If you're reading this guide, chances are you are planning a trip to Vegas and trying to get the lay of the land. If you're a group of guys traveling without girls (because who brings sand to the beach?), then most likely, you are hoping to meet and party with some Las Vegas girls.

The question is, how do you go about meeting girls? It's one thing to go where girls from all over the world congregate to party, and another to ensure meeting a few and getting the most out of your trip. You need a guy on the inside: Enter Las Vegas promoters, hosts, and girl guys.

In the guide below, we will be touching on how Vegas girl guys, their role in the nightclubs, industry, and the difference between their role and the roles of Vegas promoters, VIP hosts, and Independent VIP Hosts.


Nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas employ a specific type of host/promoter whose job revolves around inviting and hosting "Vegas hot" ladies.

Disclaimer: Ladies, while "hot" is subjective to each person's tastes, these guys are usually mandated to find a particular archetype of female. If they think you fit their criteria, they will invite you and your girls to hang out at their table at the venue (if you choose to), but I highly recommend not trying to force the issue without being invited first – some of these exchanges can be brutal and potentially embarrassing and should definitely be avoided.

These "girl guys" – also known as VIP liaisons, girl hosts, among other monikers – are tasked with approaching bottle service guests and asking if they need assistance with getting girls to their table for a small handshake*.

A good girl guy is able to pair the right types of groups together like a matchmaker of sorts, introducing the right group of guys and girls who are most likely to mesh the best and elevate the night's experience.

*A handshake is the industry term for a tip. Traditionally, you tip someone by hiding the bill in your hand and shake their hand, passing the bill without revealing the act.


In many other major cities, the distinction between promoter and aVIP host is less defined than it is in Vegas. Many promoters in other markets have to host their guests and are also expected to bring girls and bottle service customers to these venues.


In many cases, these other-city promoters aren't employed by the clubs but work part-time on the weekends on a contractual basis. That's not the case in Vegas, where there is a level of division of labor between roles because of the sheer number of guests that these places let in through their doors on any given weekend. The typical nightclub business model is simple: Throw a big party where everyone is happy and being taken care of, and charge for everything.

The difference that Vegas has with its contemporaries in other cities is the scale of the business levels and venues. Bigger clubs, bigger performers, and an endless amount of tourist clientele that changes every week all mean that the system has to be down to a science.

With the quantity of the business these clubs have to deal with, they run the risk of a drop-in service with their customers and their happiness, which is not a good thing, especially with customers who spend money at these clubs. The existence of girl guys helps ensure that things are running smoothly, and the people that spend big money at the clubs are kept happy – and happy customers spend money.

Vegas Promoter Vesus A VIP Host?

As noted above, each nightlife position has a specific role in the grand scheme of things, and while each club has its own variations of their role designations, this is basically what you can expect from the different job titles.

  • Promoters – ever walk down Las Vegas Boulevard and get invited by someone handing out flyers in a club-branded polo shirt? That is your standard promoter, and their main job is to get people on the guest list and focus on driving large quantities of people to the venue. These promoters are usually employed directly by the clubs, work full-time, and typically aren't at the venues at night; their jobs are mainly to work during the day to drive traffic to the club that evening.
  • VIP Hosts – these are the guys (and ladies) you see in suits at the club at night, huddled around the podium waiting for the guests to start showing up. Their primary job is to bottle service sell tables, build relationships with customers that come to their venue, and sell more tables.
  • Girl Guys – they're not quite promoters and not quite VIP hosts. They're more like promoter hosts that specifically look after good-looking girls that they can use at tables that are looking for girls that weekend.
  • Independent VIP Hosts – that's what we are here at Exploring Vegas; we are not employed by any specific club but can provide the same services at any venue, on top of other amenities such as limos and dining deals that typical club employees might not be able to offer guests.



While everything seems pretty straightforward so far, let's address some of the problems that have popped up when employing girl guys at the clubs over the years.

  • Matchmaking isn't an exact science – this happens at least half of the time and is not always the Girl-Guy’s fault. Some groups just don't mesh well together, the girls might not be interested, whatever the case may be, the pairing just doesn't work out, and the girls end up leaving the table. You may have to ask (and tip each time) for a couple of different girl groups before the right chemistry comes along.
  • Not enough fish in the sea – it's tough to imagine a club running out of girls who want to sit at a table and drink, but there are nights and certain weekends when it's tough to find talent to bring to tables, so you can't always rely on them to have something for your group.
  • Money talks – while you have to tip each time, they bring girls to your table, they also tend to save the prettiest girls in their pool for the biggest minimum spenders in hopes of squeezing out bigger tips.


Having these types of hosts inside the club is a useful tool and service for girls and bottle service guests, but it's an optional service best used as a last resort rather than your first option.

Our recommendations?

  • Ask your host first – if you book with us, chances are we know girls attending the club you're booking your table at or know someone there who does. Like any good host, we are there to try and do whatever we can to make your experience even better.
  • Go out and mingle – the best connections are organic, even in Vegas. Mingle at the bar, surf the dance floor, and strike up conversations at the pool – there are many ways to be social in Las Vegas.

If all else fails, we can absolutely turn to the club's girl guy to drum up some talent for your table, but definitely try and explore the other options first. Hopefully, this guide has helped give you a little bit of an insight into the world of Vegas nightlife. Ready to get your weekend started?

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