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The most innovative show to hit Las Vegas is "Cheflive"! This show is a high-quality, digitalized look at cooking and the latest culinary techniques. If you love to watch cooking shows, then going to see “Cheflive”, the ultimate culinary media production, in Las Vegas is something you will not want to miss. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, the production of “Cheflive” provides cooking demonstrations from numerous chefs that use worldwide cooking styles.

Chefs from around the world come to “Cheflive” and perform by cooking while using the most innovative cooking styles. Each performance is done in front of a live audience and it is broadcast internationally on the Internet. Selected members of the audience, who come to see “Cheflive” get a chance to sample the food. They also receive recipes for the food they have tried as well as a picture from the chef. Additionally, audience members are able to access a copy of the “Cheflive” show they saw filmed, through the “Cheflive” website.

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Vegas-style cooking makes “Cheflive” a one-of-a-kind experience. “Cheflive” provides gourmet cooking that is glamorous much like the city the show represents. You can bring Vegas cooking home with you because when you return home you will be able to cook along with the chef, by downloading the show. What better thing to bring home then new recipes you can cook over and over for you and your family?

You will enjoy exquisite and exotic cuisine when you go to see “Cheflive” in Las Vegas. You will have the opportunity to speak to the chef personally. At “Cheflive” you can ask the chef who is cooking at the time questions about cooking, what the chef is making, cooking techniques, and anything else that is culinary. “Cheflive” is one of Las Vegas’ most popular shows, so make sure you get your tickets.

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