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Daylight Pool Party

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When it was first built, Daylight Beach Club was meant to rival the big EDM pools of the day Marquee Day Club, Encore Beach Club, and Wet Republic by offering a festival-type atmosphere and electronic dance DJs of their own. They've since zagged while everyone has zigged, booking huge Hip Hop performers and going the opposite direction. As a result, they've cornered the market in that regard.

If you're looking for an all Hip Hop pool, this is your best bet – especially on Sundays!

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Who is Brian Pfeiffer with Exploring Las Vegas?

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Before I dive in, my name is Brian Pfeiffer, owner of the parent company, Surreal LLC, the holding company of this site. I have worked in Vegas nightlife since 2012 and was the top promoter in Chicago since 2002! I am a licensed independent host by the Nevada Gaming Commission and as a Clark County Professional Promoter. We book 100's of groups each month and have 1000's of 5-star reviews over five large authority websites. Our passion is making your Sin City trip unforgettable, and with our package deals and years of experience, you can count on us to make excellence happen.

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Where is Daylight Beach Club Vegas Located?

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Daylight Beach Club is located at the back of Mandalay Bay, next to its Convention Center. If you're walking from the hotel's main lobby or main parking garage – get ready for a long walk through the hotel and pool area. The easiest way to access it is by getting dropped off at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. There's a parking lot directly in front of Daylight's entrance, cutting a 15-minute walk to almost zero! There is also a separate parking garage in that area for guests who want to drive – much better than parking in the hotel's garage and braving the long walk-in flip-flops.

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What Days is Daylight Beach Club Open?

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Daylight is open Thursday through Sunday during the summer months of Las Vegas – March through October. On select events, you may see the appearance of Daylight at Night, the nighttime pool party held at the same venue. As the name implies – this doesn't happen often and only comes around on Saturdays for Neon Vibra Latin party and some Fridays or special events!

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 12 PM – 6 PM
Friday 11 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 11 AM – 6 PM
Sunday 12 PM – 6 PM

What's the Daylight Beach Club Party Vibe?

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Largely a wide-open space with a gigantic wading pool and a ginormous stage in the background, Daylight almost feels like the pool party version of what Instagram Coachella would be like. These festival, oasis-in-the-desert vibes are suddenly offset when the music comes on, with the latest in Hip Hop events streaming through the speakers at high volumes. Check out all the Daylight Beach Club events for your Sin City weekend.

Daylight Beach Club Events

How much is it to get into Daylight Beach Club?

dj life

General Admission tickets vary from event to event, with bigger headliners commanding higher price points (anywhere from $30-$50 for female tickets and $40-$100 for male tickets). Keep in mind that prices online are typically not the same as the price at the door; club management will always have the final say on what to charge if you don't buy a Daylight Beach Club ticket before doors open.


Males $40 - $100+
Females $30 - $50+


Males $30+
Females $20+

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of sorting out entry into the venue on your own, we offer a seamless process and fantastic packages, including hosted VIP entry into the club by one of our VIP Hosts. Also, if you have a group and tickets are pricey, check out our cheap bottle service deals in Sin City!

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Daylight Beach Club Guestlist vs. Presale Tickets: What's better?

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Getting on the Guestlist is a FREE SERVICE to sign up for, but here's the catch: You have to get there early. In the case of a marquee headliner where online prices are sky-high, and guests are getting in for free on the Daylight Beach Club guestlist(link /guestlist/daylight-beach-club.html ), you can be sure that the lines to get in on the list will be out the door. In this case, it is always advisable to arrive early before doors open to secure your spot at the head of the line.

Here's what you can expect on the guest list:


Males (with 1:1 ratio or more females in group) Females
Free Entry before 3 PM check-in Free Entry before 3 PM check-in


Males (with 1:1 ratio or more females in group) Females
Free or Discounted Admission (depends on headliner – early arrival recommended) Free Entry (early arrival recommended)

*Early arrival is required for Saturday events, especially with big headliners. Guestlist details are subject to capacity – if the club hits near capacity with the lines outside still full of people, the club may decide to start charging people early.

Suppose you're planning on attending a big event and can't get there early. In that case, you might want to investigate purchasing General Admission tickets in advance to avoid paying the inflated price at the door and to guarantee your entry. Pre-purchased tickets automatically guarantee access to the venue; the Guestlist does not!

