If you're reading this guide, chances are you're planning your trip to Vegas and trying to get the lay of the land. Now it's time to start planning what you should be planning to spend on drinks in Vegas.

The question is, how much are drinks? You shouldn't expect to pay the same amount for a whiskey and Coke from your local watering hole; after all, this is the desert city of bright flashing lights.

In the brief guide below, we will be touching on how much drink prices are in Las Vegas nightclubs and dayclubs and some general etiquette when it comes to drinking in Sin City.



Pricing in Nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas can get pretty outrageous, so it's best to have an idea of what they cost before you start ordering. Here's what you can expect:

Mixed drinks - $12-$25
Beer - $8-$12
Bottled water - $10+
Shots - $20+

The price obviously fluctuates depending on the type of alcohol you want to order, but this is about what you can expect when you step up to the bar, so be advised before you start ordering hundreds of dollars' worth of drinks. If you and your group are planning on drinking heavily, look into buying bottle service instead.

Pro Tip: Pregaming is still a thing, ladies and gents. Don't be afraid to have a cocktail or two before venturing out but be warned; venues will deny your group entry into the club if anybody looks like they're too intoxicated, so don't get sloppy!


Some things to remember about what's legal and what's not in Las Vegas as it pertains to alcohol:

  • The legal drinking age is 21+, and you must be able to show a government-issued photo ID to prove your age. Nightclubs cannot admit patrons under 21, so you cannot go in even if "you don't intend to drink."
  • Open containers are legal on the Vegas Strip but not glass containers – feel free to buy a big plastic drink from Fat Tuesday's, but please don't carry glass beer bottles around.
  • Drinking and driving is illegal (of course). You cannot take open containers into public transportation, so finish your drink before you hop in an Uber or taxi.
  • You can take outside beverages into any casino (and drink as you walk around), but not any of the licensed venues inside – bars, nightclubs, lounges, etc.



Here are a few things to remember when it comes to ordering and consuming alcohol in Vegas:

  • Tip your server/bartender – always tip the person serving you drinks. Anybody who's ever ordered drinks at a crowded bar knows that the only way service staff will keep coming back to take your order is if they know you are tipping, and it's no exception here.
  • Don't try to deal with broken glass or spills yourself – it's inevitable; someone will break a glass or spill their drink. Calmly let the nearest service staff know, and they will deal with the mess. It's for your safety!

  • Be patient and respect the staff – please remember that you're not the only person waiting to get served. When ordering at the bar, make eye contact, and when you're sure the bartender has noticed you, wait your turn! Snapping your fingers at someone or waving your money in the air won't get you served faster, but it will make you look like a rude customer.
  • Don't ask for a "good deal" or a "hookup" – if you're ordering drinks on the Strip, those things are pretty heavily regulated, especially inside the clubs. Bartenders are there to pour you exactly what they've been trained to serve customers, and the price is pretty non-negotiable – remember, those are the club's prices, not the bartender driving up your bar tab.


Some nightclubs and pool parties offer open bar and free drinks (almost always for girls) on the guest list with either drink tickets (vouchers for a drink at the bar) or a timed open bar for ladies. Visit our guest list guide for more information about the guest list and its perks!

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in giving you a little bit of an insight into the world of Vegas nightlife! Ready to get your weekend started?

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