Moorea Beach Club

Moorea Beach Club

Hours of Operation: Daily | 11 am – 6 pm
Primary Music: Open Format
Vibe Check: The largest European-style pool venue in Las Vegas is the best "toptional" pool party in the city.
Rating: 4.2 stars

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Moorea Beach Club provides guests with a private, adult, upscale, and sophisticated day-club experience. Enjoy fantastic views of the beach, cushioned chaise lounges, high-energy music, poolside massage services, and the best, personalized attendants in Las Vegas.

Another thing of note: Moorea Beach Club is a European-style pool venue, allowing for topless sunbathing for ladies. Lose the tan lines, girls!


Moorea Beach Las Vegas 2023

Where is Moorea Beach Club located, exactly?

Follow the signs from Mandalay Bay's front desk area to the pool; from there, there will be signage pointing to Moorea Beach Club.

What's the vibe?

This gorgeous venue gives off beach resort vibes, an alluring mix of relaxation and energetic ambiance that makes any visit memorable.

While many folks might prefer to go next door to Daylight Beach Club for their more traditional Vegas pool party approach, Moorea Beach Club is a unique venue with its own charms.

Expect a diverse crowd; as it is with most Vegas venues, you'll get a nice mix of guests from every walk of life from all around the world, including a “lifestyle” crowd that tends to favor this venue.

moorea girls

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Dress Code & Proper Attire

Dress Code

Swim attire only, please! This is of the utmost importance. Everyone must have swimsuits on when entering a dayclub in Las Vegas – even if you don't plan on getting in the water! No long pants, no baggy clothing, no athletic wear – it's a pool party, dress like it!

For a more in-depth look at dress codes in Vegas, visit our dress code guide.

What days is Moorea Beach Club open?

Moorea Beach Club is open daily, though it's busiest Friday through Sunday. Doors open at 11 am, and the venue closes when the hotel shuts the pool down at 6 pm.

What's the Cost of Entry for Moorea Beach Club?


Hotel guests get free admission (with ID to verify guest is over 21 years of age).

Non-hotel guests can access it by booking a reservation ahead of time or if the hotel is allowing non-guests to access their pool area with an extra fee (not always the case).

How much are drinks at a day club?


Drinks at the bar have a wide range of pricing, anywhere from a $15 vodka soda to an $80 giant plastic tumbler of an alcoholic slushie. Bottles of water cost $10! Due to the insane amount of demand, dayclubs in Las Vegas tend to have higher-than-industry-standard pricing for entry, bottle service, drinks, everything.

Why is that?

In contrast to nighttime venues – clubs, lounges, gentlemen's clubs, shows, etc. – there are far fewer pool venues and dayclubs in the city. While the population on the Strip gets spread out at night among many different places, it gets condensed into relatively few areas during the day.

In short – expect to pay a pretty penny at the bar to imbibe and rehydrate when at a Vegas pool party.

What can't I bring into the dayclub?

Here are some things that you will be either asked to throw away or go back to your room to deposit before coming back:

  • Vapes – while weed dispensaries are extremely popular and vaping is in vogue, most venues will not allow vapes inside their premises and will ask you to leave it in your room or at the very least throw away the cartridge inside, even if it isn't a CBD cartridge.
  • Camera equipment – the only recording equipment you are allowed to bring is the one on your phone. Digital cameras, selfie sticks, et al. are not allowed into the venue.
  • Outside Food/Beverages
  • Prescription medication (or anything resembling pills) – if you need a specific type of prescription medication while you are inside the venue, you will have to bring the prescription and explain what the medicine is for; otherwise, expect to get pulled to the side.
  • Packs of gum – dayclubs tend to be a lot stricter about checking everything that goes into the venue, but guests have been known to try and sneak drugs inside packs of gum to get them into the venue, so expect to have your gum taken away at the door.
  • Oversized bags – anything larger than a ladies' clutch or a small knapsack will be denied into the venue. This applies to most backpacks, gym bags, totes, etc.