Pro Tip: Club guestlists are geared more toward female patrons. All-female groups typically have a little more leeway in terms of arrival time on big days, while groups with males in their party might not have the same time luxury. Contact your Exploring Las Vegas host to find out what the best course of action is for your group.

Exploring Las Vegas Insider Tip: Did you know that some dayclubs offer an open bar for ladies? It's true! Check out our complete guide to Las Vegas Open Bar Deals.

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What Does Daylight Beach Club Bottle Service Cost?

Daylight bottle presentation

Daylight Beach Club has several areas within the club that offer different pricing tiers for bottle service. Each area has several tables that have varying minimum spends. On a non-peak day, a table in the couches might start at a $ 1,000 minimum spend but could just as quickly go for a $ 3,000 minimum on a busier pool party.

Stage and Bungalows- $$$$$
Premium and Regular Grand Cabanas - $$$$
Cabanas- $$$
Couches and Stage Couches - $$
Daybeds - $

Pro Tip: Not all locations are created equal. Be sure to view the guide below to see which table is right for you and your party, or contact one of our VIP Hosts for additional recommendation options for tipping.

Bottle Service Guide”

Las Vegas Pool Crawl

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We also offer a Las Vegas pool crawl for pool parties on Fridays and Saturdays. The line-up will look something like this: start at The Flamingo Go Pool, stop #2 Wet Republic, then Daylight. The crawl is a great value for a very reasonable price; you get entry to three of the world-famous Vegas Pool Parties, transportation to all the events, and complimentary light beers 🍻 and waters on the party bus! 🥳 These venues are subject to change.

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Table Service Locations

While there really are no terrible tables in the venue, below is a list of insights into the different table areas and what to expect.

daylight tablemap ev

Bungalows (maximum 16 people)

ev daylight bungalow

The largest areas in any of the dayclubs in Las Vegas, there are only two inside Daylight and include:

  • a small private hot tub
  • a TV
  • remote-controlled misting systems for those extra-hot Vegas days
  • a safe for valuables
  • a small refrigerator
  • daybed in front of the bungalow for sunbathing
  • a personal lounge area

Located on either side of the DJ booth area, these elevated bungalows are huge compared to a traditional cabana and make you feel like you own the place! Great value for the square footage and the number of people you can bring in.

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Grand Cabanas (maximum 10 people)

ev daylight cabana

Located on the sides of the venue, there are your prototypical cabana areas, complete with a daybed for sunbathing in front of the structure. The four grand cabanas on the south side of the venue are considered the “premium” grand cabanas, mainly because you are only sharing the plunge pool with three other cabanas. Grand Cabanas feature a small pool in front of the cabanas shared with the adjacent cabanas and usually have the biggest spenders in the venue. Typically, you will find the prettiest ladies in the dayclub invited into these cabanas as well.

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Cabanas (maximum 10 people)


Located on the southwest back corner of the venue, there are your prototypical cabana areas, complete with a daybed for sunbathing in front of the structure. Management now considers all the north side cabanas as “grand cabanas” so they all share the plunge pool. These sections do not have access to the VIP pools only the main pools.

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Couches, Stage Couches a.k.a “Party Pits” (maximum 8 people)

ev daylight partypit

As the name suggests, these tables are right in the mix, located directly in front of the DJ booth and dance floor or surrounding the pool's vicinity. Large and spacious enough to seat about 8-10 people at once, these large U-shaped couches are great spaces to have and won't break the bank.

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Daybeds (maximum 4 people)

ev daylight daybed

The entry-level table locations – their daybed reservations can admit up to 4 people. These are just your standard-issue daybeds with accompanying umbrellas, but at more-than-reasonable rates (especially compared to many other venues in the city). This is a fantastic value to have an area inside the club.

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What exactly is table/bottle service?

daylight champagne botte service

Bottle service means that the customer purchases their alcohol by the bottle and not individual drinks at the bar. In Vegas, this equates to paying a premium price for bottles but includes a table inside the club, a personal server for your section, and VIP entry into the venue. Basic mixers are also complimentary with any table reservation – assorted juices and soda and garnishes like lemons and limes. Essentially, you agree to spend a certain amount of dollars to rent the space for the night.

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What is a "minimum"? Are Bottles Extra?

