Whether it's a bachelorette party or your best friend's birthday, or just because, Las Vegas is a popular destination for a lot of ladies looking to have a little fun in the desert. Spice up your next trip with a bit of naughty fun by planning to visit one of Vegas' many male strip shows!


From the notoriously raunchy shows of the men of Thunder From Down Under and Chippendales to the largest adult playground (including the most requested off-Strip Men's Strip Club) in the world, and everything in between, you're going to want to know your options for visiting Vegas' world-class strip club venues before your big trip.

Here are some things you might want to know when booking your male strip club plans!

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As far as what you're looking for – not really, but there is a big distinction when referencing them in Las Vegas.

The definition of the word "revue" pertains to a series of short skits or dances that comprise a larger overall show – think of the many bits the guys of the movie Magic Mike end up doing.

However, when referring to male revue in Las Vegas, you're most likely referring to one of the many on-Strip productions like Magic Mike Live and Thunder From Down Under – shows with high degrees of production and also have a fixed timeframe of how long the shows go on (typically 90 minutes). They are more of a "show" to attend than an actual strip club experience, and the prices for their tickets are more expensive than what you find at the alternative, off-Strip venues.


Now, when speaking about "male strip clubs" in Vegas, you're most likely referring to the Men of Sapphire, Men of Vegas, and Kings of Hustler, and the off-Strip male revue shows that take place at actual strip clubs.

While there is a similar sort of production as far as little skits and dances and shows going on at these places, they are not limited to 90-minutes like male revue productions, which are bound by having to get ready for the next round of shows, but a continuous show that goes on for the 5-6 hours they are open Thursday to Sunday nights, with the ability for guests to take their favorite dancers for private dances – more one-on-one time with the men – and generally a more complete experience for guests looking to get that strip club ambiance.


If you are looking to make a reservation for Chippendales, Magic Mike Live, or any of the strip male revue shows, you need pre-purchased tickets just like any other show. You can purchase tickets directly with us or purchase them with our packages if you would like to bundle and add to your overall experience.


As for the actual male strip club shows, reservations can be made with us the day of, although typically we prefer at least a few hours' notice (as these shows do fill up on busy weekends) to set everything up and arrange a time for your limo or party bus to pick you up from the hotel.

All of our male strip club packages include VIP transportation to pick you up from the hotel of your choice (whether it's a limo or party bus), expedited entry on arrival, and in some cases, complimentary cocktails or champagne, and if you so choose, VIP entry into the nightclub of your choice.

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If you made the right decision and made a reservation with us for the strip club, make sure you only use the vehicle the venue sends to pick you up. Unfortunately, the strip club decides which vehicle they send, and you cannot pick the vehicle coming to get you.

Rideshare and taxi drivers are all paid a referral fee or a "kickback" for bringing customers to the strip clubs. When you arrive in a non-contracted vehicle, the club has to compensate the driver, which means that whatever savings you were going to get via the package is no longer on the table.

All customers arriving in non-designated vehicles are treated as walk-in guests, and any extra perks are no longer available to you.


Ahh…this is the part you've been waiting for. The sexy men who work the stages of these naughty niches are some of the best male specimens you're bound to find – and they're here for you.


The entertainers you see are some of the best in their craft and in the entire business: hundreds of men audition for these roles. Management is careful to select only the best of the best to grace their stages and fulfill the fantasies of its customers.

Be warned: any stripper you meet at these clubs is a professional hustler – they are there to make their money, and they are going to say and do anything to part you from yours, but you are going to get a hell of a show while it's happening.


Every dancer has to pay a "house fee" to the club every night before he's even able to get on the floor, just like the female strippers – which means that all of them start off in the red. In short, they're going to be working hard to generate tips from you and the rest of the audience to try and turn those losses into gains.

While their business model differs slightly from how female strippers generate money from guys, the concept remains more or less the same: the beginning of their performance starts onstage with a choreographed dance or performance (think Magic Mike!) and then spills out onto the floor for lap dances, all the while hoping to generate enough excitement to have the girls stuff enough tips in their underwear to make back the house fee, and then some (because a boys gotta eat, you know).

