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XS nightclub las vegas

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XS Nightclub Las Vegas

XS Nightclub Las Vegas has opened in late December 2008, and from then on it became one of the most renowned clubs on the globe as expected to. The Encore Suites at the Wynn will house the nightclub, rounding out Encore's set of planned amenities. Both Encore Suites and X S Nightclub are associated with The Wynn, Steve Wynn's club that revolutionized the Strip by toning down the glitz and pumping up the glam with natural lighting and decor.

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Dj booth

XS Night Club is designed to be more 40,000 square feet. With that much space, the sky is really the limit. Surely, there is room for several bars, excellent DJs, VIP tables, and a fantastic dance floor. Because it is a club that will be attached to the Steve Wynn name, it is certain that the club will be decadent and extraordinary. XS Nightclub might even outdo Tryst, the club at The Wynn.

It is exciting to wonder about the decor that will help make the club so extraordinary. Given the Wynn's reputation, it almost doesn't matter; we know it will be chic and top of the line. In fact, Club XS is designed not just to be chic, but also to be "ultra chic." Clubs at Wynn properties pay a lot of attention to atmosphere. Whatever designers have decided on, it will be well put together and integrated into decoration that showcases the feeling of the entire club.

XS Las Vegas is the most expensive club on Earth, acording to the rumors, club has spent 100+ million dollars for this exlusive venue. No doubt there will be hours of lines to get in, contact us for hosted VIP entry arrangement.

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Excitement for the unveiling is high, so getting in might be easiest if you go the VIP route. It may be somewhat expensive, but it will be an unforgettable experience. Having a VIP table arguably makes it easier to kick back with your friends in a cozier setting. It's hard to beat that; even when you go to clubs you still want to be able to spend quality time with your friends.

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Our Rating

rating 4

Dress Code

Extremely Strict.


Hip hop, House, Top40


Encore Hotel Las Vegas


Fri-Mon / 10pm -4am

Line Wait

2-3 hours

Local Night

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XS Nightclub Reviews

Overall Rating: based on 11 reviews
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  • Leigh D.

    I recommend XS

    I recommend XS at the Encore (still Vegas's best club, but can get pricey) or Tryst at Wynn. Both clubs are gorgeous.

  • Luke H.


    Went to XS for girlfriends 21st birthday. amazing club. the drinks were a little expensive (not mentioning the Ono) but good. crowded but amazing crowd. good music plenty of room outside i will definantly return .

  • Jeff R.


    Yes I have been to XS nightclub before it even opened up for the sneak peak it was sexy I had pix before any of the guest did then i went back I have been there about 6-7 time already that ....should tell you that I like it ..I think it's the best venue on the strip and the biggest as well what can I say you feel free to party there there is none of that get out the way ...you can't stand here you need to move like every other venue on the strip I say to any one xs is the best and they know what to do the staff is great the drinks are great the vibe is rocking plus you feel like dropping money there when you get in take it from me I'm a local in vegas and I spend money there .

  • Amy V.

    Nice but expensive

    Just visted the club this past weekend. It was great.. extremely nice.. had a chance at bottle service but passed on it. I would recommend it tho because drinks are way expensive..

  • Sandra S.

    Nicest nightclub ever

    My girlfriends and I went to XS on March 28th at it was the nicest nightclub ever. The setup is insane it's hte hottest spot in Las Vegas. Music is good and there is tons of room to party at. Loved it...

  • Jason H.

    Sensory overload

    XS is fitting name- it's almost too much. the bottle service, tables, and music were great and the crowd was electric, most amazing club I've ever been to.

  • Terrance H.

    I visited the club XS is 2/17

    and it was the best club I have ever been to. I am from Houston and we have great night life. but nothing I have been to in America compares to XS. 90% of the women in there were 8's and up in my opinion....hight recommend.

  • Gary R.

    XS is crazy expensive

    They scalp tables to the highest bidder at XS! How much does Steve WINNER get out of that? Isn't that what the brokers are doing with Garth Brooks. One Broker to another..

  • Kosta P.

    ridiculous club

    The most ridiculous club in Vegas bar none!!! Club XS you are the only reason I go to Vegas... next date is Sat. Nov 13th!!!

  • Jaqueline M.

    best club ever

    A group of us had club in XS in 2009 in Aug....best club ever...lotz of ppl, drinkz is pricey ..other then that we had a blast...took lotz of pix...ppl were very cool at the club...kicking it on the pool side was the best..XS here we come in Aug 2010.....

  • Chris M.

    Overcrowded and Obnoxious

    Tried to see Deadmau5 and was excited to see the club itself. By 10:00 pm, the place was at capacity - unless you paid thousands ($2,500-30,000) for bottle service. Many people were forced to spend the night outside at the pool. (It was 46 degrees). At one point, I needed money so asked the bouncer where the ATM was. He pointed to a corner outside the main room. I got my cash and then he wouldn't let me back into the club, telling me I had to wait in line. At that time it was 1:45, the Mau5 still hadn't started so we decided to leave. Did I mention cover was $75 and drinks were $17 each?