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Tryst nightclub las vegas

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Tryst Nightclub Las Vegas

A marble staircase will lead you into the Tryst nightclub. Located in the Wynn Las Vegas, this nightclub offers you a unique experience unlike any other. Before you enter the main club you will enter the lounge. The Tryst lounge offers a DJ booth, numerous tables and couches, and the unique framed mirror-covered walls. As you head into the club the environment completely changes. Inside the nightclub there is a 94 foot waterfall that is not only the center of the nightclub, but it also extends beyond the private oasis.

Club Tryst
pool area

Dark and elegant, Tryst nightclub is a mix of red and dark chocolate tones. Many of the booths are made of Alligator skin and there are tables made of the finest marble. Velvet is also a common fixture from the walls of the hallway to the draperies. The most popular spot in the club is the dark tiled dance floor. Despite being located in the center of the club, the dance floor is large enough to extend to the outdoor patio.

Tryst Las Vegas

Outside of the Tryst Las Vegas, the lagoon and the small dance floor are the centerpieces that line the area. There is plenty of seating surrounding the lagoon. There is also plenty of exclusive seating and beds that are available for VIP visitors. This special seating can be found surrounding the waterfall. VIP visitors can also make use of the private Champagne room. This great room is draped in red velvet and even includes a stage with a stripper pole for stage dancing.

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Our Rating

rating 4

Dress Code

Very strict.


Main Stream Hip-Hop.


Wynn Hotel Las Vegas


Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Line Wait

Up to 3 hours without VIP access.

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Tryst Nightclub Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 6 reviews
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  • Mario H.

    Tryst is a nice place

    Tryst is a nice place, like the previous reviews say, doing bottle service was the way to go. I had VIP passes to this club and I was trying to get rid of them and then some group said they would take them but then changed there minds and got bottle service. I joined them and got drunk on Grey Goose. I proceed to the dance floor and tore up my pants in the back and it was dark in there that no on saw this big hole in my pants. The crowd is blah and dance floor is nice. If your going to go to super nice club then go to XS but XS is out in the open which probably won't be good to go to during the winter.

  • Megan S.

    $5 bottles of water and a snobby staff

    Tryst Las Vegas - If you like $5 bottles of water and a snobby staff, Wynn is the place for you. I actually got kicked out of the nightclub Tryst because my friends and I decided not to tip the waitress. We bought bottle service for $700 and saw the waitress one time - when she brought the bottle. The busboy poured all of our drinks and made sure we had the proper mixers, so we tipped him throughout the night. The bill came and we charged it. When we signed the receipt we wrote $0 in the tip line. The waitress was pissed and she had the bouncers throw us out of the club. This place is ridiculous! Don't bother.

  • Jeff R.

    Okay music not seating

    After reading the comment for them it's sad to say your in Vegas you know when you get bottle service you have to tip no matter what the cocktail server is there to make sure your having fun not getting your mixers and glass but any ways Tryst is a very nice and sexy place to party as for me the staff is great the host are great to me as well the club I have fun there every time i go its a smaller then xs but you get the idea with out drais there would be no tryst or XS today what can I say there doing something right in vegas for the new and better Las Vegas.

  • Robert G.

    exceeded all expectations

    Just spent my 30th birthday at Tryst last weekend and it exceeded all expectations. Definitely recommend getting bottle service and using a VIP service. It's worth every penny. Beautiful club, beautiful people, great atmosphere, huge waterfall, beautiful staff, excellent bottle service. A night I'll never forget!!.

  • Jane U.

    Waterfall at Tryst is amazing

    I spend most of my time by watching the fabulous waterfall, you can get a table facing to the dream pool of Wynn to chill out.

  • Julie .

    Staff lies and can't seem to get on the same page!

    I went with my boyfriend and his guy friend to tryst to see jermaine dupri. We went to the Wynn earlier in the day to check pricing and find out what we had to do to get in. The concierge told us it was $35 for men $25 for ladies. We could order tickets online or at the door but to be there at 9:30 because doors open at 10:30. We got there at 9:45 and there was a man standing at the entrance. There was no one in line yet so he told us to come back around 10:00 or 10:15 so we came back at 10:15 and there was a long line. We stood in line waiting a long time and as we stood we heard and saw people who were on the guest list waking by us going in and out, some appeared upset because they were apparently being charged $50 for men and $35 for women. So I asked an employee how much it was as he walked by.. He told me $35for men $25 for female. So we decided to stay in line. As we got to the front and were about to be let downstairs I asked that guy(a diff one then before) he said it was $50 for men $35 for female. I asked him why people are saying diff prices and he ignored my question. The people in front of us were saying the same thing and questioning the guy on proving and he was very rude to them as well. Needless to say after waiting all that time right when it was our turn to go in we decided we werent paying $50 and had we known they were gonna jack up the price we wouldn't have even bothered going there to begin with. We left and thanks to Tryst we lost interest in going anywhere since it was already late by that time so we didn't get to have a fun night of dancing!