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If you're reading this guide, chances are, you're planning your trip to Vegas and trying to get the lay of the land. You've gathered your group together and decided that you want to reserve some Vegas bottle service for the first time.

The question is: what are all the things you need to know about bottle service? Booking a table at a Las Vegas club for the first time can be daunting – navigating the prices, picking the venues, table locations, how to book. It can all be quite overwhelming for someone just dipping their toes into the Vegas nightlife scene.

In the guide below, we will be touching on all you need to know about bottle service in Las Vegas!

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Bottle service, at least in Las Vegas, refers to reserving a table inside a nightclub or pool party.

By definition, it generally refers to someone buying their drinks by the bottle and not individual drinks at the bar. In clubs in other cities, there are instances when someone can buy a bottle and not get a table, but those go hand in hand in Las Vegas – you cannot buy a bottle inside a venue without having your own booth.

Most clubs in Las Vegas are built to maximize the bottle service customer's experience. While there is still a lot of value in just being able to enter the club and mingle on the dance floor and drink at the bar, clubs are mostly meant to be enjoyed sitting at one of the VIP booths and taking in the sights and sounds of the world-class party around you.


All Nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas operate on a minimum spend system. The clubs assign prices to the different table locations inside their venue and, to reserve one, customers must commit to spending that amount before their table gets seated. In short, you need to spend at least the amount of your minimum to get a table.

The higher your minimum, the better your table location inside the club, so keep that in mind when booking your reservation.

This system is also based on supply and demand; depending on the size of the event and how many reservations the venue has; the pricing could fluctuate as well. All price quotes are the best estimates of what we can expect at that particular event, but especially when we know the event will sell out and be overbooked, keep in mind that pricing will be in flux.


Oftentimes, we can broker deals on your behalf that require giving a handshake* to the venue's hosts to secure a particular table you might want, an expedited process at the door, or even sometimes a lower minimum spend for the table area you want a handshake is the industry term for a tip. Traditionally, you tip someone by hiding the bill in your hand and shake their hand, passing the bill without revealing the act.


Here are some of the things that determine the pricing at a Vegas venue:

  • GROUP SIZE – the larger your group, the more alcohol you'll need for everyone and possibly more space (depending on the size of the group), so the club will ask you to commit to a higher minimum spend to account for that. A good rule of thumb to remember is about 1 bottle for every 4 people at the bare minimum
  • TABLE LOCATION – as mentioned above, the better your table location, the higher the minimum the club is going to charge. Most venues have their DJ booth or stage area as the center of the club; the closer you are to that epicenter, the higher your minimum spend requirement.
  • THE HEADLINER – whether it's a huge DJ like Calvin Harris or The Chainsmokers or a big live performer like Drake or Migos, one thing they all have in common is that these clubs are paying them big money to perform at their venue, which ultimately gets passed down to its customers.
  • WEEKEND VS. WEEKDAY – again, supply and demand: weekends are typically considered peak days, while there is usually less demand with fewer people in town during the week (with some exceptions, like long weekends, holidays, etc.). You can expect much lower price points during the week (Sunday-Thursday) than you would on the weekends.
  • CLUB POPULARITY – as you would expect, the more popular the club, the higher the demand, so you can expect prices to be higher than some of its contemporaries. Newer clubs also tend to have higher pricing than a club that's been around for longer.


In addition to your personal booth inside, you also get a dedicated server and busser to wait on your table, VIP entry into the nightclub, and there will be security staff in the area for table guests to make sure no one unwanted enters your area.

The club also provides basic mixers and garnishes to go with your alcohol orders. Assorted juices (pineapple, orange, cranberry, etc.), soda/soda water are available and complimentary with your table reservation, as are basic drink garnishes like limes, lemons, and orange slices.


Let's pretend that you're a group of 4 guys who decided against buying bottle service and decided to buy the $40 tickets (standard male cover/ticket price for a non-peak event) to get in.

Let's do some simple math:

There are approximately 1.5 ounces of hard alcohol in a standard mixed drink. In a 750mL bottle, there are about 25.4 ounces, or enough for about 15-17 drinks, depending on how heavy you pour. The standard starting price for a 750mL bottle at any given club is about $600 (give or take). The average drink at the bar inside the club costs about $20/drink.