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The dayclubs and nightclubs in Vegas often operate on a minimum spend requirement (or "min," for short) system for their table reservations. The customer must either reach or exceed the amount set for their minimum spend. While the table is not charged separately, the better the location, the higher the minimum spend requirement. To reach this minimum requirement, the customer can order anything from the beverage menu (bottled alcohol, cases of beer, bottled water, Red Bulls, etc., all count toward your minimum requirement).

Group size could also be a factor in raising your minimum spend. The larger your group, the more accommodations the venue has to make to provide the same VIP experience to its customers. For example, a party of 15-20 people will require a larger space than the typical customer and require more staff service; thus, their minimum would be much higher than a customer coming in with five people.

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Is bottle service worth it?

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Yes, absolutely, and without a doubt! It is the ultimate clubbing experience. While venturing onto the dance floor and exploring the venue are memorable experiences on their own, nothing is quite like being able to return to your own area, away from the crowd, and enjoy the artists' stunning performances. If your budget allows for it, I highly suggest booking Bottle Service. If you are a group of guys trying to pull girls or vice versa, tables are the 🔑 to help that process.

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How many bottles do you get with bottle service?

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As many as you can fit into your minimum. Bottle prices start at $495 and vary in price depending on whether you want a specific type of alcohol or a larger bottle. For example, suppose you have a $1,500 minimum and don't want to go over the minimum. In that case, you could theoretically get about three bottles (assuming you order the $495 ones) and fill the remaining minimum with small orders of beer/bottled water/Red Bulls/etc. Let your host know in advance, and we will coordinate with your server, depending on your preference!

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What is the tip for bottle service?

What you actually want to know is, "How much does bottle service really cost after fees?" Assuming you have a $3000 minimum booked (and don't go over that total), here's how the final bill would break down:

$3000 (Min Spend)
$251.25 (Nevada sales tax is 8.375% on Min)
$210.00 (7.0% venue fee)
$540.00 (18% tip to the server)
$4001.25 (Spend Agreement)
$44.50 (Processing Fee)
Total (What You Actually Pay): $4045.75

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How do I make a reservation, and can I choose my section?

vegas pool fun

We make reservations simple - fill out a form(link to EV Daylight Beach Club bottle service form), and one of our VIP Hosts will be in touch shortly to go over your options. The club's management determines where to seat each confirmed table reservation. We call this "plotting the room." Once again, the higher your minimum, the better the location. We can request and promise specific table locations based on customer requests and podium tips. We call podium tips "Handshakes" in Sin City. Here's a couple of things that can help us deliver on our promises:

Arrive on time! We can secure your preferred table, but we cannot ask the venue to hold it the entire day, waiting for you to show up.

Agree to the recommended minimum for your preferred location. If you want a dance floor table, we can make that happen; provided you agree to the required minimum spend it takes to book it.

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How do I get my guests in if they arrive late?

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Ideally, you want to have the whole group together when you walk to your table. However, we understand that sometimes life (or at least Vegas party life) gets in the way. Suppose your table has already entered and is sitting; in that case, the person joining you can go up to the host standing at the table reservation line and give your table number plus the name the table is booked under (you can find out your table number by asking your server or security staff if you are unsure).

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How do I order a bottle presentation?

ev daylight champagne

You must have a significant reservation booked (usually around $1000 or more) and purchase a bottle of champagne to qualify for the presentation. Let your VIP Host know, and one of us will be happy to communicate this request to your server. On some occasions, for a birthday or special event, a bottle service waitress might bring a display out for much less; just ask your server.

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Las Vegas Promoter Girl Guy Host; what is that?

atmosphere models las vegas

Let's say you are a group of guys who want to buy bottle service. A girl guy's (at Daylight Beach Club, they are called VIP Liaisons) job is to approach your table and ask if you would like him to round up some girls to help fill out your table…for a tip (we call that "handshakes" in the industry). He then does the legwork of recruiting girls around the venue to introduce them to your table. The girls are happy they get to join a table, your group is happy that there are girls at your table, and the girl guy walks away happy with a handshake. Everybody wins!

But before you employ any venue's girl guy, be sure to ask your Exploring Las Vegas VIP Host (like me) first. We will have plenty of female guests in town on any given weekend and will most likely know a few at this particular venue that we can invite to your table. If your group and the girls don't mesh for whatever reason, we can always ask the girl guy to try their hand at it.

