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The Bank nightclub las vegas

The Bank Nightclub

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The Bank Nightclub Las Vegas

Sometimes you can step inside a hotel and know there is something exciting about it hidden somewhere. The Bellagio, amidst its blatant sophistication, is such a place. The seasonal display of the Botanical Gardens is just the tip of the iceberg of what The Bellagio has to offer.

Club The Bank
dance floor

Deep within this luxurious resort is a space designed by Sin City's most prolific nightclub management companies - the Light Group. Known simply as The Bank, this nightclub will make you feel like you've stepped inside a vault of entertainment and lights.

The Bank is decorated in a slew of impressive and awe worthy lighting displays, a staple of The Light Group. Things sparkle out of the corner of your eye and draw your attention, eventually, to every inch of the stunningly gorgeous room. As with any club, the dance floor is the focal point. Separating itself from other club's, though, The Bank has a raised dance floor that looks like a glass display you would normally avoid touching.

Even more attractive than the gorgeous display of lighting and glass is the world class entertainment. There's this attractive dancing space, but somebody has to draw the crowd there. For that, the Light Group turned to DJ Karma. With every pound of the bass, Karma attracts a massive crowd to congregate around the club's centerpiece.

The Bank Las Vegas
bar counter

To get a true taste of the action The Bank has, you will want to shell out the extra dough for a VIP table. With your VIP table reservations comes the VIP experience. Skip the large wait outside the main door and gain immediate access to one of Sin City's most popular establishments. A VIP host will escort you through the elegantly decorated space to your own private VIP table. Rounding off the experience, your table will be treated to a bottle of the club's premium liquor.

To partake in The Bank's VIP access and high energy entertainment, call Exploring Las Vegas today. We'll build you a nightlife package that includes the perfect after-hours entertainment and transportation to and from The Bank

Don't miss out on partying at Bellagio's smoking hot nightclub and finding out what exactly you can expect from a bank filed with entertainment.

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Our Rating

rating 4

Dress Code

Exteremly strict.


Main Stream Hip-Hop, Progressive House.


Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas


Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Line Wait

Up to 3 hours without VIP access.

Local Night

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  • Mario H.

    I do recommend this club

    I went the Light before it became The Bank. Keep in mind it costs 50 bucks to get in pretty much any night. I do recommend this club if you have passes or you want to hang out with the well dressed. Yes the bouncers want a 1 to 1 ratio meaning one girl to one guy. I recommend to have some drinks before you come here because it can take a long time to get drinks. You don't have to get a bottle to fit in here. If you don't go here there are plently of clubs to go too. This is more of a group club to chill and again the dance floor is small so its better to dance at LAX or Moon.

  • Jeff R.

    host there are rude

    Ok, the bank never been in it i have been to the light when it was there my review on the bank is that the host there are rude its not like the club is big and all special to say i wanted to get in to check it out on a local night the charge was 50 dollars i said what i'm with 5 sexy ladies that's more the 3 to 1 ratio so i said fine i toke my ladies to tryst no waiting in line no hassle i say its good to know your host.

  • Grant M.


    Ladies and Gentleman i was here on a thursday night and WOW !! Mo and some frieds and I bought a VIP booth all the drink u can handle sexy women etc..THIS CLUB KNOWS HOW TO DO IT....they DO NOT mess around...for example on thursday night dance floor is FILLED with people HAVING A GOOD TIME..then the DJ puts on the MICHAEL JACKSON and boys and girls this place went CRAZY...LIKE LITERALY CRAZY it was so awesome ill never ever forget it i know when i wanna go to a good club and be taken care of the bank is first on my list SERIOUSLY !!! GO CHECK IT OUT .