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XS Nightclub Las Vegas at Encore Resort


Las Vegas nightlife has never been the same since XS Nightclub opened its doors in 2008 inside the Encore Resort, igniting a budding nightlife arms race that has since engulfed the Las Vegas Strip for well over a decade. XS is not your average Las Vegas Nightclub. This Wynn nightclub is an extravagant, over-the-top experience that lives up to its name in every way. The interior is an exquisite blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance. Intricate lighting installations, mesmerizing visual displays, and state-of-the-art sound work harmoniously to create an immersive environment unlike any other. The sheer scale and intricacy of the venue's design are awe-inspiring.


XS Nightclub is a 40,000-square-foot palace designed in part by the notorious Steve Wynn. It has been an iconic part of the Sin City nightlife scene since its inception and has been the Vegas home to some of the biggest music artists in the world, The EDM club is carefully curated to keep the dance floor packed and the party going until the early hours of the morning. XS Las Vegas Events gets a lot of hype, and deservedly so. This club does everything in 'excess,' and it's dripping in gold. For over 16 years, this indoor/outdoor mega-club has been one of the most highly acclaimed in the world and has continuously been named the top-grossing nightclub in the U.S. It definitely lives up to its name – it's where indulgence, opulence, and excess are the norm, from its cutting-edge technology, first-class talent, and extravagant décor and design inspired by the provocative curves of the human body.


While XS is one of the older clubs in Las Vegas nightlife destinations, it has withstood the test of time and remains at the top of most leaderboards as one of the two or three best clubs in the entire city. This Encore nightclub continues to be a crowd favorite, especially with its iconic Nightswim parties available in the summer on Sundays.

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XS Nightclub Bottle Service Layout

XS has an indoor main room and outdoor pool area, allowing for several table options to fit all budgets.


Large Stage Tables (15 people)


The two stage tables on either side of the DJ booth provide a close-up look at the DJ booth area and are quite spacious. These are outside but in the VIP backstage area, so you will get access to the VIP backstage area all night.

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Owner's Tables (15 people)


The owner's tables provide an ideal vantage point for the DJ booth. They are situated directly across the dance floor and offer the best perspective of both the performer and the club.

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Small Stage Tables (10 people)


The DJ Stage tables are closest to the DJ stage. If you want to be up close and personal with the DJ, these tables will cost a small fortune. There are two tables on either side of the DJ and four tables behind the DJ stage. They are outside but in the VIP backstage area, so you will get access to the VIP backstage area all night.

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Lower Dance Floor (12 people)


The upper or lower dance floor tables are the best spots in the club. The proximity to the party is fantastic! They offer spectacular views, and they are spacious and comfortable.

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The Upper Dance Floor Tables (12 people)


The upper dance floor tables are the prime tables. There are a few that are bigger than the rest. All the upper dance floor tables have a shared ledge with the lower dance floor tables. While typically, this is not an issue, over the years, I have run into a few situations when drinks got spilled on the table in front, so watch your tablemates in front. If you have a group of 20 or more, the two "uppers" at the end are the largest.

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Large 3rd Row (Big Browns) (12 people)


The large 3rd-row tables, affectionately nicknamed "big browns," are some of our favorite tables. They are spacious and ideal for large groups. They are centrally located, with traffic coming from in front and behind. These tables are also a great option if you're looking to meet new people. For those who think size matters, in this case, the bigger the table, the bigger the price tag, but for a large group, this is your best option.

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Small 3rd Row (8 people)


The small 3rd-row tables provide a solid view of the performer and are in high foot-traffic positions, which allows you to socialize with the crowd. Short of booking the minimum to get a dance floor-level table, these tables are solid for the price.

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Back Wall Tables (6 people)


Since these tables are on the back wall, they are less expensive, which makes them ideal for people on a budget but who still want a view from the main room.

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4 Tops (6 people)


There are 21 four-top tables inside, four on either side of the DJ. Tables 325 and 425 on the Map are my favorites. They are a great value at a 4-top price. If you're interested in bottle service, these are the lowest-priced options available inside. The disadvantage is that they are small and do not face the DJ, except for tables 301 to 303 and 405 to 407. For the most part, they face the back wall, but you can stand on the seat or the ledge behind if you want to see the DJ.

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The Outside Tables at XS


The Platform Tables (15 people) (Select Nights)


There is a dance floor inside the club, but in recent years, XS has put a giant platform that extends over the pool to the island bar, giving the outside a dance floor of its own. The view and the vibe are awesome, and these tables are great for big groups because there is plenty of space to dance and move around.

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Poolside Daybeds (12 people)


The poolside daybeds are the coveted spots. They line the main pool closest to the main stage and combine a very shallow walk-in platform to the pool, allowing guests to walk in the water. There is a comfortable poolside couch for big groups. These tables provide an epic panoramic view of the club and the massive Wynn and Encore Resort towers above. For the night pool party on Sundays, these are the best tables.

