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Believe Criss Angel Show Las Vegas

Believe Criss Angel Show

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Believe Criss Angel Preview

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Criss Angel, the magician known as well for who he dates as what he makes disappear has teamed up with Cirque du Soliel to create his hit Las Vegas show Criss Angel: Believe. Angel is an interesting figure and is sure to draw crowds as interested in his off stage life as they are in his magic act. Linked to such high profile starlets as Hefner's ex Holly Madison, Criss Angel's antics in the press do little to dispel the air of mystery he likes to cultivate for himself. Chris Angel and the team from Cirque du Soliel have created a mega show the likes of which you'll only find in Las Vegas. Believe delivers the saturation of visuals that audiences have come to expect from a Cirque du Soliel production. The intense sets and costumes coupled with Angel's superior magic make for one funky, mystical, cool show.

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Criss Angel: Believe is no ordinary magic show. Believe takes a page from the book of Cirque du Soliel and weaves a narrative story into the show. It is within this story that Angel's magic is showcased. It's an unusual and bold format for a magic show and as such comes across as highly intelligent and thought out. Broken into two parts, the first half of Believe features Criss Angel and his magic. The second half of the show is, in Angel's own words: “A look into my twisted mind.” Now, I bet that's an interesting journey. Can you imagine what goes on in Criss Angel's head? Hmmmm. Interesting.

Believe Criss Angel Magic Show

Criss Angel performs some of the tricks he's known for such as sawing himself in half, having a woman pass through his body without any armor and other things we've seen on his Mind Freak television show. It's an impressive display, made more so by the high production values that accompany any Cirque du Soliel production. Fact is, both fans of Angel, of magic shows and of Cirque du Soliel are all going to get a little something to whet their particular appetites. So if you've got a mixed group of friends and everyone has a different idea of the kind of show they'd like to see, well then Criss Angel: Believe is the show for you. Exploringlasvegas.com can set up a killer cool evening for you starting with dinner, moving onto Criss Angel: Believe and then after the show – the city is your oyster. What do you want to do? We can make it happen. That's our brand of magic.

Believe Criss Angel Show Preview

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Nightly 7:30PM and 09:30PM (Dark sunday & Monday)..


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  • Todd M.

    I was a believer before this show

    Hello I was a believer and have watched his show every week on TV I went 2 his show just got back home we payed 200 dollars for his tickets I sat 7 row dead center bought his hat n shirt and was the only one practically in the crowd wearin his stuff and I'm sorry 2 say he let me down n embarrassed me in a way because I was a supported wearin the gear ect first of all I think the begining storyline is terrible havin the camera chick flick u off n being a bitch right after u interact with the crowd and have everone up beat then u think your gonna do a awesome eletric trick n it turns into cris gettin fake eletric shock n carted away a fake cris angel smoked up stage as people r dancin around ect pretty much all the acts were all smoked up so u saw nothin but u ended up seein half of the tricks example he floats down in the beginning and his assitant takes off the harness right in front of us ect I can say no one really clapped ect I mean u see it on tv r blow away then u see his Las Vegas show is terrible its called believe n is totally the opposite and maybe 3 tricks r very good but all the rest were terrible he gets cut in half by a non moving chain saw n u see on machine ropes and left back rope is being pulled 2 move his legs i mean come on anyway i really think he loses fans everyday No one really clapped or went crazy then some wanted their money back and the worst part he goes 2 his after party n walks by a kid n ppl who wanted his autograph n says dont blame me blame the management i mean is that how u treat u ppl all he had 2 say is sorry but luxor does not allow me 2 sign autographs {cause they charge him} ya know cris angel has alot of money he should of been like sorry but the luxor doesnt want me 2 sign autographs but i will sign this kids all those ppl would of respected him more hes got money n acts that way guess the money is better than the quailty or the ppl 2 him.

  • Britney R.

    I had heard of Criss Angel but never saw his TV shows

    I had heard of Criss Angel but never saw his TV shows so for me and my husband it was all new. I am a big fan of Cirque du Soleil and have seen every single travelling show for the last 20 years. I was hoping to see O this time around but the seats were not that good so we opted for Believe instead. I was highly entertained and enjoyed the illusions. It was a good mix of Cirque du Soleil music and dancing and magic. I saw Siegfried and Roy two times and David Copperfield before and I would say that Criss Angel Believe was as good as those shows. I have become a fan and can't wait to go home and start watching Mind Freak when it comes back on TV. I heard that Criss is going to shoot season 6 pretty soon.I really don't get all the negative reviews. Maybe they revamped the show since then. Criss is funny. His voice reminded me of John John. I liked how he interacted with the crowd. He was really personable.

  • Cindy P.



  • Kim M.

    Awesome show

    I took my grandsons to the Believe show last night, it was great. Chriss interacted with the crowd the entire show. My grandson had made a sign and he held it up the entire show, at the end of the show Chriss autographed it for him and signed my other grandson's hat. We sat on the front row and I felt like it was worth every penny. Way to go Chriss, you made a lasting impression on my grandsons. Great show!