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You've packed your bags, bought the plane tickets, and organized the crew – now it's time to plan your nighttime shenanigans. There's only one problem: you want to get the full nightclub experience with bottle service but didn't plan on some of the biggest clubs like Hakkasan and OMNIA having ridiculous table prices. What can you do?

Fortunately, we can help! Like all industries, there are deals to be had if you know where to look for them, and we definitely do! Without further ado, here are our best value deals for bottle service in Las Vegas:






cheap bottle service

Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub & Lounge, on top of the Rio Hotel & Casino, offers one of the most incredible views of the Las Vegas Strip. Although it is one of the city's older nightlife venues, it still draws a decent crowd to its doors.

The biggest advantage is that it's located next to Chippendales, which makes it an excellent afterparty spot for ladies attending the shows. Ladies get free admission to the venue, making it the perfect landing spot.

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  • ($700 all-in) 2New Amsterdam Vodka 
  • ($900 all-in) Any 2 of the following bottles: Tito's Vodka 1L, Absolut Vodka 1L, Kettle One 1L, New Amsterdam 1L, Herradura Tequila 1L, Patron 1 liter, Jack Daniels 750ml, Captain 750ml, and Crown Royal 1L 


cheap bottle service

Chateau Nightclub & Rooftop offers some of the best bottle deals in Las Vegas. Due to the recent closures of many of the non-marquee venues in the city, Chateau stands as one of the best value clubs for bottle service on the Las Vegas Strip.

Sporting an awesome view of the Strip from its location at the base of the Paris' Eiffel Tower, the only downside to this fantastic outdoor venue is just that: it gets chilly during the winter months, and it can get a little hot and sweaty on the patio in the peakof summer.

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Standard Packages: 

  • $425 - 4 ppl - Belvedere 1-Liter & Chandon  All-In Price@ $574.07
  • $575- 6 ppl - 2 x Belvedere 1-Liter All-in Price @ $776.68
  • $675 – 8ppl - Belvedere Magnum 1.75-Liter & Chandon All-in Price @ $911.76 
  • $1,000 – 10ppl Belvedere Magnum 1.75-Liter & 2 x Veuve All-In Price @ $1350.75 

Chateau Packages for Larger Groups and Upgraded Tables: 

  • $1484.45 all-in for three Belvedere and one Volcan Tequila 
  • $1619.40 all-in for three Belvedere and one Patron 

All-in Price includes Tip and Tax 


cheap bottle service

Apex Social Club, formerly the legendary Ghost Bar, is a fantastic upscale lounge with unmatched views of the Strip. Located on the 55th floor of the Palms, Apex offers guests a fun, classy ambiance in one of the nicer ultra-lounges in Las Vegas.

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Apex Social Club Bottle Service packages: 

  • Entry LevelLocation $875 all-in price for a package of a Premium Bottle and a Bottle of 50 Blue Vodka 
  • Mid-TierLocation $1200 all-in price for a 1.75 Mag of Absolut Elyx and a Bottle of 50 Blue Vodka 
  • Best Location $1950 all-in price 1.75 Mag Absolut Elyx, 1 Liter Premium and a Bottle of 50 Blue Vodka 


cheap bottle service

Located at the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard, on the 63rd floor of Mandalay Bay, Foundation Room is a beautiful rooftop restaurant and lounge that offers membership options and fine dining. 

As the night deepens, the restaurant and lounge transforminto a unique upscale nightclub with live music and sweeping views of the Strip. Looking to get some of the best photo ops of the Strip at reasonable pricing? Look no further than the Foundation Room!

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  • Two Bottle Deal: $900 all-in for 1 Premium and 1 Effen Vodka 


cheap bottle service

The newest concept in Las Vegas, On The Record at the Park MGM, doubles as both a regular nightclub (with multiple rooms and sounds) and a sort of speakeasy lounge.

Our package deals will give you an amazing Vegas experience without breaking the bank. From the retro décor and the DJ in the Rolls-Royce booth to the sporadic dance team appearances and live performances, this club will keep you entertained all night. 

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Examples of our straight Bottle Service packages: 

  • 2 Premium Alcohol 1-Liters for $1200 all-in price
  • 3 Grey Goose 1-Liters for $1600 all-in price
  • 2 Mags 1.75-Liters of Grey Goose @ $1900 all-in price

Ask about more specials and ourDon Julio 1942 Tequila Package! 


cheap bottle service

TAO Nightclub is the oldest of the major nightclubs on this list, but somehow is one of the most in-demand venues year after year. The grand daddy venue is located inside the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino.

