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Amazing Johnathan show

Amazing Johnathan Show

at Sahara Hotel Closed

Amazing Johnathan Show Overview

If you are looking for a show that your entire family will enjoy, "Amazing Johnathan" is not that show. Johnathan is an amazing, unusual comic and magician. The "Amazing Johnathan" show is filled with adult themes and graphic language. This is the reason why you will not want to bring the kids along when you go to see the "Amazing Johnathan" in action.

"Amazing Johnathan" is an unusual comic who also happens to be a magician. His 'edge of the seat' type of humor is impulsive, abrasive, and yet it is incredibly entertaining. If you are looking to be both entertained and wowed then "Amazing Johnathan" is the show for you. In between all the humor, is a skilled magic show as Johnathan displays all of the special magic tricks and effects he can perform. Most of the "Amazing Johnathan" show is unscripted. On the spot humor and improvisational actions allow for a unique show nearly every night the "Amazing Johnathan" show is performed.

Amazing Johnathan Comedy Show

Johnathan, who has such a quirky style he is being compared to an Alice Cooper-Steve Martin cross, has received praise worldwide for his one-of-a-kind show. In fact, he was named one of the "best comics working today" by Rolling Stone Magazine and has won an International Magic Award as "Best Comedy Magician" two years in a row. The New York Times have also found pleasure in the "Amazing Johnathan" show. The leading national newspaper printed a review of Johnathan's performance saying, "The faces of the audience said it all. It's unbelievable!"

If you are looking for an original show you simply will not find in any other location but Las Vegas then you need to check out the “Amazing Johnathan”. Johnathan is vibrant, entertaining, and charismatic in his own unique way. In the past, Johnathan has performed on The X Show, David Letterman, Arsenio (Hall), and Comedy Central. However, Johnathan admits, nothing beats his live shows. His dedication and passion are shown in every performance he has in Las Vegas, Nevada. The "Amazing Johnathan" is one show you will never forget so order tickets today!

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  • Rick S.


    My wife and I have never laughed so hard in our lives. We've seen them on TV numerous times but seeing him live will go down as one of the best times we've ever had. See this show!