$600 bottle ÷ 17 drinks = $35.29 average cost per drink from bottle service

17 drinks x $20 average drink cost at the bar = $340 + ($40 ticket x 4 guys) = $500

With taxes and tip for each drink order, you come pretty close to the per-person price of what you would pay if you bought a bottle, with all the added benefits of having your own table inside the club. You would be spending nearly as much to stand on your feet all night when you could've spent a little bit extra to get your own booth.

If this is something you're considering, check out our affordable bottle service guide for our budget-friendly bottle service packages at available nightclubs.

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On top of the minimum spend you commit to, remember that you have to pay sales tax (8.375% in Nevada), and there's usually a venue or live entertainment tax (10-12% depending on the venue), and gratuity for the waitress (15%).

We've included a calculator below with most of the major venues in Las Vegas; simply plug in a number, and it will calculate how much you would owe after taxes and tip!

bottleservice pricing

Image caption: Here's a little visual aid illustrating the price range of most of Las Vegas' nightclubs – as you can see, the larger clubs like OMNIA and XS have lower range options but have high price points for their best locations, while smaller clubs typically have low minimums for all their tables.


Truthfully, as many as you can fit into your minimum. Bottle prices start at around $595 and vary in price depending on whether you want a specific type of alcohol or a larger bottle.

For example, suppose you have a $2,000 minimum and don't want to go over that minimum. In that case, you could theoretically get about 3 bottles worth (assuming you order the $595 ones) and fill the remaining minimum with small orders of beer/bottled water/Red Bull/etc. Let your host know ahead of time, and we will coordinate with your server depending on your preference!


Las Vegas clubs are known for their over-the-top presentations, and each venue has its own set of unique ways of making the customer feel special with its presentations. From the basic, like girls waving sparklers as they bring out the bottle or holding up cards with your name on it, to crazy stunts like the server coming out in a palanquin or a drumline announcing your purchase or even Pikachu or another notable cartoon character coming out to drop your bottle off.

You must have a significant reservation booked (usually around $2000 or more, though that number fluctuates depending on the event) and purchase a bottle of champagne to qualify for the presentation. The bigger the purchase, the bigger the presentation that can be requested.

Just let your VIP Host know, and one of us will be happy to communicate this request with your server.



You've decided that buying bottle service is in your best interest (and in your budget), after all. Great! Now, how do you go about paying for your reservation?

We accept PayPal or a wire transfer for all bottle service reservation deposits and pre-pay options.

At the actual venue, you have the option of either paying with cash or wire/PayPal us the rest of the reservation fee, and we will put the entire reservation on our credit card.

You can also give the waitress your credit card when we first arrive at the table (for non-prepaid guests). This might take a minute if the waitress has to wait to get your credit card approved or if there are several other tables ahead of her waiting to get their cards approved.

In most cases, it's much faster to pay cash or pre-pay your reservation and have us handle the credit card transactions at the venue!


This is a common problem that many guests don't take into account before they book their Vegas trip. If you're not the type to travel a lot, your bank will flag any huge purchases it marks as not typical of your usual spending. Before you depart, please call your bank to let them know you will be in Vegas.

Too often, a customer has to call their bank in the middle of a loud nightclub because their card was declined, and the server cannot bring out the bottles – it's a rough situation that can easily be avoided with a simple phone call!


We offer a service where you can pay the reservation amount in full in advance (through PayPal or money transfer), and we handle the actual credit card transactions at the venue.

With this method, we can go in ahead of your group and check the table in and have the bottles waiting for you when you arrive – this is particularly useful for groups who think they cannot make the agreed-upon walk-in time and still want to make sure their table reservation is set.