Find out more about girl guys. We also offer atmosphere models for a group of guys who just want some pretty Vegas party girls to hang out with at the table and keep them entertained. A good rule of thumb is $100 an hour per girl for a 4-hour minimum.

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How much are drinks at Daylight Beach Club?

daylight food

Mixed drinks and cocktails start at $20, shots $15, and beer and wine around $14. Vegas is not a cheap place to party.

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Bachelor Parties in Vegas

Bachelor party daylight

The City of Sin is the bachelor capital of the world. It offers an unparalleled Las Vegas nightlife experience with an abundance of bars, world-class Las Vegas nightclubs, and Vegas Strip Clubs. Whether the groom prefers a wild night of partying or a more sophisticated evening of fine dining and casino hopping, Las Vegas has it all. There are also a number of adventurous activities, from helicopter rides and zip lining to adrenaline-pumping experiences like skydiving and driving exotic sports cars. Las Vegas promises an extraordinary opportunity for bachelor parties that will create lasting memories.

Bachelor Party Guide and Packages

Las Vegas Bachelorette Party

bachelorette party daylight

Las Vegas is synonymous with bachelorette parties for several reasons. First, the city offers an unparalleled array of entertainment options, from world-class shows, luxurious spas, and pole dancing classes to a Drag Brunch or a Helicopter Tour, ensuring that every member of the bridal party can engage in activities to suit their tastes. Las Vegas is known for its legendary nightlife scene with male revues, male strip shows, and numerous bars, lounges, and nightclubs where the bride and her tribe can dance the night away. Additionally, Las Vegas is a haven for foodies, renowned for its exceptional dining experiences, allowing the bachelorette party to indulge in exquisite meals and culinary delights. Lastly, the city's glamorous atmosphere and iconic landmarks provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photo opportunities.

Bachelorette Party Guide and Packages

Why should I book with Exploring Vegas?

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We are a licensed Independent Host Company that works with all the top venues in the city, and we have a fantastic customer track record. The difference between hosts employed by the clubs and Independent Hosts is that we do not work for the clubs; we work for you, the customer. We offer ultra-reliable service, insider information, and always the best price. We can offer better deals and get better table locations than merely making a reservation online.


We work strictly with the management at all the venues in Las Vegas, and we are well-respected in town. We will give you exact instructions, host your entry, and are available for any questions 24/7 via our website, messenger, call, text(link to 702-510-9801), or email.

pool party

And lastly, we offer more than nightlife and daylife events, from helping you book your Las Vegas hotel room and bachelor and bachelorette parties/activities to booking limo services. Exploring Las Vegas gives our customers the full Vegas VIP experience. Check out some of our other guides below to get the most out of your Vegas trip!

Find Your Next Dinner Spot Vegas Show Guide Book Your Next Vegas Tour


What is the Daylight Beach Club Vegas Dress Code?


Swim attire only, please! This is of the utmost importance. Everyone must have swimsuits on when entering a dayclub in Las Vegas – even if you don't plan on getting in the water! No long pants, no baggy clothing, no athletic wear – it's a pool party, dress like it! For a more in-depth look at dress codes in Vegas, visit our Dress Code Guide.

Vegas Dress Code Guide

Clique Hospitality Venues

bel aire lounge

Along with this venue, Clique management has a bunch of other cool spots in town. We are happy help you “double up: at any of the spots below:

Bel-Aire Lounge – a refined cocktail lounge opening in the Durango Hotel & Casino

Borracha Mexican Cantina – featuring Mexican-inspired fare in Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino

Bottiglia Cucina & Enoteca – elevated Italian plates and an extensive wine list inside Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa and Casino

Clique Bar & Lounge – at The Cosmopolitan, billed as a "stylish, high-end hangout for inventive, elaborate cocktails & small plates served in plush digs.

Easy Cocktail Lounge – a classic Las Vegas speakeasy experience at the Aria Resort on the Las Vegas Strip

Eight Cigar Lounge – a sophisticated cigar bar with cocktails and 150 cigars inside Resorts World

Gatsby's Cocktail Lounge – a swanky setting offering specialty cocktails, champagne, and light bites with DJ sets in The District at Resorts World

Mijo Modern Mexican – coastal Mexican cuisine at the Durango Hotel & Casino

Side Piece Pizza – featuring a variety of traditional pizzas at Red Rock Resort & Casino

The Still Crafts, Drafts & Eats – an upscale sports bar featuring craft beer, a full-service bar, and American fare prepared inside an Airstream at the Mirage.

