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If you're reading this guide, chances are, you're planning your trip to Vegas and trying to get the lay of the land. Excited to start packing for the trip, you dig into your closet and pull out your best clothes and strut your stuff in Sin City.

The question is, what should you pack for nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas? The party scene is frequented by some of the best-dressed (and not-so-best-dressed, let's be honest) party people in the world, and you're going to want to fit right in or at least be able to pass the dress code at a club.

In the guide below, we will touch on some of the DO's and DON'T's to dressing up in the desert lights.

Las Vegas Nightclubs


While you don't necessarily have to roll up in a suit or even wear a tie, it is a good idea to dress up when attending a Vegas nightclub, if nothing else than to make it past the dress code check.

In fact, most of the dress code restrictions at clubs apply to men; Las Vegas girls have a much laxer mandate when it comes to dressing up to go out in Vegas. (It's almost like they know that you have to make it a rule for guys to dress up, and girls instinctively know they have to doll up before heading out!)

Nightclub Dress Code for Men


Do's: Don'ts:
Collared shirts, blazers, fashionable t-shirts* Tank tops, graphic tees, hoodies/sweatshirts, bare chest

*While it was the norm for guys to wear collared shirts to the club, there has been a massive surge in the fashion vernacular of wearing fashionable or high-end t-shirts. Most clubs are lenient about these tops, but it is at their discretion whether or not to let them in. I personally recommend throwing on a blazer over the t-shirt to complete the look.


Do's: Don'ts:
Jeans, dress pants Shorts, sweatpants/athleisure wear (including most joggers), cutoff jeans

Although distressed jeans are fashionable (small rips and weathering), clubs will not allow "destroyed" jeans for men, which refer to jeans that are missing huge chunks of the legs. This style is popular among women, but there are some variations for men as well.



Do's: Don'ts:
Dress shoes, "dressy" sneakers Sandals, athletic shoes (Jordans/Nike/Adidas, etc.); hard-soled boots

Here's where it gets tricky, while Jordan Brand shoes have come back into the popular consciousness, they technically fall under "athletic shoes" and are usually denied at the door. Yeezy's fall under the same category, although there are more cases of leniency with these, especially if you are a bottle service customer.

Sneakers that are allowed: Vans, Converse Chuck Taylors, most Steve Madden casual shoes, or similarly styled miscellaneous brands.


Nightclub Dress Code for Women


Do's: Don'ts:
Anything except - Gym/athleisure wear, sheer/see-through tops without a bra


Do's: Don'ts:
Anything except - Gym/athleisure wear


Do's: Don'ts:
Heels, flats, sandals with a back strap Gym/athletic shoes, flip flops

There isn't a whole lot of restrictions when it comes to ladies' attire. They don't necessarily have to wear heels and a dress to get into a club; there are many variations for females to wear on a night out these days. The only limitation is gym wear and see-through/overly risqué clothing. We know it's Sin City, but all necessary parts have to be covered, ladies.

Pro Tip: Try and pick a pair of shoes that you can stay in all night, ladies. Not only is it dangerous to walk around without any shoes, but it's also not a good look.

Can I wear my hat in the nightclub?

While many guys (and some ladies) love to throw on their favorite snapback when they venture out, that's typically not going to be allowed inside the club. The same goes for dad hats, baseball caps, trucker hats…you get the picture.

The club will generally allow formal hats like fedoras, or in some instances even cowboy hats, but it's a good habit to practice not to wear a hat to the club.

Some places have cited security concerns (it's hard to identify someone through an overhead security camera with their hat pulled down), but like most dress code restrictions, it doesn't make the club's ambiance look good if everyone is sporting a hat.

Oversized Bags & Backpacks

Anything larger than a ladies' clutch must be stored in the club's coat check (only available in the winter months), or it will have to be dropped off at that hotel's bag check or concierge desk (most hotels allow this, for a fee).

Backpacks, messenger bags, or any such item is not allowed inside the venue.



We've just gone over a pretty long list of things you can and can't wear, but as with all things in life, there are exceptions. Bottle service guests usually get a longer leash with their wardrobe (although not by much), and there are instances when the club is willing to make exceptions for certain individuals to bend the dress code.

I assure you, pleading with the security or the staff to let you wear your Jordan 1's in because you've seen someone else do it once before is not going to do a whole lot of good and will result in you getting asked to step away from the door to change your shoes. I highly recommend dressing on the safe side to avoid any front door mishaps.

Vegas Pool Parties and Day Clubs

Dress code pole

While the vibe is much more relaxed poolside, there are still groups that turn up at the door in head-scratching attire that has necessitated heavily enforcing strict dress code restrictions at the day clubs. The biggest thing to remember is that one must always dress as if they are going into the water, even when they don't plan to. All guests entering must be wearing swimsuits.

Pool Dress Code for Men


Do's: Don'ts:
Tank tops, casual button-down shirts, t-shirts Sports jerseys, heavy clothing

Sports jerseys are a big point of emphasis for day club security to deny, so please leave the Lakers jersey at home.


Do's: Don'ts:
Board shorts, swim trunks Cargo/jean shorts, jeans, sweatpants, gym shorts

By far, the most common dress code mistake guys make when heading to the day club is thinking they can wear basketball shorts or cargo shorts to the pool party. If you don't have swimwear on, they will ask you to buy some from the nearby swim shop (and they won't be cheap, so best to come prepared).


Do's: Don'ts:
Flip flops, sandals, boat shoes, or similar Athletic shoes, boots

Wearing athletic sneakers into a day club isn't an unheard-of event, but it does vary from door to door. Some will allow them; some will deny them. I recommend going the safe route and avoiding wearing athletic shoes to the pool entirely.

Pool Attire for Women

Do's: Don'ts:
Swimsuit + cover-up, casual clothes for walking through the casino, heels, wedges, flats, sandals Long pants, athletic wear, athletic shoes

Ladies, once again, have fewer restrictions on their clothing than men. It's not uncommon for a female guest to have her swimsuit under shorts and a crop top – but please don't show up in full jeans and try to pass that off. Remember, this is a pool party, ladies. Dress the part!

Hats and Sunglasses at the Club

Hats, caps, and everything in between are allowed at the day clubs. Same goes for sunglasses. Fairly obvious stuff, but these questions do get asked.

Bag Check

While you can bring large bags into the venue, please note that security will thoroughly inspect its contents to ensure you aren't bringing anything onto the premises that goes against the venue's policies.

Non-bottle service guests will also be required to purchase a locker for the day to store their bag (anything larger than a clutch purse). Lockers are available to rent at all pool parties for a hefty fee. Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in giving you a little bit of an insight into the world of Vegas daylife and nightlife! Ready to get your weekend started?

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Navigating Vegas nightlife is often very confusing, whether you are an experienced partygoer or coming to Vegas for the first time. That's what we're here for – to help guide you through what should be some of the most memorable days and nights of your life.

Hope to see you soon!

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