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Vanity nightclub las vegas

Vanity Nightclub

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Vanity Nightclub Las Vegas

Legendary Hard Rock Casino is the best hotel in Sin City when it comes down to Rock'n Roll. However Hard Rock was very successful with the nightlife scene.

Club Vanity

It has all started with Babies nightclub and Body English is another success story but now it is time to come up with a better and bigger nightclub. Hard Rock is getting ready to open up Vanity Nightclub before the NYE.

Vanity Nightclub is using high end audio and electronic equipments to impress clubbers and keep the hours long lines outside the velvet doors.

Vanity Las Vegas
dance floor

The 14,000 sf nightclub features two marble bars, intimate VIP booths, a sunken dance floor, a terrace with cabanas accessing to Sky Bar and a ladies lounge at Vanity Las Vegas.

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rating 3

Dress Code

No tennis shoes.




Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas


Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun

Line Wait

1-2 hours.

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  • Ronnetta B.

    racial profiling

    I had the pleasure of attending your night club on thur mar. 4 I must say this should have been one of the many fun and beautiful experiences that my family and i had while in las vegas for our 1st time... but sorry to say due to the racial profiling of one of your employees that night is sad and heart breaking... now I'm a professional black woman from illinois so are the other 5 ladies in my family... we work hard, most of us don't live in the city of chicago... we worked hard to move to more family influenced hard working communities... but when people inquire where we are from we tend to say chicago cause no one really would recognize the names of the communities that we now dwell in... we now this leads me to on of the staff of the vanity room.. upon entering the club we were greeted by several staff that checked hotel key cards before allowing us to proceed... they was friendly and very inviting ... made us feel so welcome to enter and experience the club vanity... now the last person we encountered was a (sad to say) black young man just at the entrance of the club it self... he began speaking with the 1st 3 family members. He kept asking where they was from but due to the loud volume of the music (just the way i like it) he was unable to be heard clearly which also meant he wasn't understood at times. He questioned the 1st 3 why they was waiting just at the door they explained they was waiting for the other 3 to come up and enter so we wouldn't be separated in the crowed... as i came up i could hear him clearer then they could cause his voice was carrying outside the club more then within. I heard him speaking and he seem to be talking at 1st in a playful manor... asking where we were from he kept repeating cause they couldn't understand him as i entered i stated from Chicago.. at that time the others began to say the same thing... with a very slight smile he began to ask what part of chicago are u from... we were all a lil surprise when he asked that cause most people wouldn't know if we told them the names of the different suburbs we all come from... so we all paused looking at him finally we asked why where was he from... he then stated he was from chicago as well... which now gave us clarity as to why he wanted to know... he stated he was from 115 st... we expressing all together a sigh of ohhhhhh and smiling.. He began to ask so you all from cabrini greens, englewood or roseland... these are the names of the poverty , heavy gang activities and high crime areas... all of our faces showed such a look of being shocked and very surprise... due to the fact that we are all black women holding what we thought was a friendly conversation with what we felt was one of our own that we were connecting with not only because of our nationality but also from our home town... some of us looked in disbelief and shock the other began to walk away. But being professional women we were determined to allow anything to spoil our night... we also began to proceed into the club and allowing the music to overtake us. Waving our hands feeling the music just as the other female patrons was doing... the young man then flashed the light in one of my family members face yelling for her to come back toward him... he did that with that same slight smile on his face causing confusion if he was serious or trying to be playful... so with caution she walked to him and he began asking what was all that hand sighs... she explained it just dancing at that same time she realized he interpreted it as gang signs so she tried to explain no its just dancing.. it was at this point that we realized he no longer had that smile but a very serious and straight look on his face... she then tried to direct his attention toward the young ladies standing just to his right that they to was dancing with their fingers flexed.. this is just a expressive way that women of all cultures move when they are feeling the music... now if he had just for 1 sec looked to his right he would have seen the ladies of different cultures, not from a chicago ghetto and not black moving in the exact same motion... well still determined not to allow him to interrupt our fun (but honestly feeling the hurt of what was happening... we just walked away entering further into the club... but me i'm the oldest of all of us i could see the hurt look in everyone face... I tried to lighten the tone with distractions of how beautiful the club was... and they did began to feel just a little bit better... but then we noticed something... now everywhere we move one of the security staff would stand very close next to us with hand folded not saying a word but monitoring our movement... I separated from the group so that i could monitor the actions and movement of the staff the security remained with the group but when one of the other ladies walked over to where i was he turned and followed her and stood directly in front of us with his hands folded... i then knew they had been informed by the young man at the door that we were hostile thuggish (which is the very statement the young man made toward us when we were speaking with him... it was that statement that made us walk away form him) and needed monitoring... now me being older then the other ladies there... i have encountered racism on every level.... from other cultures as well as my own people... and i do recognize it no matter who is the presenter of it... what is so so sad to me about that night ... there was nothing about us as we entered that said any of the labels that young man gave us... the only difference was that we were 6 black female... then that we were from Chicago... but because he had just returned from a show we were dress up and dressy casual... yet we were made to feel so inferior of the other patrons in that club by a staff member... everyone else that night was very polite and inviting... except our monitors they was ready for actioned if we moved in the wrong manor... but it was one of them that informed me of the open bar and that we should get drinks and enjoy our selves... now me even with the hurt i was feeling tried to once again smooth the tension of what was happening by encouraging drinks ... now 3 of the 6 did get drinks ... but the other feeling so overwhelmed with all that was taking place before us.. decided to leave as they headed out the was stopped by the same provoking young man... and told ... no!!!! well no knowing what no meant they attempted to leave again from the entrance way... he again yelled no!!!! it was at that time they asked no what ... is this not the exit... he again yelled no!!! this time putting out his arm blocking them... they then asked him... ok ... where is the exit... he yelled over there... looking around the didn't identify the exit as being the door they was standing near... they asked again where the exit was located he again yelled but with a more annoyed tone right there... they turned and exit the club... now the other 3 of us remained... later i notice the security team backed off us when they saw us dancing with the other multi cultural patrons of the club... later that night the same young man from door approached me and stated he was checking to see if i was enjoying myself... (with that same slight smile) but me learning from our 1st encounter I just snapped my finger nod my head to the bet of the music as if I never heard him to show my enjoyment in spite of what happened... he said good and walked away... when it was our turn to exit ... we did the same as the other ladies... but when he said... no!!!! to me I then asked him where is the exit because I didn't recognize it from any of the other doors with a exit sign through out the club... but in a less non aggressive manor he said.. right there... i pointed toward where we was looking as he said it... and left the club now the same inviting tone of the other staff member was again given... as they asked did we enjoy ourselves and are we coming back... this was our bad experience now i am going to write everyone including my twitter page until someone hears me... i'm very sadden by this.. i called phone no. and asked for corp # ... i'm placed on voice mails... someone just need to be aware of this so no one else 1st time in vegas or your club end this way... thank you .

