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The Chippendale Erotic Dancers have been making women smile for years. The infamous show has made their Las Vegas debut in a sexy show, "Chippendales: The Show". The next time you visit Las Vegas, Nevada, if you want to see a show that will really spice up your evening then head down to the Rio to see "Chippendales: The Show".

The most handsome male dancers in Las Vegas are in "Chippendales: The Show". All your senses will be excited as you come alive watching twelve of the most physically perfect specimen of men on the planet. This show is designed specifically with the ladies in mind. Women can see incredibly sexy yet tasteful dance routines performed by the Chippendale dancers. Playing specifically upon the fantasies of females, the incredibly erotic dance numbers offer a synthesized blend of sensuous dance theatrics, and heart pounding rhythms in music.

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Chippendales male revue was rated as the "Best Male Strip show in Las Vegas". This distinguished honor by the Las Vegas Review Journal has helped to ensure the success and popularity of the show. The Show is high energy, sensuously driven, and erotically pleasing. The tasteful dance numbers tease the senses as these twelve magnificent male dancers play the role of every woman’s greatest fantasy. From the rugged cowboy to the polished service men in uniform, there is something to please every female palette.

The stars of The Show are more than just hot hunks. They have the ability to both sing and dance their way into the hearts of the women who come to see the show. The screams from the audience can be heard as these men entice and engage each woman in the adventure of the evening. “Chippendales: The Show” has adult themes. It is only recommended for those over the age of 18. You must bring a valid ID to get into the show.

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Chippendales Preview

Our Rating

rating 4

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Rio Hotel

Show Times

Nightly 8:00PM and (10:00PM on Friday and Saturday) Dark Wednesday..


90 minutes (approx.)

Age restriction

Yes, 18 and up.




Male Revue.

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Overall Rating: based on 5 reviews
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  • Kat

    Now its in Miami

    Latest from the Chippendales; Now you can see the show in Miami, thats right! the show called "What a night!". those who are organizing their bachelorette parties in miami.

  • Maria P.

    Great Time!!!

    My girls and I had an awesome time! I never thought I would be the male revue type of chick but this was the best bachelorette party I've ever been too. Will def be back next time im in Vegas!

  • Jenn S.

    Fabulous & Sexy

    Love these guys...They are so HOT and they really know how to make me feel like a woman! Head to Vegas for the best show EVER!

  • Debbie w.

    Great Show

    This a great show and I had no idea it would be as much fun as it was. I saw a show in Dec.2011 while visiting my sister. When she told me we were going to this show I replied,"Oh My Lord." Little did I know I would have the fun I had. The audience also had a great time. I was able to experience being a participate and I would recommend that to all the ladies attending. Just raise your hand in the air and I promise you will have a GRAND time. This was the highlite of my 25 day stay in Vegas. A great show for all.

  • Staphanie O.

    From a Fan

    I live in las vegas and im always having family and friends from out of town coming to visit me, and of course when any of my girl friends fly in, the one show they want to see is The Chippendales. Iv'e seen the show a few times and i've really enjoyed it, the only thing is that its a little out dated... the choreography is a pretty boring and very basic. not real dancing, almost like male cheerleaders. A lot of the men are out of shape, old and they really dont perform. You kind of get the feeling there thinking " oh great, not another show" Im 24 yrs old and i like to see fit young hot men in their 20s and early 30s... not 40s almost 50s.... yes i understand that a lot of the women that go to the show are older but even they want the fantasy of a young strong man being able to pick them up and throw them around, without worrying that the guy is going to pull something lol. The younger generation is going to keep the chippendales show alive. Our word is going to spread faster through twitter, facebook, instagram and any other social network.now im not bashing the show what so ever im just stating my opinion. There was one individual that stood out in the show, Nate Estimada. his body was amazing and he actually knew how to dance! He walks out into the audience, picks girls up and you actually feel like hes looking at you. i havnt stopped googling him since i seen him in the show (lol) Women that go to these shows like to feel like they are special and that they are the only women in the audience. They want to feel like they actually got their moneys worth and nate really makes you feel that way. The only thing is i dont think hes always in the show. I've only seen him a few times. Oh yeah, ladies if you didnt know, after the show you actually get to hang out and talk with the guys in their own private lounge! so of course i went looking for the one guy I was attracted to (Nate Estimada) and he was so nice! All and all its a fun show and i do recommend it, they just need to update it to for a more youthful audience.