How Do I get into Moorea Beach Club

Moorea Beach Club Guest List

What is a guest list? Nightclubs and pool parties in Las Vegas use a certain type of promotion that they run to drive people to their doors early. This promotion allows people to sign up on a guest list that gives them certain perks – free or discounted entry, ladies free drinks, etc. – by arriving and checking in at the club by a certain time.




What is Bottle Service? Bottle service, at least in Las Vegas, refers to reserving a table inside a nightclub or day club.

By definition, it generally refers to someone buying their drinks by the bottle and not by individual drinks over the bar. In other clubs in other cities, there are instances when someone can buy a bottle and not get a table, but those go hand in hand in Las Vegas – you cannot buy a bottle inside a venue without having your own booth.

How do I read pricing for Bottle Service at Moorea Beach Club?

Unlike most dayclubs that price their locations with a minimum spend requirement, Moorea Beach Club charges a rental fee for each of their locations on top of whatever you order to eat and drink.

You can think of it as: Rental Fee + Drink/Food Subtotal + Tax & Gratuity

Each location is priced differently; the better the location or, the larger the space, the higher the rental fee.



moorea table map


GRAND SUN VILLA (maximum 20 people)

moorea beach club grand sun villa

Watch the action unfold from the comfort and luxury of this third-story private villa overlooking the entirety of the beach club. This gigantic space feels like having your own private club, with tons of space and a fantastic view. It really doesn't get any better than this!

Amenities include:

  • Personal Restroom
  • Surround Sound System
  • 6 Lounge Chairs | Couch | Daybed
  • TV
  • Safe for Valuables
  • Fridge
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Assorted Non-Alcoholic Beverages

SUN VILLAS (maximum 15 people)

moorea beach club sun villa

These four villas share the other side of the third-floor of Moorea Beach Club and feature a private pool area that is only shared by these villas. Though slightly smaller than the Grand Sun Villas, they share many of the same amenities and are a great option for larger groups looking to hold their own little private party from on high.

Amenities include:

  • Personal Restroom
  • Surround Sound System
  • 3 Lounge Chairs | Couch | Daybed
  • TV
  • Safe for Valuables
  • Fridge
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Assorted Non-Alcoholic Beverages

PAVILION CABANAS (maximum 12 people)

moorea beach club pavilion cabana

The most visible and coveted area in the beach club is the raised Pavilion area, with its private pool area that can only be accessed by guys with a cabana in this area, though ladies are free to come and use the pool area!

Amenities include:

  • Personal Restroom
  • 4 Lounge Chairs | Daybed
  • TV
  • Safe for Valuables
  • Fridge
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Assorted Non-Alcoholic Beverages

DAYBEDS (maximum 6 people)

moorea beach club daybed

Take in the ambiance of an upscale dayclub setting next to the infinity hot tub with one of these centrally-located daybeds.

SMORES (sold individually)

moorea beach club smores

While most beach clubs start their minimum reservations with a daybed (to appeal to groups rather than individuals or couples), Moorea Beach Club offers its guests the option of booking lounge chairs (they call them Smores) that ring around the main pool area.

Moorea Beach Club Menu


Yes, they serve food.

Unlike the nightclubs, dayclubs all serve food in some form or fashion, and yes – whatever you order can go towards the minimum spend requirement!

Some dayclubs, however, will require you to have a table to order food – otherwise, you're just asking for plates to be littered everywhere and food bits all around the venue!

topless moorea beach club

Can I bring sunscreen?

Yes, sunscreen is allowed into the venue, and yes, you can take it in a small knapsack (that will be checked before entry).

Bachelor Parties

Bachelor parties are more fun under the sun. Paying a visit to Vegas' world-famous pool parties with some of the hottest Vegas girls you'll ever see is one of the best things to do as a final hurrah! Bottle service is the way to go for groups of guys planning a trip to the Vegas party scene; you're going to want a space to invite girls back to hang out!

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It's good to be a group of girls in Las Vegas – whether you're looking to buy your own table or just looking to get into a party on the guest list and schmoozing your way to a table inside, you're almost always guaranteed a good time. Make sure you're taking advantage of everything Vegas has to offer its bachelorette groups!

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