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VooDoo nightclub las vegas

VooDoo Nightclub

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VooDoo Nightclub Las Vegas

VooDoo Lounge at Rio Hotel offers an experience and a view that many clubs cannot match. With the music from such DJs as Joey Mazzola, DJ Inferno, DJ L-1, and DJ Dave Guzman you can expect to hear some of the best hip hop and dance beats. VooDoo also offers live bands during the various special events that occur in the club. The club accommodates 750 people. There are several VIP packages to choose from that will ensure you get a table for your group and some of the best available service.

Club VooDoo
dance floor

Club VooDoo conceptualized the success of existing Light Group venues including the Bank, VooDoo Nightclub is a cutting-edge space in which clubbers will be challenged to separate the sense of perception and reality.

VooDoo Las Vegas

VooDoo is a two floor nightclub that is connected by a large, spiral staircase. This special staircase is really more like a work of art as it features glass bottom areas. It is common to see the Go-Go dancers on the steps allowing people of both the upper and lower floors to see their show. If you want a more intimate spot to relax you can visit the lounge. The lounge offers a voodoo theme with special drawings and black lighting.

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rating 3

Dress Code

Not strict.


Hip-Hop & Live music.


Rio Hotel Las Vegas



Line Wait

Up to 3 hours without VIP access.

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Overall Rating: based on 3 reviews
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  • Karl N.


    impressive, best time I had in Vegas, everyone is a VIP. Had the WOW.

  • Gino G.

    different from the typcial clubs

    Had to just experience it...hmmm it wasnt a packed night but was different from the typcial clubs. We left early due to it seem kinda boring. I give this club a 6.5 out of 10 but would be willing to try it out again.

  • Sylvia G.

    waited in line for almost 40min

    Went to club Voo Doo 11/3. The place was really nice, waited in line for almost 40min. The security guards were cool. We got hooked up w passes as we walked the strip,that was cool cause it was 4 of us.Know on the other hand the dj is the biggest jerk.My sister went to ask for a song and he said to her" yeah right" (idiot) like saying i play wat i want to play. I was a lil buzz and i got upset so, i fliped him off hah!and the jerk says on his mic " can i please get security" (idiot) he was scared i was going to hurt him...IDIOT! i'm a female!! so he tells security to throw us out of the club...idiot! what we consumed that night was ur pay!so i tell the security "hey he was the rude one hear" and the security was like" yeah, your not the first one that says that"so, if it wasn't for the idiot the night would have been perfect...