Guests are also allowed to take any of the guys back (for a fee) to a VIP Room for a more private, intimate session or buy their way into a stage dance (where the guy puts the lady in question on stage for a public lap dance in front of the whole audience).

NOTE: while stage dances are very much a thing at male revues, the audience member brought on-stage is pretty much picked at random by the staff or dancers since they are operating on strict time constraints per show.

Here's what you should know: if you decide to take one of the guys back to a VIP room (it's really just a small booth with a curtain), prices are negotiable. Aside from the amount the club charges the guys to have someone inside those booths, he sets his own prices on what he wants to charge customers who want to take him back there – so you can definitely try and haggle!




By far, the most requested male strip club in Las Vegas is located inside the gigantic compound of Sapphire Gentlemen's Club. Dominating the game for over 13 years, the Men of Sapphire incorporate high-energy, action-packed dance routines into their show, along with a variety of your favorite dress-up adult fantasies – cowboys or firefighters, anyone?

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Kings of Hustler


Every weekend, the notorious Kings of Hustler take over the catwalks of the Hustler Club, ready to wow their next audience. Turn up the heat on your next Vegas visit with these handsome hunks! In addition to its steamy shows, Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is also home to one of Vegas most vibrant after-hours parties.

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Men of Vegas


The newest guys on the block, Men of Vegas, have wasted no time making a splash in the male revue scene, delivering some of the most eye-popping shows you'll ever see with some of the hottest male entertainers in the city! Men of Vegas is produced by the legendary Spearmint Rhino.

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REMINDER: as noted above, the shows below all require ticket purchases and do not include VIP transportation. Looking to book a limo? We can book that separately or as part of a personalized package with your male revue purchase.




The Aussies take over the top spot on our rankings as the most requested male revue show in Las Vegas, and there’s little doubt why: they have an absolutely sizzling show with some of the best-looking guys from “Down Under” that will have its audiences looking up the next flight to the Outback. G’day, indeed!

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Produced in part by Hollywood megastar Channing Tatum, Magic Mike Live brings to life all of the blockbuster movie’s best parts for a truly dazzling show that will leave you breathless and wishing the show would start all over again. Live out your steamiest fantasies with the men of Magic Mike Live!

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Chippendales has been one of the most legendary male strip shows over the years, and for good reason: it’s the perfect blend of naughty and class that will leave audiences wanting more. The shirtless bowtie and tux cuff combo is an iconic and timeless look; almost like the male version of Playboy’s bunny outfits!

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black magic mike

The only all-black all-male revue in Las Vegas, Black Magic Live brings a hot and sexy mix of the best hip hop moves with their strip tease. In the mood for a little brown sugar? This is the show for you!

SIDE NOTE: Make sure to bring a stack of dollar bills as the guys at this show do work off tips, unlike the other male revue shows!

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The blokes from Australia take another spot on this list with yet another show that wows audiences every night they take the stage. Hailing directly from the motherland, these luscious lads put on such an amazing show, they’ve even been featured on shows like “Australia’s Got Talent.” On a little side note this show is LGBTQ friendly!

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Want more options? Check out the rest of our male revue shows here.


While both kinds of shows are very similar, it's important to know the difference so you can properly identify your options.

With male strip clubs you have a little more intimacy with the performers, you are not tied to a 90-minute time limit, and it will be much cheaper upfront than buying a ticket for a male revue.

Male revues have a much bigger budget for its production, will probably have more seats per showtime available, and most shows are located right on the Strip. Think of attending one like you're attending any other theatrical production.

You can't go wrong picking one kind or another; they all get pretty rave reviews, but we like to show you all the things available to you so you can make an informed choice and plan your nights accordingly.

Hopefully, this guide has been helpful in giving you a little bit of an insight into the world of Vegas nightlife!

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