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Defending the Caveman Las Vegas

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Due to the rudimentary drawings found on cave walls, we as a society have a fairly decent understanding of the culture of ancient cave people. From the hunter roles of the men to the more nurturing and gathering tendencies of the women, the prehistoric culture of cavemen and cavewomen is simplistic in its own right. So what, exactly, is there for comedian Rob Becker to defend?

In this comedy-infused one-man show, Defending the Caveman, Becker looks at the fundamental idea that the modern day male has much in common with the ancient caveman. The solo performance takes a look at the common stereotypes placed upon both men and women, focusing greatly on the "Hunter" and "Gather" personality traits of both men and women respectively. Why is it that men are so simplistic? What makes it easy for them to walk into a store, grab what they need, and leave without distraction? Why do women bounce around from item to item, eventually landing on the one they need? All of these typical questions and stereotypes are answered in a one act play that leaves the audience rioting with laughter.

The Las Vegas-based performance resides at the classic Harrah's and steps up to provide a level of entertainment that matches what Sin City requires. Kevin Burke takes the main stage at Harrah's "The Improv" to deliver a performance that fits perfectly with the shows theme. Speaking directly from experience, Burke is able to translate Becker's writing into a show that tackles the common issues of the relationships between Man and Woman. Seeing the performance could very well help to avoid those future fights over communication and paying attention. It's broken down in such a way that neither side can argue the reasoning, making it a show that brings the sexes together rather than divide them further.

The Improv theater at Harrah's is a smallish show room with table and chair seating, ensuring that no part of the audience is hidden in the back. All are welcome to cackle or nod their heads along with Becker's direct points. In his performance of the show, Kevin Burke engages the audience, making direct references to couples that he locks on to. It's an all-out show that isn't afraid to address common issues amongst the modern couple. Burke tackles a man's infatuation with the television and the need to leave laundry on the floor while also providing clear reasoning behind a woman's need to talk and share feelings.

Defending the Caveman's laugh-a-minute writing makes it the ideal show for groups, such as bachelor and birthday parties. Bachelorettes may enjoy reveling over issues that that they are soon to meet headfirst. For tickets to this Harrah's-based performance, Exploring Las Vegas is the ideal dealer when looking for VIP and special deals.

Defending the Caveman Las Vegas Show
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Harrah's Hotel

Show Times

Nightly 7:00PM (Additional shows 4pm - Sundays & Mondays)


90 minutes (approx.)

Age restriction

No. Children ages 3 and older recommended.




Family, Comedy

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