Proper Eats Food Hall – a variety of unique culinary experiences at the Aria Resort

The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails – part upscale bar, part barbershop at The Cosmopolitan, where you can sit and get a shave at the same time

Tailgate Social – boasts the "best sports bar in Vegas featuring a value-friendly menu of mouthwatering eats, an oversized beer list with domestic favorites, and hard-to-find brews" inside the Palace Station Hotel.

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Daylight Beach Club Group Security

summer outfit

Before entry, all guests are required to turn out their pockets (for ladies, they will look in your purse), submit to a metal detector test, and make sure everyone entering is not bringing in anything dangerous. It's equivalent to going through the TSA line at the airport. This applies to all guests, whether you are going in with a table or General Admission.

Pro Tip: If you purchased a table and some unwanted people wander in by accident, it is always best to have the Las Vegas security staff ask them to leave instead of doing it yourself to avoid potential altercations. In the event of a confrontation between guests, both parties may likely be asked to leave. Security has the final say on such matters.

Las Vegas Security Guide

What can't I bring into the venue?

Here are some things that you will be either asked to throw away or go back to your room to deposit before coming back:

  • Vapes – while weed dispensaries are extremely popular and vaping is in vogue, most venues will not allow vapes inside their premises and will ask you to leave it in your room or at the very least throw away the cartridge inside, even if it isn't a CBD cartridge.
  • Camera equipment – the only recording equipment you are allowed to bring is the one on your phone. Digital cameras, selfie sticks, et al. are not allowed into the venue.
  • Outside Food/Beverages
  • Prescription medication (or anything resembling pills) – if you need a specific type of prescription medication while you are inside the venue, you will have to bring the prescription and explain what the medicine is for; otherwise, expect to get pulled to the side.
  • Packs of gum – dayclubs tend to be a lot stricter about checking everything that goes into the venue, but guests have been known to try and sneak drugs inside packs of gum to get them into the venue, so expect to have your gum taken away at the door.
  • Oversized bags – anything larger than a ladies' clutch or a small knapsack will be denied into the venue. This applies to most backpacks, gym bags, totes, etc.
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Brian Pfeiffer's Final Word on Daylight Beach Club

las vegas pool time

Daylight Beach Club attracts a diverse party crowd. This premier destination is ideal for those looking for a daytime destination with a great vibe, world-class entertainment, unparalleled service, and an escape from the ordinary. At this Vegas pool, music is the heartbeat that sets the rhythm of the party. Renowned DJs and performers take the stage, commanding the crowd with their high-energy beats and infectious melodies; from pulsating electronic dance music to chart-topping hits, the music selection caters to all tastes, ensuring that every guest is fully immersed in the electrifying atmosphere. The state-of-the-art sound system and cutting-edge lighting create an immersive audio-visual experience, elevating the energy to new heights.

If you want an alternative to the nightclub, strip club, or pool party, we also have other extreme packages like skydiving, machine gun shooting, and supercar racing. We are experts at creating fun! Call us today(click to call 702-510-9801) and let us help you plan your entire Vegas visit. Consider hiring some Atmosphere models or Vegas girls to enhance your Vegas nightlife experience!

Some other options for entry to pools and clubs include the Las Vegas club crawl, cheap bottle packages, the Las Vegas guestlist with a Las Vegas Promoter, club tickets, or a bar card; all are good options for one or two events.

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Bundle Your Weekend and Let Us Do the Planning!

We're here for more than just booking your strip club experience; we're here to make your whole weekend.

Check out our awesome packages below to see what's right for you or reach out directly to contact one of our VIP hosts!


Are you still confused? No problem!

Navigating Vegas nightlife is often very confusing, whether you are an experienced partygoer or coming to Vegas for the first time. That's what we're here for – to help guide you through what should be some of the most memorable days and nights of your life.

Hope to see you soon!

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Brian Surreal Pfeiffer has over 20 years of club ownership, event production, and VIP hosting experience in Las Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. He was the former promotions manager of Wet Republic Pool Party and Hakkasan nightclub. With 1000's of parties and adventures, you can count on him and Exploring Las Vegas to make your sin city vacation amazing and memorable.

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