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Ahh… you've finally touched down in the desert and are itching to hit the Strip, gamble a little, take in the sights – and of course, pay a visit to Sin City's legendary strip clubs.

Whether you are planning a trip to the Sapphire the world's largest gentlemen's club or our personal favorite Crazy Horse III, there's a few things you need to know before you take out that stack of ones!

In the guide below, I'll be going over some of the things you can expect at the strip club – and some tips on how to act inside a strip club.

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All of our packages include VIP transportation (limo, party bus, or sprinter van) from any hotel in the Strip's vicinity to the strip club you want to attend, among other perks.

If you made the right decision and made a reservation with us for the strip club, please make sure you only use the vehicle we send from the venue to pick you up. Getting into the vehicle specifically there to pick you up is part of the reservation package and is required to make sure you get the rest of your perks.

Rideshare and taxi drivers are all paid a referral fee or a "kickback" for bringing customers to the strip clubs. Because the club is now having to pay someone out for your business, the savings you would've gotten via any package you booked with us is now null and void.

All customers arriving in non-designated vehicles are treated as walk-in guests, and any extra perks – including free drinks, discounted entry, etc. – are no longer available to you.


While not quite as strict as the nightclubs on the Strip, even strip clubs have a basic dress code that all of their guests must adhere to. This helps the club's management maintain the right aesthetic with their customers and make sure that they are letting in the right type of guests.

The dress code required is pretty basic (and really only applies to male customers):

  • No open-toed shoes (including sandals)
  • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts
  • No white t-shirts
  • No jerseys, shorts, or sweatpants, or other athletic/athleisure wear
  • No bandanas, beanies, or do-rags

Basically, please dress up for a night out if you plan to attend a strip club and don't look like a slob! Seems like common sense but easy to forget when you're on vacation.

For our full dress code guide for dayclubs and nightclubs, click here.


For the most part, Vegas strip clubs have a no-touch policy for customers when it comes to the dancers – both male and female. They can touch you as they give lap dances, but please refrain from groping the strippers, as that will get you in trouble with security.

That's not to say that touching the dancers doesn't happen – of course it does, and especially in the relative privacy of the VIP booths – but it's a good idea to let your entertainer guide your hands instead of just grabbing away.



Every dancer has to pay a "house fee" to the club every night before they're even able to get on the floor, which means that all of them start in the red – in short, they're going to be aggressively pushing themselves on you and your group to try and turn those losses into gains.

Why is this important to know? A better understanding of how a dancer values his/her time on the floor will help you – and this is a tough concept – understand that they are there to make money!

If you like a dancer's performance on stage, give them a tip.

If you fancy a specific dancer, buy a dance.

Money talks; nothing is more infuriating to the entertainers when customers are just "window shopping" and have no intention of getting a dance.

Any stripper you meet at these clubs is a professional hustler – they are there to make their money, and they will say and do anything to part you from yours, and you're going to get a hell of a show while it's happening.


The strip club business model is simple: while out on the main floor, the dancers are going to try and lure you in with a $20 one-song lap dance, hoping to entice you just enough to make you want to take them back to the VIP rooms, where they can start charging all sorts of crazy numbers to their now-captive audience.

The funnel system goes a little something like this:

  • Stage Dance – performing on stage or on the pole to catch the customer's attention.
  • Lap Dance – a one-song lap dance in the Main Room to further entice the customer.
  • VIP Area – a more private area where the lines start getting blurred on what you're buying. Typically booked in 20-30 minute increments for at least $100 per session to the dancer, and you usually have to spend a minimum amount towards the club as well, whether that is buying a 2-drink minimum, a bottle of alcohol, or just a straight-up VIP Area fee.
  • Private VIP Room – this is the top of the funnel and the minimums start getting much pricier. These are booked in 1-hour increments in the neighborhood of $500/girl, and you are most likely going to have to pay to book the room as well, typically a $500+ minimum spend.

Please note that the girls (and guys) dancing are not employees of the establishment but rather individual contractors that pay a fee every time they want to dance that night – which means they can pretty much set their own prices on everything once they get out there. Initial prices typically stay the same (the main floor dance is all pretty much going to cost $20/song) but feel free to haggle a little if you decide to take it further and go to one of the back VIP rooms.


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  • Strip Club ATMs
    • If you thought the ATM fees on the Strip were bad, these are way worse since they have a captive audience. Make sure you take out money before you get in that limo.
  • Funny Money
    • Strip Clubs have their own form of "currency" where you can exchange your real money for their fake money that can only be used inside their property. They charge you a fee to make the exchange, and the dancers don't even like accepting that money since they get charged a fee to exchange it into real money as well – do yourself a favor and just take out money before arriving at the club.
  • No Pictures, Please
    • Everyone has a camera on their phone, but it doesn't mean you should be using it to record your strip club experience. Please respect the privacy of the entertainers, and it's a liability for the venue as well. Get off your phones and enjoy the show.

That's about it! Hopefully, this guide has been helpful to your Las Vegas Nightlife education with out Strip Club Etiquette Guide. Feel free to check out the rest of our guides below:


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