One thing about TAO Group is that they have mastered the art of bringing in women into their clubs. Every night they're open, their guest list deal incentivizesladies to come in by offering free drinks from when doors open tilluntil about 12:30 a.m.  

Trust us; nothing makes a party quite like a room full of ladies looking to party. You're welcome, gents.

You can generally get a Premium 1-liter bottle and a 1-liter bottle of Absolut Elyx for around $1,300 all-in (allows up to ten people). If you want that upgraded, then you're looking at a three-bottle deal for two Premium 1-liter bottles and an Absolut Elyx 1-liter for around $2100 all-in (allows entry up to about 12-15 people). 

*All-in price includes all taxes and gratuity

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cheap bottle service

Marquee Las Vegas is another big-name club that allows for fairly affordable pricing on their non-peak nights. One of the top clubs in the city, Marquee's bottle deals, typically only allow you to bring in a set amount of people (8-10 is usually the maximum number for the smallest packages).

Another stipulation is this deal might only apply on some Fridays and some Saturdays, depending on the demand; bottle deals are typically not available when they have their biggest-name headliners performing like DJ Mustard. Your best course of action is to inquire about these packages for the week you're coming to town on the form below, and we can check on the availability of these deals for you.

A typical package would be $1,400 all-in for a Premium bottle and a 750 ml of sponsored Vodka. A little better table would be around $2500 all-in for two Premium bottles and a 750 ml of sponsored Vodka. The demand for the night will determine the location of the table. 

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cheap bottle service

The undisputed #1 Hip Hop club in the city, Drai's Nightclub does offer deals on their bottle service pricing, with a stipulation: they are only available on nights when they don't have one of their huge performing artists headlining, such as 2 Chainz or Migos.

Deals are available when they need help filling out the rest of the room. If Drai's is on your list of clubs you want to hit, make sure you contact us to see if any deals are available!

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  • Drai’s Package 1 –$1400 All-In Price- 4Belvedere 750 MLs
    • Available only on Thursdays/Sundays and Select Nights*
  • Drai’s Package 2 –$2250 All-In Price- 4 Belvedere 750 MLs, 1L of Belvedere + better table location
    • Available only on Thursdays/Sundays and Select Nights*
  • Drai’s –$3050 All-In Price- 4 Belvedere 750 MLs and 2L of Belvedere + priority location (typically upper/lower dance floor tables)
    • Available only on Thursdays/Sundays and Select Nights*

*All-In Price includes all tax and gratuities


cheap bottle service

A surprising entry into a “value” list, XS Las Vegas is consistently among the top nightclubs in Las Vegas year to year and rarely offer any bottle specials (except on Sundays).However, we are happy to provide a pretty good deal at one of the best clubs and consistently great parties in the city.

The package offered is typically going to be seated at one of their many outdoor locations (by the pool), so you’re probably not going to get a prime location inside the main room (although if demand is low, you might get seated inside if you’re lucky). Still, a great deal nonetheless at one of the premier nightlife venues in Sin City.

DISCLAIMER: like all value deals, this package will likely not be available on peak Friday and Saturday nights with their biggest headliners like Drake or The Chainsmokers headlining.

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$1670 All-In Price – Max 10 people – 2 premium alcohol bottles (selections below). Tip and tax are included. 

Bottle Selections: 

  • Vodka: Absolut Elyx, Effen, Belvedere, Grey Goose 
  • Tequila: Avión Silver, Jaja Silver/Jaja Reposado, Patrón Silver/Patrón Reposado, Villa One Silver 
  • Whiskey: Jack Daniels, Jameson 
  • Rum: Bacardi 
  • Gin: Hendricks 


Compared to the lengthy list of deals and packages offered by their nightclub counterparts, dayclubs in Las Vegas tend to be a little stingier and are generally more expensive to make reservations at than a typical night out at a Vegas club.

There are a few reasons for that:

  • Seasonal - Dayclubs are only open during peak season (summer months), so they have less time to generate the same amount of revenue as their nightclub brethren.
  • High Demand – every hotel on the Strip typically has a nightclub or upscale lounge (usually multiple) on their premises, but few options for dayclubs.
  • Time to Rally – party veterans can relate:day drinking is great until you have to wake up from your drunken evening nap to zombie-walk to the nightclub. Many nightclubs suffer from cancellations during pool season from guests trying to make it to two parties in a row, making it necessary for them to incentivize guests with special pricing.