Here are some of the advantages to pre-paying for your tables in advance:

  • Your table is set, and bottles are on the table by the time you arrive at the club - typically, we have to wait for you to put your credit card on file and wait for it to clear before the staff can even bring out ice and mixers. If the reservation is paid for, we can check the table in and put our credit card down to get the process started and have everything waiting for you by the time you arrive.
  • Your weekend is paid for – we understand that it's Sin City, and there are a million ways to lose all your money at the casino and/or a strip club. We get it; however, if you're all paid up with us before you even land, we take care of everything at the venues, and you don't have to worry about anything else.
  • Prevent credit cards declining – in the case of guests that pre-paid or prefer to pay in cash, we are the ones putting down our credit card for these reservations, which is a way around possible credit card fraud alerts from your bank.
  • Safeguard against late arrival – as I touched on above, if your group is running late for a table walk-in, we can actually go ahead and check the reservation in for you to make sure you don't lose your spot and to get the table set up and waiting for you by the time you arrive.

For all of our other reservations, we do require a small deposit from our customers to make a bottle service reservation. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to make reservations that they do not honor or end up canceling their trip, or oversleep, etc. We understand that sometimes these things are unavoidable, but it does leave us hanging high and dry in those situations.

Whatever the case, collecting a deposit from our guests for each reservation helps us guard against the possibility of a no-show.

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Here are some things we have noticed over the years of checking in that we feel that people should look over to avoid any issues at the door.


If you're from out of the country, please read this: international driver licenses or matricular IDs are typically not accepted; if the security staff doesn't recognize the form of ID or have no way of authenticating it, they will deny your entry. Passports are the most easily recognized form of ID for international travelers.

Photocopies or pictures of the ID are NOT valid forms of identification.

Please double check your belongings before leaving the hotel room to make sure you have the proper form of identification for the club; there have been many occasions when one or two people in the group forget their ID, and the entire table group either has to wait for them or cancel altogether. Don't be that guy in the group who ruins the reservation!


bottle service

Everyone in the group must be 21+, regardless of the legal drinking age in your country. There cannot be a person in the group under that age, even if you say, "he's not drinking." Please remember that these venues are located inside casinos and even to loiter inside requires guests to be 21+, including at the bars and inside the clubs.


This is of extreme importance to us; for us to be able to deliver on our promises and make sure each of our customers is taken care of properly, we have to hold our guests to their agreement to show up on time for their walk-in so we can keep our commitments to all of our guests. If you agree to an 11 pm walk-in, please aim to be there by 10:30-10:45 to account for unforeseen difficulties.

Besides our personal preferences, we cannot ask the club to hold the table you want all night. The longer the table stays empty, the more money the club is potentially losing on busy nights, so if you arrive extremely late, you may potentially get a worse spot than what was initially agreed upon.

Vegas traffic on the Strip gets pretty hectic from 9 pm onwards, and taxi lines/rideshares can take up to 30-45 minutes just to take you down the street, so that needs to be accounted for when you make your plans. Some of these casinos are massive; walking through them can take 10-15 mins, even if you do know where you're going (and oftentimes, you're wandering through hotels looking for signs for the nightclub).

Pro Tip #1: if transportation is an issue, look into booking one of our limos to make sure you get picked up and dropped off at the club on time.

Pro Tip #2: plan your evening accordingly! If you don't want to risk the travel time, schedule your dinner plans around the area of the club you're going to (preferably somewhere within walking distance to avoid traffic).


While you don't necessarily have to roll up in a suit to the club or even wear a tie, it is a good idea to dress up when attending a Vegas nightclub, if nothing else than to make it past the dress code check.

Collared shirt, jeans/dress pants, nice shoes are the basic dress code for the Las Vegas club-going man, while ladies pretty much just have to avoid athletic and athleisure wear but are encouraged to dress to impress.

For more information, please visit our Dress Code Guide.


All Vegas clubs have a TSA-style checkpoint before you can enter the club. Security makes you empty your pockets and has you walk through a metal detector, or they will run a metal detector wand over you.

Here are some things you cannot bring into the club:

  • Vape pens
  • Cameras and equipment (including GoPros and selfie sticks)
    • The only footage and photos you can take inside is on your phone; you cannot bring cameras in, even small ones
  • Outside food and beverages
  • Any medication, including (obviously) narcotics
    • If you need a specific prescription pill, you must bring your prescription, and the security staff will make the call on making an exception for you
    • They are especially thorough at pools about searching people. Please do not try and hide drugs in your pack of gum as they will search that as well.
  • Weapons of any kind
    • Knives (even small pocketknives), firearms, even cowboy spurs are unacceptable and illegal to have inside a casino

Security also reserves the right to deny anybody into the venue if they deem you or your group a safety hazard, even if you have a reservation. If security deems you unfit to enter, not even your hosts can do much at that point.