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The Lower and Upper Cabanas Outside XS (12 people)


If you are interested in the luxurious cabanas, there is one row of 8 lower cabanas and 2 rows of upper cabanas. They are beautifully designed and decked out with a bar, lavish fixtures, first-class amenities, an L-couch, a chair, and a couple of lounge couches outside the cabana. If you have a large group who doesn't care about being close to the DJ, the lower cabana is a good option. They are conveniently located next to the outside restrooms and are an excellent choice for the Nightswim party.

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The Prime Couches Bar-Side Outside of XS (10 people)


These tables are in the more popular area of the outdoor patio where most of the action takes place; they are conveniently located near the bar, and they are budget-friendly, which is why I book more outside seating. These tables are ideal if you want to meet new people. On Fridays and Saturdays, that outside bar is a social hub of activity, and they are in a high-traffic area. Typically, the minimums are relatively low, although a small "shake" may be required to get the exact table you want, and this also goes for the nightswim on Sunday.

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Large Side Stage Patio Tables (10 people)


Even though these tables are outside, they are considered indoor tables. They are within the security checkpoint, so there is no need to go through a security line to access the inside of the main room. You and your group will get an "indoor stamp," which prioritizes going back inside if you do not want to go outside. A lot of lovely ladies tend to hang out in the VIP area behind the stage.

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Small Side Stage Patio (6 people)


If your budget is tight, but you still want the wristband for the backstage area access, opt for the small side stage patio. These are the 4-tops outside, but they are actually situated in the VIP area. A lot of beautiful females hang out back there. You and your group will get an "indoor stamp" that prioritizes going back inside if you do not want to go outside.

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Premium Section Outside (12 people)


These tables are prime real estate and are in high demand because they face the DJ, are ideal for larger groups, and offer a great view. They are in the Gaming Pavilion or in front of the platform, so this is a good spot if you're feeling lucky. The only disadvantage is that there is not a lot of action; however, the pool is filled with clubbers and in the middle of the action at the nightswim parties.

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The Second-Row Couches Outside at XS (8-10 people)


On nightswim Sundays and regular nights, the minimums for these couches are reasonably priced. These sections are a 3-person couch with a table that sits on the outer edge of the traffic circle of the patio/pool area. They wrap around the circular pool and are great locations.

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Lawn Area or Best Available (6 people)


If your budget is tight, but you still want a table, the lawn tables are your best option. In the hosting world, we call this area "no man's land" because they are far removed from the action and located in the back corner of the outside patio behind the second-row tables. They're the same as the second-row tables as far as a three-person couch goes, so if you have a big group, there is plenty of room to hang out.

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XS Nightclub Bottle Service Menu for 2024


Every Las Vegas dayclub, nightclub, strip club, and ultra-lounge offers a bottle service menu to customers who desire a more elevated and personalized experience. Menus can vary from venue to venue, as each establishment aims to create a unique and memorable experience for its clientele. XS Nightclub's bottle service menu is a curated list of premium bottles of alcohol ranging from popular brands to more exclusive and limited-edition options. The menu is carefully crafted to cater to a broad range of tastes and preferences, ensuring there is something for everyone. It details the different types of spirits available, such as vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum, and gin, specifying the various brands, bottle sizes, and pricing.


Bottle service also includes setups, mixers, and garnishes. One of the main advantages of this VIP service is the convenience and personalized experience it offers. Purchasing bottle service grants expedited VIP entry into the club, and instead of waiting in long lines struggling to order drinks at a crowded bar, customers have a dedicated server who prepares and pours drinks tableside. This allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable night out, with the added bonus of having a private space to socialize and unwind. A busser keeps your table clean and stocked, and security keeps your area secure. It is worth noting that bottle service is not solely reserved for the elite or affluent. While it may carry a higher price tag compared to traditional bar service, it is often a more cost-effective option for groups who wish to enjoy a premium clubbing experience without compromising on quality.

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Final Word on XS Nightclub from Brian Pfeiffer


I'm not going to lie; bottle service is crazy-expensive here, but if you've never experienced it, it's worth it. And as the old saying goes, "Anything worth doing is worth doing right." But even if bottle service is not in the budget, don't let that stop you from checking out or celebrating at the best nightclub, not just in Vegas but in the world. XS is the epitome of luxury; it attracts a beautifully diverse crowd from across the globe, and the talent is unrivaled, especially if Electronic Dance Music is your genre and you are a fan of big artists. We know you will love this venue, and we look forward to working with you! This venue is the competition for venues like Zouk Nightclub, Drai's Nightclub , Hakkasan Nightclub , LIV Nightclub , Omnia Nightclub, Marquee Nightclub, Jewel Nightclub, or TAO Nightclub.


For a less pricey and less wild event check out the likes of On the Record, Hyde Lounge , Skyfall Lounge, Ghostbar, Chandelier Bar, Chéri Rooftop, and Legacy Club. So far, the response from our customers has been Fantasic about the vibe and the venue. We are happy to assist with your bookings or one of our bottle packages.

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