  • Shante T.

    worst in Las Vegas

    This club is by far the worst in Las Vegas and I lived here my whole life the racial profiling has got to stop that being the picking and choosing of who they want to let in prive was shut down because of this and so will u I would like to thank the older gentleman who finally after two hours let us in other than that Im telling everyone who ask me where to go where not to go and that is Vanity

  • John W.


    Great club at a great hotel

  • David P.

    Horrible Experience

    I had the pleasure of visiting (for the fist time) the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the 4th of July weekend. After hearing about how great their night club Vanity was, a group of us decided to visit. What a DISAPPOINTMENT. First of all, confirmed phone reservations were made well in advanced for a party of 4-6. Upon arrival, we waited in line until 11:15 pm for the doors to open, even though we were told on the phone as is also printed on their ad by the way, that opening time was at 10pm. Second, the staff members were very unfriendly and appeared extremely unorganized. For the most part, some of us understand that these things sometimes happen in night clubs of this stature and accept it, but what was NOT accepted was being obviously ignored countless times by the staff only because we were not WHITE…. Its not as if we were dressed like a bunch of homeless people at the freeway exit wearing torn tennis shoes and asking for change, but that was definitely the way we were perceived that night. Our party was well dressed and ready to have a good time. I guess that if you don't have blond hair, blue eyes and a big rack, then wait in the back. By the look of the other non white people waiting beside us and the previous reviews, this happens quite a lot. The order seems to be white then Asian, then African American, then Latino, then other. I don't know if ignoring non Caucasians from The VANITY is company policy but if it is, they sure have a great night club staff team making sure that current and future customers looking to have a great night life experience do so, ANYWHERE but here….

  • Amanda L.

    Ladies are treated pretty good

    If you have super hot chicks in your group (but what I mean hot in Vegas equals supermodel body and Paris Hilton fashion) then you can skip the line by simply asking, if you are shy, no worries, they will come grab you. Yes I was taken out from the line and passed through the velvet ropes.

  • Henry U.

    Fun and popular

    I was big fan of Body English, Vanity is kind of new version of it, the same way they run the previous club. It is one of the top 10 clubs in Las Vegas.

  • M M.


    We had the best table by dj and it still sucked