This includes over-intoxication or belligerent/overly rude guests. If you are a mess at the door before you get in, it could potentially be a hazard to other guests inside for you to continue drinking, and thus you will be turned away. This goes for abusing the staff; security is there to protect both you and the other staff members, so if you are rude and abusive to the people who work there, that could be grounds for getting your group denied. Please be courteous and respect the people there to serve you!


Ideally, you want to have the whole group together when you walk into your table. However, we understand that sometimes life (or at least, Vegas party life) gets in the way.

Suppose your table has already entered and is sitting. In that case, the person joining you can go up to the host at the table reservation line and give your table number (you can find out your table number by asking your server or security staff if you are unsure).

Please note that you cannot bring in a significant number of extra guests that you didn't communicate were checking in for your table. If your table is booked for 8 people, and you have a separate group of 10 friends in town and want to drop your table number at the front to get in quickly/join your table, that probably won't go over so well. A couple of extra people shouldn't be a problem, though.

NOTE: There are extreme cases when the club is packed full, and the Fire Marshall has told the club that they cannot let any more guests in (as it would be a fire hazard). In these situations, guests that arrive late may have to wait for people to exit the venue so the club can continue letting fresh ones in.


It happens all the time; you're partying inside the club with your group, and you invite some people to join you that you met when you ran to the restroom. That's fine, right?

Absolutely, standard-size tables typically fit 6-12 people comfortably, and you can technically invite whomever you want, as long as your party size doesn't grow so large that it starts affecting the walkways, other customers, or the staff from doing their jobs. More people drinking and ordering from your table just means more money for the club, so that's not something they will stop.

However, if your table reservation for 6 people suddenly expands into a table of 20 somewhere throughout the evening, you might expect security to step in and intervene. Not only is it a hazard to have so many people in a space designed for far less, but it is most likely eating into the space of the adjacent table customers and ruining their experience.

As far as ladies go, the rule is a lot more lenient, whether it's ladies with their own table reservation bringing more girls than was normally reserved for (if you showed up with 12 girls instead of 10 that you reserved for, it's usually not an issue).

For a lot of the bigger day club cabanas and some nightclubs, there is a strict amount of people allowed in an area or might require a VIP wristband given to the original party that booked the table. Ladies might be able to get through without a wristband if they were invited into that area, but those spaces are pretty well-policed.



Yes, this is a real thing: guys who come to Vegas on bachelor parties and such do need help meeting ladies to help round out their tables, and this is something we can definitely help you out with.

Ask your VIP host to see if he has any lady friends at the venue that you're at, or we can usually invite girls ahead of time; on any given weekend, we get inquiries from hundreds of ladies who just want to see if any guys want to invite them to their table, and then we play Matchmaker.

If that fails, we have the girl guy system to fall back on!

Final Bottle Service FAQ


Regardless of whether you order enough to meet the minimum requirement, you will be charged the minimum + fees. Think of it as a drink credit; once you commit to the minimum, you can either use up the rest of the credit or get charged for it anyway.


If you don't have anybody walking you in (like we do for our guests), it might take a while to get the reservation checked-in in the scrum of people checking in for their tables, especially during rush hour.

With our process, as soon as you arrive, we can get you checked in right away – provided you and your group can arrive on time.

If you choose to go in without bottle service and are entering on the guest list or trying to buy tickets at the door, I suggest early arrival as those methods of entry are first come, first served.


Certainly! Bottle service isn't for everyone, and sometimes just being able to get in is fine. Check out our guest list and tickets to find out your best method of entry into the clubs.

You can also get VIP Entry with us (for select groups) and skip the line as if you were purchasing bottle service.


Buying VIP Bottle Service is the epitome of the nightclub and dayclub experience in Las Vegas, and we typically have pricing options for every kind of customer.

Even if you don't think you're the type to buy bottle service, I highly recommend at the very least looking into some of our options; you might find something you like!

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in giving you a little bit of an insight into the world of Vegas nightlife!

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