With that in mind, there are some select deals out there for dayclubs for our price-conscious guests. Let’s dig in:


cheap bottle service

One of the best-looking dayclub venues in Vegas, Drai’s Beach Club is a guest favorite and one of the top pool destinations on the Strip. Perched atop the roof of the Cromwell Hotel & Casino, Drai’s Beach Club offers fantastic views of the Strip and some of the best live performing talent available at great rates.


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  • DAY BED PACKAGE - $1400 all-in price –(4) Belvedere 750 mL
    • $400 Deposit required
    • Only available Fridays and Sundays
  • POOLSIDE BEACH COUCH PACKAGE- $2250 all-in price –(4) 750 mL Belvedere and (1)
    • $400 Deposit Required
  • UPPER CABANA PACKAGE -$3050 all-in price – (4) 750mLBelvedere and (2)1L Belvedere 
    • $500 Deposit Required
  • LOWER BUNGALOW WITH POOL PACKAGE -$4700 all-in price –(4) 750mL Belvedere and (4) 1L Belvedere 
    • $500 Deposit Required
  • LOWER BUNGALOW SELECT PACKAGE- $3900 all-in price –(4) 750mL of Belvedere and (3) 1L Belvedere
    • $500 Deposit Required
    • Only available Fridays and Sundays


cheap bottle service

Good ole Daylight was so good and such a cool concept when it first opened.  Vegas was a bit different back then; there were more people into EDM and a larger industry crowd.  Those days have come and gone, but the heartbeat of this party still lives on.  The venue is open Thursday to Sunday in season, and they have a LIT 🔥  Sunday Hip Hop party that is popular.  On Thursday and Friday, you will mainly find local DJs playing Open-Format music, and Saturdays they mix it up with some headliners in the EDM or Hip Hop genre. Daylight is located behind the Mandalay Bay, and make sure you get dropped off at the Manadaly Bay Convention Center.

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  • Day Bed Package–$1150 all-in price–(2)750mL of 50 Blue Vodkaorupgrade to $1250 all-infor 2 premiumalcohol
    • $300 Deposit Required
    • Premium upgrade only available Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays
  • Side Couch Package – $1850 all-in price–(2) 1L and (1) 750mL of 50 Blue Vodka
    • $400 Deposit Required
  • Cabana Package –$2650 all-in– for 4 bottles of 50 Blue Vodka 
    • $500 Deposit Required


cheap bottle service

The newest pool party in Vegas, this venue was born as part of the freshly remodeled, smoke-free Park MGM renovation and rebrand.  The space itself has a unique and exotic vibe, sporting a well-done theme of Morocco's Majorelle Gardens.  Dubbed TheNoMad Pool, it converts into the 21+ JEMAA pool party on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.   

While the venue itself is beautiful and newer clubs typically soak up a lot of attention from guests wanting to try out the newest toy in the store, it does suffer a bit from its location – located right next to pool powerhouses Wet Republic and Marquee Day Club.

However, that works in favor of guests looking for a quality venue at awesome rates, and JEMAA offers some of the best pool deals in the city!

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  • Package 1 - $1200 all-in price – (2) Premium Alcohol 1L
    • $300 Deposit Required
  • Package 2 – $1600 all-in price -(3) 750mL Grey Goose $1600 all in  
    • $350 Deposit Required
  • Package 3 - $1900 all-in price –(2) Magnum 1.5L Grey Goose
    • $400 Deposit Required


As a full-servicedaylife/nightlife company, we are here not only to connect you with the best deals in town but to help you fully plan your trip. Custom-build your own personalized Vegas vacation packages and take the stress out of creating the best itinerary for you and your group so you can enjoy your adventure without a care in the world.

Don’t see a package you like? We can find and recommend deals to fit your needs and budget as needed.

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Navigating Vegas nightlife is often very confusing, whether you are an experienced partygoer or coming to Vegas for the first time. That's what we're here for – to help guide you through what should be some of the most memorable days and nights of your life.

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Are you still confused? No problem!

Navigating Vegas nightlife is often very confusing, whether you are an experienced partygoer or coming to Vegas for the first time. That's what we're here for – to help guide you through what should be some of the most memorable days and nights of your life.

Hope to see you soon!

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