longest time, and let me tell you. When I finally made it here, it did not disappoint. I always have the BEST time here. Everyone here is polite and the music is great. Best part of it was the VIP up by the DJ. Couldn't have asked for a better time.

  • Kendra

    Okay music not seating

    By far the best dancing in Las Vegas. Old, fun 80's tunes mix into modern hip hop. Icey fog falls from the shy and cools the sweaty, sexy dance floor and then fire balls shoot down upon you just feet over your head and the floor goes crazy. Pay off the door man if you are a man and be sure to bring a 2/1 ratio of women with you. You can always pull cutties out of line that will be very grateful. If you are a girl, bring the idea up to some boys that don't know how the scene works. If you position yourself near the staircase at the back near the restrooms, be sure to look for guys in wristbands. You can easily get pulled upstairs into a vip booth where they have paid for bottle servce. This will ensure that you don't spend $150.00 on the overpriced drinks you will need to keep up with the dancing. Dress sexy. Better odds of getting upstairs. If you get into the downstairs VIP cabana, you won!