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Tao nightclub las vegas

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Tao Nightclub Las Vegas

Tao Nightclub Las Vegas is a highly sophisticated nightclub that is located inside the Venetian. Catering to the upscale crowd there is a dress code that is strictly enforced. People will do best arriving in business style attire. If anyone arrives wearing tennis shoes, jeans, tank tops, or shorts they will not be allowed inside the club.

Club Tao

When it comes to music, some of the best DJs in Las Vegas spin their records at Tao. On Wednesday nights OB-1 plays the lounge. On Fridays DJ Reach is in control of the nightclub and on Saturday DJ Vice takes over. While the DJ might be different some nights the style of music generally stays the same. At Tao you will hear hip hop, R&B, and house music.

Tao Las Vegas
dance floor

Tao Night Club is named after a New York nightclub that carries the same name. This amazing club blends a perfect mixture of Oriental design with a taste of New York City. Unique d├ęcor abounds including rock gardens, candles, and statues. Of course, the most amazing thing at Club Tao is located in the main nightclub. Inside the nightclub there is a huge golden tub filled with water and flowers. Here you will find two practically naked women, bathing in the tub. It is definitely one of the most artistic and unique things to see. Tao Las Vegas also includes banquet facilities and a restaurant in addition to the nightclub and lounge.

Upstairs you can see some of the hottest celebrities in film and music. Tao is definitely the place to be if you are on the A-list in Hollywood. The general public and VIP guests are allowed upstairs along with the celebrities so you never know who or what you might see.

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Our Rating

rating 3

Dress Code

Exteremly strict.


Main Stream Hip-Hop, Progressive House.


Venetian Hotel Las Vegas


Thu, Fri, Sat.

Line Wait

Up to 3 hours without VIP access.

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  • Elizabeth


    I absolutely love love LOVE Tao! It is one of the best clubs I have ever been to! It does tend to get a bit crowded, but I always have a good time. However, I have not done much roaming, only been at a table.

  • Kendra

    It's great for relaxing

    Beautiful girls sit in mile baths and smile sweetly as you spend your winnings on perfectly blended cocktails. The croud is mid to late twenties, or at least seem higher educated that the Frat boys you will find at Pure. The long line is a turn off, but just find some man outside that does not want to wait in line and tell him that you and your girlfriends will "date" him in if he pays off the rope boy. 4 girls, 2 suckers with lots of cash... the cover would come to $150.00 anyway, And depending on the night, you'll get waived in or he'll want the cover to pocket himself. Each room folds into another and it's easy to escape any creepy people that may follow you around. It's great for relaxing and the dance floor is smokin' hot!

  • Nina C.

    If you would even consider it a club

    If you would even consider it a club. It's more like a riot! After standing in a long line, paying $50 to get in and getting treated like cattle by the security guards, I finally got inside the club and was immediately rushed up 6 flights of stairs by more security guards [all the while passing "blocked off zones of the club". Once I reached my destination, I found myself cramped on the roof top of the hotel with a bunch of drunk college skanks and 40 year old men. there was no seating available, all seats had to be reserved prior to entering the club and the cost for a seat starts at $100 and up! ridiculous! I really tried to have a good time so I decided to get myself and my boyfriend a drink. I asked the bartender for a sex on the beach and a corona and he says they dont make sex on the beaches! are you kidding me!? so he tells me to pick another drink. I order a midori sour and I swear I was drinking a cup of melted gumi bear! disgusting! not to mention they dont give you any glass, so the corona came in a can, bringing us to a grand total of $21 for 2 drinks. once we payed the bartender, a security guard came over to us and yelled at us to move off the walk way, then kept repeating himself as if I was retarded. the place was packed! how does he expect my tiny self to move anywhere with over 1000 crowded around me!? I am NEVER coming back to this place EVERRR!

  • M M.

    This club went from being one of the nicest to ghetto. Sad ...

  • Sam O.


    If you even remotely respect Buddhism do not go to this club, not only did i think the place was an overcrowded death trap but I was offended by the use of all the beautiful Bhudda statues that to me promote peace, tranquility and all things serene. It is the least most Zen place on this planet.